How to Respond to a Good Morning Text from Your Crush

You wake up, roll over, grab your phone, and BAM – a good morning text from your crush! That special someone you’ve had your eye on for way too long now.

What do you do?! Do you play it cool or get flirty? Respond right away or wait a bit? USE ALL CAPS BECAUSE YOU’RE FREAKING OUT?!?!

Relax, take a deep breath. I’ve got you covered! As a relationship coach and total pro at decoding human interactions, I’m here to walk you through exactly how to handle this seemingly small yet enormously fraught situation.

Because let’s be real – a good morning text may seem innocent enough, but we all know there’s serious potential there for either totally nailing it or utterly bungling the whole thing.

I’ll let you in on all the dos and don’ts, tricks and tips for crafting the perfect response. One that shows you’re interested but not too thirsty. Flirtatious yet restrained. Clever and funny, but like, not in a trying-too-hard way.

The Rules of Good Morning Text Response Etiquette

Before we get into exactly what to say, I’m going to lay out some general good morning text etiquette rules to follow:

1. Don’t respond immediately I don’t care how excited you are, DO NOT RESPOND RIGHT AWAY. I repeat, do not respond instantly! That screams of desperation and an alarmingly high level of availability that we do not want to advertise right now. Pace yourself!

2. But also don’t wait too long
On the flip side, you can’t take forever to respond either. Anything more than an hour or two starts to look like you’re playing mind games or just not that interested. Ain’t nobody got time for that!

3. Use proper capitalization and punctuation As tempting as it may be, do not text back in all caps, with a million exclamation points, or with a series of incoherent keysmashes like “asjfhakjdsfakj.” That’s the digital equivalent of an overwrought teenager scribbling furiously in a diary. We’re aiming for charming and flirty, not deranged.

4. Watch your emoji usage Using the right emojis can be cute and flirtatious. But go overboard, and you’ll look like a 12-year-old girl texting her BFFs. As a general rule, stick to a maximum of 1-2 emojis per message. Any more than that, and it ventures into cringe territory.

5. Do NOT sext…yet
I probably shouldn’t even have to say this, but let’s get it out of the way now: do not – I repeat DO NOT – respond with anything even remotely sexual or explicit the first time your crush good morning texts you. Seriously, put those thirsty thoughts away for now! This is just a sweet, innocent little exchange. We’re keeping things PG to start.

With those general guidelines out of the way, it’s time to get into the real meat (no, not that kind of meat, geez) of what your response should actually say!

Examples of Cute, Flirty Good Morning Responses

Okay, are you ready for this? I’m going to lay out some solid sample responses you can either use word-for-word or just riff off of. You’re very welcome in advance!

The Classic Compliment Approach

“Good morning! Your text was the highlight of my day so far. How’d you sleep?”

See what I did there? I opened with the obvious “good morning” reply, but then immediately paid them a cute little compliment about making my day brighter. It’s flirty and flattering without being over-the-top or creepy. Then I followed it up with a casual, friendly question to keep the conversation going. Smooth operator status!

Bring the Charm (and Maybe Some Emojis)

“Well hello there, you! What a pleasant surprise to wake up to such lovely morning wishes. Did the sun simply shine a little bit brighter today because of your thoughtfulness?”

This one leans into more overt flirtation and playful charm, amping up the sugary sweetness. A couple of well-placed emojis emphasize the tone, but not too many to be obnoxious. The compliment is heightened, but it stops just short of being too much. A perfect level of cheeky flirtation!

Get a Tiny Bit Witty

“Good morning to you too! I was just daydreaming about youuuu…oh wait, no I definitely wasn’t. How’d you know I was awake though, creep? Jk jk, your timing is impeccable as always!”

Some light teasing and playful joking can be super endearing and lets your personality shine through. The key is keeping things obviously good-natured, hence quickly countering the “creep” remark by complimenting their timing. A dash of humor and sarcasm adds some fun banter to the mix!

Lean Into an Inside Joke

“Look who’s up before noon for once! Did you replace your snooze button with a cattle prod or something? Lol just playing, good morning to you too!”

If you two have some fun, long-running inside jokes already, working them into your response can give it an extra relatable, personal touch. The key is keeping things lighthearted and avoiding any references that could potentially be hurtful or controversial. Stick to the silly, mutually understood humor you already share.

Ask an Open-Ended Question

“Good morning! Thanks for being the bright spot in my day already. What’s on your agenda today?”

