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YouTube Made Me Buy It – Part 1

Oh my goodness, y’all, I am SO excited for this post and to be back to the mrs. and the misc.!  I have a lot to catch you up on, and it will all come in time, but I’ve been dying to post a beauty review forever and today while getting ready I realized that I FINALLY have enough products to do a review of “YouTube Made Me Buy It” stuff.  So let’s get into it!

In order to keep this post reasonable in length, today is all about face products.  There’s lots more to come!  Look for those posts this Tuesday and Thursday!



becca first light priming filter, too faced hangoverx, smashbox photo finish oil free foundation primer

Becca First Light Priming Filter
This primer is actually the newest to my {small} collection of primers.  It took me a long time to jump on the primer train, but this one, in my opinion, is worth EVERY PENNY.  It comes at a pretty hefty price tag of $38, but it gives my skin such a healthy “glow from within” look, doesn’t feel heavy and is so hydrating to the skin.  This one is a WIN.  Thank you YouTube for getting me hooked on a $38 primer.

Too Faced HangoveRx
Ah the infamous Too Faced HangoveRx.  {is it just me, or does the name of the product look really weird typed out…}.  This primer got a lot of hype!  I get it…it is incredibly hydrating and my makeup always looks good when I use it.  It basically does what it says it will and it smells like a tropical vacation, which is heavenly in my opinion.  If you don’t like the smell of coconut, you won’t like this primer.  Even at a price point of $32, I say this is a WIN.

Smashbox Photo Finish Foundation Primer
Okay, so I got this primer a LONG, and I do mean, LONG time ago, so my packaging is old. It claims to give a flawless finish, fill in lines and pores and prolong the wear of your make up.  At $36, I was expecting A LOT from this primer.  I’ve tried SO hard to love it, but I just don’t.  To me, it feels like straight-up silicone going on your face, and while it does a good job at blurring pores, I almost always break out after a day of wearing this one.  For me, this is a bust.

Foundations and Concealers:


estee lauder double wear foundation, tarte shape tape, urban decan naked skin perfecter

Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation
At almost $40, I’m gonna be honest, I was worried about this purchase.  No offense to Estee Lauder, but I kind of equated the brand to one that a more mature skinned woman would want {eh hem…Grandma}.  Well let me just say, Grandma got it right!  This foundation has quickly become a ride or die for me.  It gives a beautiful matte finish, but doesn’t make me look flat.  It doesn’t transfer, lasts forever and I can customize coverage depending on what kind of look I want to do.  I just honestly haven’t found many foundations that can double as a pretty light-makeup day foundation AND super-glam-fully-done makeup day.  Run, don’t walk.  It won’t disappoint and is worth the $$.

Tarte Shape Tape
Let’s not waste time here, okay.  This is the most full coverage, perfect finish, won’t crease, stays put concealer I have ever used.  It is not for days that I want a no-makeup makeup look because the coverage is no joke, but it is worth every bit of the hype and each one of your $25 buckaroos.

Urban Decay Naked Skin Weightless Complete Coverage Concealer
Longest. Name. Ever.  I heard about this $29 product on so many YouTube channels that when I ran out of whatever I had in my bag at the time, I went out and grabbed this one.  I feel like I loved it for hot minute, but then set it aside.  Don’t get me wrong, it does a good job at concealing, provides good coverage and feels really light weight, but I think I  finally succumb to the fact that it doesn’t last all day.  Maybe I’m not using it right and I’m definitely not going to let it go to waste, but it probably won’t be a repurchase for me.



rcma no color powder, tarte smooth operator amazonian clay finishing powder

RCMA No-Color Powder
At $12, I completely understand why this powder is a cult favorite.  If you haven’t heard of it, it’s basically a filler-free, pigment-less powder that is so finely milled it becomes almost invisible after application.  Another perk, it doesn’t give you that ghostly white look in photos like some other setting powders can.  I use this to set my makeup almost every day and recently when I had my makeup professionally done for an event, they used it to bake my under eye area and it turned out flawless.  It comes in a weird container that I feel causes there to be some waste of product due to how you have to get it out, but I will absolutely be repurchasing it in the future.

