Flirty Responses to “Maybe”

When ‘Maybe’ Leaves You Wondering you gotta have some Flirty and Fun Comebacks Ready…

No Worries

We’ve all been there. You work up the courage to ask that cutie out for drinks or dinner. Rather than an outright “yes” or “no,” you get the ever ambiguous, always annoying….”maybe.” Now what?!

That non-committal response can be so frustrating! But never fear, I’ve collected some fun, flirty responses below to turn that “maybe” into a “yes!” Or at least move the conversation forward. Keep reading for plenty of sassy comebacks and clever quips.

Flirty and Funny Comebacks When They Say “Maybe”

I wasn’t fishing for a solid “yes” right off the bat, but “maybe” definitely leaves me wondering! When I get that indecisive response, I like to keep things playful. Here are some of my favorite flirty and funny reactions:

  • “Maybe, huh? I’ll be sure to wear something that turns that ‘maybe’ into a ‘yes!'”
  • “Maybe just means you need some convincing. Challenge accepted!”
  • “Maybe we should consult the Magic 8 Ball again tomorrow just to be sure?”
  • “Since you’re only a ‘maybe,’ can I call you ‘Mae’ for short?”
  • “Maybe it’s because we haven’t sealed the date deal in blood yet?”
  • “A ‘maybe’ sounds dangerously close to a ‘yes’ so I’m taking that as a good sign!”
  • “Maybe you’re playing hard to get? Lucky for you, I love a good challenge.”
  • “Maybe you’re unsure about drinks or dinner? In that case, how do mini golf and ice cream sound?

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Cheeky Comebacks for When You Get a “Maybe”

If you prefer a saucier reply to a wishy-washy “maybe,” these cheeky responses might do just the trick:

  • “Maybe you’re trying to convince me to work a little harder? Challenge accepted.”
  • “Maybe you think you’re too good for me? Ouch!”
  • “Maybe you’re intimidated by all of this? It’s ok, I don’t bite..hard ;)”
  • “Maybe I didn’t ask nicely enough? Pretty please with sugar on top?”
  • “Maybe I should switch out drinks for a walk in the park? Less pressure that way!”
  • “Maybe I came on too strong? Or maybe you’re just playing hard to get?”
  • “Maybe you want me to seduce you first? I could be into that…”
  • “Maybe you’re waiting for me to convince you? I’m very persuasive when motivated.”
  • “Maybe I need to turn up the charm? I will happily oblige.”
  • “Maybe you need me to flirt more aggressively first?”

Snappy Comebacks for a Wishy-Washy “Maybe”

If cheeky isn’t quite your style, these snappier responses may work better when you’re feeling feisty:

  • “Maybe you’re unsure, but lucky for you I’m very persuasive.”
  • “Maybe you think you’re out of my league? Way to flatter a guy/girl!”
  • “Maybe you’re just playing hard to get? Careful or I might lose interest!”
  • “Maybe you’re not interested in little ol’ me? Can’t imagine why…I’m a catch!”
  • “Maybe signals are getting crossed here? I’m definitely picking up what you’re putting down.”
  • “Maybe you need me to convince you why you can’t say no? Challenge accepted.”
  • “Maybe you want me to try harder for a yes? Game on, be prepared to get wooed!”
  • “Maybe you think you’re too good for drinks with me? The audacity!”
  • “Maybe you’re wanting me to seduce you first? Tempting offer but I don’t put out that easy!”
  • “Maybe you’re just insecure about going out with all this? Understandable but don’t worry, I don’t bite..much ;)”

When “Maybe” Really Means “No”

While the above responses are meant lightheartedly, it’s important to recognize when maybe actually means “no.” Pay attention to body language and signals. If someone seems uncomfortable or disinterested, back off right away.

Pushing after a “maybe” can come across overly aggressive or tone deaf. You certainly don’t want give the impression of ignoring boundaries or not taking no for an answer.

The above flirty and fun responses should only be used when you’re both enjoying some friendly back and forth. Know when to walk away gracefully if maybe is just an indirect rejection. You’ll come across much more appealing by demonstrating emotional intelligence and respect.

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Classy Comebacks to Show a Refined Response

Perhaps less is more if you want make an intriguing impression. Try out one these more refined “maybe” reactions:

  • “No worries, maybe next time then!” keeps conversation light and moving forward without pressure
  • “Maybe just means the stars haven’t aligned for us yet. But I’ll patiently await our perfect timing!” sounds optimistic rather than offended
  • “Maybe you need more time to consider? Here’s my number if you change your mind.” provides contact info without demanding a response
  • “Maybe for now, but I have a feeling fate will bring us back around somehow!” suggests positive future interactions
  • “Well maybe isn’t a no, so don’t count me out yet!” confidently stays in the game without being too pushy
  • “Maybe raincheck for another time then?” implies interest remains for reconsideration down the road

Less is More: Allow Mystery

While clever quips or flirty remarks have their time and place, the allure of mystery can also be used to your advantage with a “maybe.”

