Hey there! I’m Sarah Koch, the blogger behind Mrs and the misc, where I love to share tips to help you grow personally and improve your relationships.

A Bit About Me


I’m a certified life coach and mom of two kiddos living in Austin, Texas. I’ve got degrees in Sociology and Counseling Psychology from the University of Texas at Austin. For the past 9 years, I’ve worked as a professional life and relationship coach. It’s been so rewarding supporting folks like you on their personal growth journeys!

Balancing family life with my coaching clients keeps me busy, but in the best way! My own relationship grounds me and inspires me to help others nurture those meaningful bonds. As a mom and entrepreneur, I get the challenges of making relationships a priority amid all the other obligations.

What I Offer

If personalized relationship coaching interests you, shoot me an email at [email protected] or DM me on Instagram (@sarahkochlife). I’ll guide you through effective communication strategies, conflict resolution, increasing intimacy, and developing skills for understanding your partner’s needs. My goal is equipping you with practical tools for creating the positive relationship dynamics you desire.

Now, a little about my blog…

Through actionable tips and real-world guidance on this blog, I aim to share insights for building healthy relationships and improving interpersonal dynamics – whether you’re dating, engaged, newlyweds, or looking to reignite the spark in a long-term partnership. From communication to conflict resolution to increasing intimacy, you’ll find advice tailored to your unique situation and relationship goals.

This is a judgment-free space to absorb empowering wisdom for nurturing more fulfilling romantic connections. I’m here to share expertise blending knowledge and empathy. You’ll get the tools, but you decide what resonates most for your relationships.

Thanks for stopping by! I’m excited to connect further on this journey of cultivating strong, meaningful bonds.

With care, Sarah