53+ Good Morning Messages For Her (Expert’s Guide)

When you wake up and check your phone, getting a boring “good morning” text is no fun.

That’s really dull! If you want to keep the spark going with your girlfriend, just saying “good morning” won’t do the trick.

Don’t worry, I can help with lots of charming, flirty, and sweet good morning messages that will make her smile as soon as she sees them.

Whether you’re a romantic poet, a funny jokester, a sweet talker, or just really good with words, I have morning greetings to match your style.

So wake up lovebirds! It’s time to ditch those dry texts. Your mornings are about to get a whole lot more exciting…

Need to Warm Her Heart With Some Straight-Up Sweetness?

For when you want to drown her in gushy feels right off the bat:

“Good morning beautiful, I hope your day is as sunny and bright as your smile.”

“Waking up is my favorite time of day because it means I get to think about you again.”

“Hey gorgeous, just wanted to let you know I can’t stop daydreaming about your pretty face.”

If you can’t handle this much sappiness before your morning coffee, you’re not alone. Some more toned-down, but still utterly charming ideas:

“Sending some morning warmth and fuzzies your way!”

“Wakey wakey, it’s time to tackle the day! But first…thinking of that adorable sleepy face of yours.”

“Another day, another opportunity to appreciate how amazing my girl is.”

For that perfect balance of sweet and playful:

“Good morning sunshine! I missed watching you drool on your pillow all night.”

“Rise and shine, sleepyhead! Your prince andcoffee await to make your morning magical.”

“Why yes, I am the luckiest person on the planet to get to wake up to thoughts of you. How’d you guess?”

Got a Way With Words? Try These Romantic-Leaning Gems:

Let your inner poet shine with these swoon-worthy morning greetings:

*”The sun is up, the birds are singing, but my heart still flutters most for you.” *

“Another morning, another masterpiece painted by the radiant glow of my love for you.”

“As the morning dew glistens on the flowers, my love for you only grows more vibrant.”

“The dawn broke through my window this morning, but nothing shines brighter than the thought of your smile.”

Okay, some of those are a little cheesy, I’ll admit. Here are some more understated verses to charm her socks off:

“That peaceful morning feeling of knowing my heart is forever yours.”

“The sunrise pales in comparison to the beauty of your soul, my love.”

“Just taking a moment to soak in the gift of you in my life.

And if romantic poetry is totally out of your wheelhouse, never fear! Sometimes a cheeky little rhyming text is all it takes:

“Roses are red, the sky is blue, good morning gorgeous – I’m dreaming of you!”

“Good morning sweetie pie, I hope your day is as lovely as…well, YOU!”

“Another day, another way to let you know you make my heart go ba-da-bing!

Looking to Heat Things Up in the AM?

If subtle romance isn’t really your style, why not go full steam ahead with a saucy little morning proposition?

“Good morning gorgeous, want to start the day off with a bang? …or should I say a different kind of morning wood?”

“Hey there hot stuff, the only thing getting me out of bed this morning is thoughts of you…and me…and whipped cream…”

“Rise and shine babycakes. My sheets are feeling dreadfully cold and empty without you in them.”

For those days when subtlety can just take a hike, there’s nothing like some utterly shameless flirting to really get those fires burning:

“On a scale of 1-10, you’re a 25. In fact, you’re so hot, I just burned my tongue writing this text!”

“Do you have a map? Because I keep getting lost in those dreamy bedroom eyes of yours.”

*”If beauty were measured in megawatts, you’d be a nuclear power plant baby!”

A little too much? Okay okay, let’s reel it back in just a tad with some flirty-but-playful morning greetings:

“I tried to think of a cute good morning message, but I got distracted daydreaming about your cute butt instead. Whoops!”

“What has 206 bones, a superhot bod, and is making me drool right now? You guessed it, YOU girl!”

“Did it hurt? …When you fell from heaven and landed so hard in my fantasies this morning?”

Cracking Her Up With a Punny, Zany Wake-Up Call

If your lady loves a goofball (and really, what’s not to love?), send some silliness her way first thing in the morning! Surprising her with some clever wit or groan-worthy wordplay is a fun way to start her day off giggling.

Wake up the pun master within with these gems:

“‘Morning gorgeous! Though I’d say more like ‘good morning’ because dang, you’re one in ameowllion!”

“Gooood morning future wife! Or should I say, the only raisin to wake up today!”

“Rise and shine snugglebug! Or don’t…I ‘cinnamon’ late for work pretty much every day because all I can think about is cuddling you.”

For when you’re feeling extra zany and punposterous:

“What did the elephant say to get her wife’s attention? ‘GOOD MORNINGGGGGG!'”

*”Hi honey bunches, I hope you’re having a very bee-utifuly morning so far!” *

“Hey there gorgeous guacamole, I’d ask how you slept but I already know the answer is avocado-licious!”

Or go for some off-the-wall silliness to perk up her morning:

“Did you sleep okay last night, or were you kept up by existential thoughts about the universe and why we’re all really just specks hurtling through the void on a rock that one day will be consumed by the sun?”

“GOOOOOOOD MORRRNINNNGGGG! That’s me yodeling by the way, since it’ll take more than just a plain old text to wake up someone as lazy as you!”

“Morning my love! I dreamt about you last night…well, technically I dreamed about a sandwich with your face on it. You know how I get when I’m hungry and sleep-deprived.”

When You’re In a Silly Goofy Mood:

“Top of the muffin to you, my delicious little baker’s treat!”

“Wakey wakey, eggs and…LADY! Get it, like bacon? But I said lady cause you’re my saucy breakfast snack?”

“Morning my little cinnamon sugar puff! I’d pour syrup all over you but I tried that once and it was seriously sticky…”

Those are just a few ideas to get you started. Feel free to tweak and tailor to your own girl’s unique vibe! The key is keeping it fun, fresh, and loaded with personality – just like your relationship.

At the end of the day, a thoughtful morning text (no matter how goofy or sincere) shows you’re taking the time to be present and keep the spark alive. She’ll feel appreciated, adored and ready to conquer anything!

One Last Parting Gem…

“Good morning beautiful, I just wanted to say how grateful I am to wake up to a love like ours. Now let’s go be awesome together!”

So what are you waiting for? That snooze button won’t slam itself! Fire off a killer morning message to your girl, sit back, and bask in all the hearts-in-her-eyes emojis comin’ your way.

Love you mean it, lovebirds! I’m rooting

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