Saying less by walking away ambiguously or ending the conversation before certainty leaves the flame of attraction burning. And of course, actually moving on genuinely, rather than pretending to for effect, can work wonders!

Creative Comebacks to Inspire Curiosity

Think outside the box with one of these creative reactions that are sure to inspire intrigue:

  • “Maybe a test is in order first to sway you to a ‘yes’ to hear my proposal?” piques curiosity suggestively
  • “Maybe fate should decide for 2 out of 3 rounds of rock paper scissors?” flirty suggestion framed playfully as a game
  • “Maybe I could better convince you over one of my famous omelettes? I promise an apron is the only thing I cook in!” playful offer demonstrates other redeeming qualities
  • “Maybe you’re wary because potential has yet to be unlocked! Allow me reveal my magic over coffee one morning this week..” hints alluringly at undiscovered qualities waiting to be revealed with time together
  • “Maybe my 8th grade clarinet skills would better entice you? I assure much improvement since, if provided an opportunity to showcase..” humborous quip invites opportunity to talent or skill you currently have

Get Creative: Make an Intriguing Impression

While response creativity has no limits, the examples above aim to demonstrate out-of-box comebacks that:

  1. Reference talents or intriguing personal attributes that inspire curiosity in a playful, non arrogant manner
  2. Suggest a low stakes further interaction to nurture potential (“test” date)
  3. Frame the response as a game or opportunity to get to know each other better

The key points are inspiring intrigue versus overly pursuing. Suggest, but don’t demand. Imply, but don’t expect. Have fun being yourself creatively without needing a certain response. Good luck!

Savage Responses to Call Them Out

If clever and flirty isn’t your speed, these edgier clap backs may suit you better to call out the wishy-washiness:

  • “Maybe you’re too scared to handle all this fire.” boldly suggests they are intimidated
  • “Maybe you’re just chicken?” bluntly implies cowardice
  • “Maybe you couldn’t keep up with me?” suggests inadequacy by comparison
  • “Maybe you feel out of your league a bit?” points out major insecurity implying projection
  • “Maybe you’re just not brave enough for that first date?” accusation of weakness
  • “Maybe I’m just too much woman/man for you…” arrogant suggestion of their inability to satisfy
  • “Maybe you need to grow a pair and make a move..” attacks insufficient confidence or guts
  • “Maybe you should stop playing games and be direct for once.” calls out perceived manipulation
  • “Maybe you’re not worth the effort it clearly will take here..” harshly implies other options are better use of time

Should You Use Savage Responses?

Before breaking out the big guns with an edgy reaction, consider your goal first.

Do you actually want another opportunity for a date with this person down the line? Or are you just venting hurt feelings through attack?

Aggressive responses that cross over to mean or excessive could burn bridges. Great if that’s your purpose! But not ideal if hope remains for potential future interactions.

Additionally, the above savage clap backs should only be used if that style banter has already been mutually established. Deploying straight out the gate when rapport isn’t solidified yet typically won’t land well.

Turn Down Responses When Ready to Walk Away

At some point, you may decide enough is enough with the games or run around. When you’re officially ready to walk away from negotiations, try one of these firm responses:

  • “You know what, I’m going to rescind my offer. I don’t have time for all this hot and cold nonsense. Let me know if you make up your mind clearly one way or another down the road.” makes a clear statement
  • “I’m no one’s back up plan or second priority. Let me know if you actually become available to pursue this further. Otherwise, I wish you the best but plan to move forward.” confidently stands ground without attacking
  • “I’m interested in someone who reciprocates equal energy. If that time comes for you, you know where to find me! But for now, take care.” implies readiness when they decide to show up
  • “I’m not here for games, so I’m going to politely bow out now while holding no hard feelings. But I think we’d have a blast together if we ever get our signals straight. Chat soon if so!” leaves door cracked for redemption later

When to Walk Away

At a certain point, self worth needs to kick in when energy feels too one-sided. You deserve reciprocated effort!

But when choosing to walk away, do so from an empowered mindset rather than because your feelings got hurt. Allow confidence to guide you versus ego.

The above responses aim to deliver the message clearly while maintaining self assuredness and maturity. The goal is stepping away from games or lack of readiness rather than attacking the other person.

Remember, “maybe” sometimes simply indicates inaccurate timing. And that’s ok! Revisit potential down the road when the timing does align.

Parting Words

While an ambiguous “maybe” can definitely be frustrating when looking for a clear yes or no response, all hope isn’t lost! Take it as a challenge to step up your flirting game.

Maybe they find you intriguing but need a bit more convincing before fully committing. Leverage that interest into an opportunity for taking things to the next level together.

Pay attention for signs of clear disinterest of course. But when vibes seem mutually into each other, have fun turning that “maybe” into a “yes!”

I hope the wide range of flirty, funny, savage and creative comebacks above provide inspiration. Feel free to test out a few and report back with any wild successes! Wishing you all best of luck turning maybes into yeses. You’ve so got this!

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