How to Respond to “Hey” From a Girl Over Text: 30 Witty Responses She’ll Love

When a girl texts you “hey”, how you respond says a lot. A boring “hey” back could kill the conversation. But the right response? It can lead to something more.

I learned this lesson the hard way. I’ll never forget the time I messaged a match on a dating app with a simple “hey”…and got nothing back. Crickets. It was humiliating.

After one too many conversation killers, I decided enough was enough. I compiled this list of 30 amazing, flirty responses for whenever a girl greets you with that tricky, two-letter word.

Girl saying Hey

Whether it’s a crush, a date, or just a friend, these witty Responses are proven to keep the chat going and make her smile. If you want even more great ideas, keep scrolling. But for now, check out these 30 ways to respond to “hey” that are sure to impress:

30 Witty Responses for When a Girl Says “Hey”

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Hilarious Responses For When She Says “Hey”

Nothing breaks the ice quite like humor. If you can make her laugh, that’s half the battle.

When she sends a dry “hey”, try one of these 10 funny responses guaranteed to get the conversation started with a smile:

10 Funny Responses to Say After “Hey”

I swear my phone is psychic…I was just about to message you! Hey trouble 😉

Hey back! You’ll never guess what happened today…So I tried to catch fog earlier. Mist.

A wild cutie appears! Hey there 🙂 What kinda Pokémon are you? Magikarp because you’re the catch of my dreams?

Well hey gorgeous! Just so you know, I’m really good at guessing zodiac signs. Let me try yours! Hmm…You must be a Gemini. Because you’re a double take.

Hey yourself! Just thought I’d give you a heads up – a hug from me comes with a free back massage. Fair warning!

Oh hey there! Fur real though, fur a second I thought my phone was barking mad when I saw your message!

Hey trouble! Can you settle something? My buddy thinks you’re cute but I know you’re gorgeous. Help me win this!

About time, I was worried you were ghosting me! Hey cutie 🙂 Boo guess who?

Well hey there good lookin’! What do you call an apology written in dots and dashes? Re-Morse code. 😉

Hey yourself! Just thought you should know I looked up “breathtaking” in the dictionary today and your picture was there.

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Savage Responses For When She Says “Hey”

If she can dish it out, she can take it, right? Try out an edgy response like these, but use your judgment! Save the snark for gals with a bold sense of humor.

10 Snappy Responses to a “Hey” Text

Hey. Wow, don’t hurt yourself trying so hard over there!

Look who finally decided to grace me with their presence! Hey stranger.

Who’s this super cute person saying hey? Oh that’s right – you’re saved in my phone. Hey!

Hey trouble! About time I heard from you. I was starting to think you fell off the planet or something.

Wow so you do know how to text me back! Shocker. Hey lol 🙂

Ooh a message! Haven’t gotten one of these in a while…Just kidding 😉 Hey you!

Hey stranger! Ugh a message from you is like finding money in your winter coat. Where ya been?

So you decided to message me out of the blue huh? I see how it is! Hey there fickle friend. 😉

Didn’t see your name pop up in a hot sec! Thought you ghosted me for a minute. Hey!

Well well well, look what the cat dragged in! Hey cutie, long time no chat!

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Flirty Ways to Respond When She Says “Hey”

Last but definitely not least…if she’s your crush, date, or girlfriend, consider testing the romantic waters with a flirty text like these:

10 Flirty Texts to Send After “Hey” From Her

Hey trouble! Daydreaming about our next date already. When can I see your cute face again?

You must be tired because you’ve been running through my mind all day! Oh hey there beautiful 🙂

Hey good lookin’! So when am I gonna get to cook you dinner and have you for dessert? 😉

I was just smiling to myself thinking about our last kiss…and then you texted hey! Fate? I think yes!

Well hey there hot stuff! If being sexy was a crime, you’d be guilty as charged!

Hey cutie! Man I sure hope you know CPR, because you take my breath away!

About time you texted! I was seconds away from filing a missing persons report for my future girlfriend! Hey you 😉

Hey beautiful! So here’s the sitch – I lost my number, mind if I have yours? Wait…

Hey 🙂 Fat chance I know, but think there’s any chance you’re as infatuated with me as I am with you?

Well hey! Aren’t you just the girl of my dreams waltzing into my messages…So, drinks this weekend?

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10 Editor’s Choice Best Responses to “Hey” From a Girl

1. Add Her Name for a Personalized Effect

Using her actual name adds a more intimate, personalized effect. Like this:

“Hey Jessica! Well aren’t you a sight for sore eyes. What’s new with you?”

This shows her you care enough to address her directly. Way better than a generic “hey”.

When it works: With girls you know reasonably well. Use sparingly with women you just met so it doesn’t come across as creepy.

When to avoid: Don’t use right away with someone you barely know. Gets weird fast.

2. A Funny GIF That Says It All

A viral GIF like the iconic “Hey Ladies” one from The Other Guys says it all:

Just make sure to add your own caption after, continuing the convo.