Complimenting them and keeping things flirty? Check. Open-ended question to keep the conversation flowing? Double check! Getting them to share a bit about their day and life is a smooth way to express interest and invite them to open up more. Just don’t veer into full-on interrogation territory.

Embrace Some Well-Deployed Silliness

“Morning! Wow, you’re up awfully early for someone who turns into a pumpkin at midnight usually. But I’m glad my favorite goofball messaged me! What shenanigans do you have planned for today?”

Okay, this one is dripping with personality and tongue-in-cheek silliness. The tone is conspiratorial and playful, like you’re both in on some big inside joke. When done right, unleashing your own unique brand of quirky humor can be crazy endearing. Just be sure you know your audience and don’t take things too far into pure wackiness.

A Handy List of Good Morning Text Responses to Steal

You know what, let’s make things even easier! I’m just going to lay out a whole bunch of pre-written good morning text responses you can straight-up copy and paste if needed. Think of it as some secret shortuct codes for level-10 flirting and crush game:

  • Good morning! You’re definitely the best part of waking up
  • Morning! Thanks for being the first face I see/voice I hear today
  • Well well, look who’s up before noon for once! Jk, good morning
  • Received: 1 good morning text from a total cutie
  • You’ve just made this a GREAT morning! How’d you know I needed that?
  • Mornin’! My daydreaming about you must have summoned your text
  • Good morning, sunshine! Thanks for bringing some early brightness to my day
  • Wow, someone’s an early riser today! But I’m not complaining at all
  • Rise and shine! Your text was the perfect alarm to wake up to
  • Ah good morning to you too! I was just dreaming about…oh who am I kidding, it was totally you
  • Oooh someone’s eager to chat with me, I see! Well good morning to you too
  • Did it hurt when you fell from heaven and landed in my texts this AM?
  • Were you put on this earth just to text me good morning? Mission accomplished!
  • I could get used to waking up to these every day, not gonna lie!
  • Baby, you’re the sun to my morning Thanks for making my day bright!
  • There are a million ways to say good morning, but your text is my favorite
  • Is it getting hot in here or is that just your “good morning” setting my heart afire? Swoooon!

No matter which specific reply you go with, the key things to keep in mind are:

  • Don’t be afraid to amp up the charm and lay on the flattery a bit! A good morning text is the perfect excuse to make your crush feel special.
  • Have fun with it and let your unique personality and sense of humor shine through in your word choice and tone.
  • Strive to come across as confident and secure, not thirsty or desperate for attention/validation.
  • Always leave an opening for further conversation by asking a question or making an observation they can riff off of.
  • Know when to pull back on the over-the-top flirting if you sense you may be veering into cringeworthy territory.

I purposely varied up the degrees of boldness and coyness across those example texts to give you plenty of options to work with depending on your individual voice and relationship dynamic. But no matter which way you lean, always always ALWAYS put your own personal spin on it! The magic is in making it feel natural and authentic to your specific situation.

So go ahead and keep that list handy whenever you need some ready-made good morning text ammo.

Bonus Tips for Sustaining the Conversation

So you nailed your initial good morning text response and the convo is still flowing – nice work! Here are a few extra tips to keep the banter going:

  • Ask follow-up questions about their day/plans to show you’re interested in them as a person
  • Share funny/interesting snippets from your own day too to give them openings to keep responding
  • If things stall out naturally, don’t force it! Let it taper off organically until one of you reignites it later
  • Find excuses to compliment/flirt with them again in creative ways as things progress

Most importantly, have fun with it! Flirting and getting to know your crush should be an exciting, not stressful, experience. As long as you’re being your authentic self and making them smile, you’re doing it right.

Now Go Get ‘Em, Tiger!

There you have it, everything you could possibly need to know about replying to a good morning text from your crush! I covered all the unspoken rules, some killer sample responses to use or riff off of, and bonus tips for sustained conversation sorcery. The rest is up to you!

So go on, pick up that phone, and wow your crush with an A+ romantic repartee. Get flirty, get silly, but most of all – just get them interested! With my advice in your arsenal, I have total faith you’ve got this in the bag.

Just do me one favor – when you two lovebirds inevitably make it official after this, you better send me a good morning text to keep me posted. I’ll be eagerly awaiting all the deets on how my tips sealed the deal!

Until then, you’ve got this! Now shoo – your crush’s good morning text is going to be getting pretty stale if you don’t hurry up and reply already. What are you waiting for?! An personal invitation from Cupid themself?! Giddy up!

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