Tarte Smooth Operator Amazonian Clay Finishing Powder
Thirty-three dollars.  THIRTY. THREE!  Buying a translucent powder that cost that much gave me immediate heartburn, but it had really good reviews, so hey, ya only live once right?  I’m not sure if I used it wrong, but I thought this was going to be a favorite of mine until I was photographed while wearing it.  Hello, Casper!  It goes on like a dream and looks beautiful in person, but after spending what seemed like an hour trying to filter and edit what would have been a great picture except for my ghost-face, I don’t use this one anymore.  Bust.

Alright ladies, that is all I have for this post!  I apologize that a lot of the products I mentioned were high-end, but I promise I have a lot of SUPER affordable products coming up in the next couple of categories.  And just in case anyone is wondering, I get no kick back from purchases made using the links above.  I just included them to be helpful.

As always, I wish you blessings!

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The Beekeeping Groupon


If you know me, you know I’m all about a new experience. I like to try new things, and will most likely jump at an opportunity to do just that. My interests vary and change, and around Christmas 2014, I saw a groupon for Beekeeping and purchased it as a present for my husband (AND secretly myself as well!). It wasn’t a spur of the moment buy, as earlier in the summer I had thought it might be something I was interested in learning more about, and learn I did.

As the groupon was nearing its 6 month expiration, I thought, “no better time to check this out, than on my husband’s 30th birthday!”. So, the morning of his big 3-0, we arose and headed to a discreet, weedy, and chigger infested location within the city of Rowlett,TX. Lets just say, had i doused myself in DEET bugspray prior, my overall experience would get a 10 out of 10!

The Details:

  • Groupon: $79 for two adults
  • Beekeeping: Round Rock Honey, 10am on a Saturday morning.
  • Expectations:  wear badass bee suit, get near bee hives (actually boxes), and taste the honey. Check mark for ALL 3: this girl did it all AND, got to hold several bee frames that had combs on it!

*We arrived, parking in a small field, easily accessible by a nearby main road. After walking a short distance, we were greeted warmly by our beekeeping guru, a zany but confident woman. Our  expert had many years experience with bees AND absolutely zero fear of the flying striped bandits. Upon signing in, we were directed to tubs containing protective gear and gloves, in many sizes. Following our desired size pick, we continued down a short overgrown path, to a clearing in a field. We personally (along with everybody and their brother) had forgotten chairs to sit in, but our expert beekeeper pulled up her truck, as did another hardcore beekeeper, and we “tailgated” as we learned more about bee species, habits, and the importance of their existence in our lives.

Smoking the hive, to calm the bees

Smoking the hive, to calm the bees



A not so developed comb.



Interesting things learned:

  • bees don’t live long (workers- 6-8 weeks, queen- 2-3 years)
  • each box contains 1 queen
  • bees occassionally are transported across country, via semi-trucks. These semi trucks transport the hives on the truck bed, and are all enveloped by a huge lightweight mesh covering. Literally 1 week after my class, I was on a road trip to NE, and saw this very thing!
  • after purchasing pure honey, it can harden/crystallize-but this doesn’t mean it has gone rotten. You can actually microwave it, to be good as new!
  • honeys taste is reflected by the pollen and nectar gathered from the flowers and plants near the hive

Yours Truly


You can see the honey in this picture, as well as the queen bee. She is the longer one towards the top right. Her torso is darker than her surrounding workers.

While I cannot speak for other classes Round Rock Honey offers in different cities, I can commend the one I attended. I would highly recommend a similar introductory class for those that are just curious, interested in learning, and especially those interested in starting a hive.


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El Sanctuario de Chimayo

Driving to Chimayo, NM

En route to Chimayo, NM

Always up for an adventure, when my husband mentioned New Mexico for New Year’s Eve, I was packed in an hour. As it was last minute, I hastily researched where to stay, and it was decided: Chimayo, New Mexico. Chimayo, a great location between Taos and Santa Fe, is relatively small and can be driven through in about 10 minutes. Located about 40 minutes (scenic highway drive) to Taos, Chimayo is perfect for skiers, wanting to escape the overpriced rates (in Taos) charged during ski season. Within minutes of nearby town Espanola, one can also play the slot machines for a few hours, at the small-ish but clean, casinos (we did, and it was fun). Three things highly rated on Trip Advisor for the town of Chimayo: Casa Escondida-a bed and breakfast we enjoyed on this short jaunt, Rancho de Chimayo Restaurante – a good Mexican restaurant with strong margaritas, which we partook, and El Sanctuario de Chimayo-a religious and sacred site for many.