When it works: Early on, to show you have a playful side.

When to avoid: Overusing memes/GIFs kills the attraction. Use sparingly.

3. Callback Humor

Callback humor references something you talked about before. Shows you listen.

Like: “Hey! How did that fungus experiment we discussed turn out? Any breakthroughs to report?”

Shows her you were genuinely interested in what she said.

When it works: When you have an inside joke or previous chat to reference.

When to avoid: Don’t fabricate details. Use callback humor organically as you get to know each other.

4. Gentle Ribbing

Playful teasing communicates romantic interest without being too serious.

For example: ”Hey trouble! Finally gracing me with a reply, hmm? If I didn’t know better I’d think you were avoiding me!”

Shows you feel comfortable joking around.

When it works: When you already have strong rapport built up. Risky otherwise.

When to avoid: Early on, before you know her humor. Sarcasm often backfires until trust is built.

5. Heartfelt Honesty

Risk vulnerability by openly sharing how hearing from her made you feel:

“Wow, it always makes my day when you say hey! Your messages seriously give me the biggest smile. How’s your week been?”

If she likes you too, she’ll appreciate your sincerity.

When it works: When you know/trust each other reasonably well already.

When to avoid: Early on when emotions run high. Vulnerability before trust can weird potential partners out.

6. Extend a Bold Invitation

If you’re feeling brave, go for it:

“Hey! We should grab dinner this weekend. I’m thinking Italian…sound good?”

Short and sweet, while communicating clear interest.

When it works: Once you have natural chemistry confirmed. Events help further things along.

When to avoid: Too early when signals are mixed. Make sure she’s giving clear signs of mutual interest before asking her out.

7. Turn the Tables

Instead of replying to her “hey”, start an entirely new thread she has to respond to:

You: “Hey! Have you seen that new French art film getting all the buzz?”

Unexpectedly flipping the script challenges her to react to you instead.

When it works: When you want to redirect where the conversation is headed entirely.

When to avoid: Use sparingly and strategically, not every single time.

8. Ask a Fun Either/Or Question

“Hey! Would you rather have twice your body strength or half your body weight?”

Forces her to react and shows your playful side.

When it works: As an outside-the-box conversation starter once rapport is established.

When to avoid: Try not to get too weird with hypotheticals right off the bat. Feel out her personality first.

9. Compliment Her Character

Go deeper than the surface with a text like:

“There’s my favorite person to talk to! Hey 🙂 Your messages always make me smile. You have this infectious positive energy – it’s a super cute quality.”

Comments on who she is as a person, not just appearance, feels more genuine.

When it works: Once you know each other reasonably well and have confirmed mutual chemistry.

When to avoid: Early on stick to safer comments on wardrobe, hair, etc. Personality compliments come later.

10. Callback to a Shared Interest

For example:

“Hey girl! Have you watched the new Dragon Ball Z movie yet? We should nerd out over it together sometime soon!”

References something specific she’s into. Let’s her know you really listened.

When it works: Organically, as part of natural conversation once connection is established.

When to avoid: Don’t fake shared interests – be genuine. Find common ground as you get to know each other.

More Flirty Ways Guys Can Respond to “Hey”

You’ve got the basics down. But if you really want to sweep her off her feet, check out these pro tips.

Learn how to craft responses targeted specifically for her, raise the romantic tension, and end on the right note when your crush or date greets you with a “hey” text.

How to Respond to “Hey” from a Girl You Really Like

When it’s your crush or new date saying hi, you want to dial up the charm. Amp up flirtation cautiously with responses like:

Hey beautiful! You caught me daydreaming about taking you out again…when are you free next?”

This acknowledges your mutual chemistry without being too aggressive. Keep it light!

How to Respond to Casual “Hey” Texts

Is she more of a friend or casual chat buddy? Keep your reply low-key with no pressure:

“Hey! stranger, long time no see! What have you been up to?”

Polite interest without romantic undertones is safer for casual convos.

More Funny Responses to Give Her a Laugh

Haven’t gotten your fill of funny one-liners yet? Check out more winning humor hot takes:

Hey trouble! What do you think happens when you eat a dictionary? You get verbally sick! ba dum tsss”

Puns might elicit some eye rolls…but hey, dad jokes = dad bods right? (wink wink)

Seriously Sensual “Hey” Texts…If You Dare

Feeling bold? Really wanna get her heart racing? Bust out a sultry response like:

Hey sexy. You’re so hot you could melt a polar ice cap…fancy a cold shower at my place?”

Racy remarks definitely grab attention…but only attempt if you know 100% she’ll appreciate the innuendo!

Conclusion: Nailing the Response to Her “Hey” Text

At the end of the day, how you respond comes down to your unique relationship.

There’s no one magic formula – but the wrong response can spell disaster.

Reference the tips above to mix and match based on your instincts about her personality and how she’ll receive different flavors of responses.

Most importantly, keep it lighthearted and have fun seeing where the conversation leads!

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