El Sanctuario de Chimayo during the day

Sanctuario de Chimayo, a stone’s throw from the main road, is as lovely in mid-day as it is in evening hours. I am pleased I convinced my husband to do a drive by at night, as the grounds were lit with glowing Christmas luminaries (To potential travelers: I am unsure if there are luminaries throughout other seasons- but there definitely are during December holidays).

During Easter weekend, many make a pilgrimage to this place of worship, as it is believed to be sacred, and has been a location of various “miraculous occurences”. Within the church, there is a little room off to the front side of the altar, containing yet another small room which houses a shallow pit supposedly filled with healing “holy dirt” for the general public to take. As a skeptic, I wonder, how does the shallow pit stay filled with “holy” dirt, but again, a healing is a miracle, and miracles can not be explained.



To visit the lovely Sanctuario, the location is easy to find, however the parking situation is somewhat of a hassle. The spots to leave ones vehicle are few, and are also difficult to get to as the entrance to the lot is barely big enough for two cars to pass. Once in, you could probably spend about forty five minutes, walking the grounds surrounding the church, neighboring church, and just reflecting on the moment and peaceful scenery. As a traveler, I would definitely suggest visiting at least once, however once seen, I don’t believe a second trip is necessary. For trip advisor, I would rate the trip and experience with several good gold stars.


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A Somewhat Excusable Excuse

So.  It’s been quite a while since my first post as a new Mrs., and without completely excusing my absence and abandoning my “you-really-can-do-it-all” belief, l must provide even the smallest reason for my extremely tardy, second-ever post.


And let me tell you… {which, depending on your life stage and gender, I may not need to}, this pregnancy has kicked my little, normally-can’t-sit-still, must-always-be-productive rear end!  If your heart ever desires, look up even the most basic list of pregnancy symptoms and go ahead and put a check mark near every. single. one.  And while I am so super excited about holding our new baby, growing our family and can completely forgive-and-forget all symptoms for the greater end-result, one of the worst parts of this pregnancy has been the baby-brain.  Just call me Dory {think, Finding Nemo}.  Seriously, I have to make a reminder to remind myself to make a to-do list…

It’s BAD!

So.  Now that I have provided a somewhat excusable excuse and shared some big news, I have to share one of my recent, {smaller} home improvement undertakings that was spurred on by needing a little more functionality, a little less “everything is hard-to-reach” {hello, 5’2”}, and maybe the earliest case of nesting ever.   The goal: lower the washer and dryer and create a counter top so folding can be done in the laundry room and we could gain some much needed, extra space in the cabinets.

And as a disclaimer… I must give credit where credit is due.  I was NOT the implementer of our new, beautifully-functional laundry room.  Just the semi-creative mind.  Being pregnant kind of puts a stop to lifting washing machines and dryers… {as does being me in general}.  So.  Thank you, Hubby, for giving up your Saturday so that the new baby’s room can actually be turned into a baby’s room and not continue on as a laundry-folding-habitation.

It’s still not completely beautiful {I could stand to decorate a bit more creatively and change out the rug for something with more color}, but I’m proud!  Sorry, I forgot to take before pictures. Go figure!  If I can find some from back-in-the-day when we bought our house, I’ll add them!

Laundry Room Makeover











Materials used and Cost:

* Basic tools to remove the bolted-on pedestals (already owned)
* New dryer connection tube so the dryer could be pushed further back against the wall (about $5.00 at Home Depot)
* Primed hollow-core door ($25.00 at Home Depot)
* Washer and Dryer feet (already owned…we also learned that the pedestal feet don’t necessarily fit the actual machines)…so make sure you keep yours if you put your machines on pedestals!
* Quite a bit of time…maybe 4 hours. Especially if you only have one person disconnecting, moving, re-positioning and re-connecting the machines.

Total Cost: One Saturday afternoon and about $30.00.  Not. Bad.

I, of course, have plenty to post about recipes and teacher’s gifts that were made during the Christmas season {which I personally L-O-V-E}.  Those will be posted soon (who cares that it’s February and not December anymore, right?).  I promise you, I am NOT abandoning being a new Mrs.!

As I always will, I wish you blessings!  Talk soon.