29+ Other Ways to Say Thank You for Letting Me Know

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Why did I decide to write this article? Well, recently a friend told me some big news that I was waiting to hear about for a long time. When they let me know about it, I was so excited and grateful, but I struggled to express how much I appreciated them keeping me updated. I ended up just saying “Thank you for letting me know” over and over again. It made me realize there must be more creative ways to show gratitude when someone takes the time to update you.

So in this article, I want to provide a huge list of different phrases you can use instead of that boring go-to phrase. Whether it’s your best friend, a co-worker, or your partner, use this list to make sure they know their effort to keep you in the loop does not go unnoticed!

What are 10 Alternative Ways to Say “Thank You for Letting Me Know”?

We all lead busy lives and keeping people updated can fall low on the priority list. So when someone takes a minute to let you know about something important, you want to genuinely express your gratitude. But it’s easy to default to “thanks for letting me know” time and time again.

Here are 10 creative ways to say thank you that show you truly appreciate them keeping you informed:

Alternative Ways to Say Thank You
I really appreciate you taking the time to update me
Thanks for keeping me posted
I’m grateful you remembered to fill me in
I know you’re busy, so thank you for looping me in
I was wondering about that, so thanks for clarifying
I appreciate you letting me know the latest
Thanks for not leaving me in the dark!
I’m glad to know the scoop straight from you
Thanks for taking time out of your day to give me the 411
I always value getting the inside info from you

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Funny Ways to Say Thanks for the Update

We could all use more laughter in our lives! So when someone lets you know about something, take the opportunity to respond with wit and humor. Not only will you give them a good chuckle, but you’ll also make it clear you’re grateful they filled you in.

Here are some silly and amusing ways to say thanks when being kept in the loop:

Funny Ways
Well call me Nancy Drew, thanks for the intel!
I appreciate you spilling this sweet tea!
Gasp How did you uncover this top secret information?
Thanks for giving me the hot goss!
Wow, excuse me while I pick my jaw up off the floor!

Savage Ways to Show Your Gratitude

Do you have a super close friend who loves throwing attitude and shade even when they do something nice? Then repay their informational favor with these creative sassy responses!

Savage Ways
I guess even a broken clock is right twice a day! Thanks!
Wow, looks like those big ears actually helped you overhear something for once!
Congrats, you finally got some valid insider news for the first time ever!
I appreciate you taking time away from messing stuff up to keep me updated
Well this is a shocker…you were actually right about something!

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Flirty Ways to Say Thanks

If there’s some romantic tension between you and the person who looped you in, amp up the flirt factor in your gratitude! Use one of these cheeky responses to make your appreciation known:

Flirty Ways
I love it when you whisper secrets in my ear 😉
Is that top secret info just for me …or can you share with all the ladies? 😉
I appreciate the private show and tell session
Ooh baby, nothing sexier than someone in the know!
Well hey there hot stuff! Is that classified info you got there?

Nerdy Ways to Express Your Gratitude

If you and your informer share some nerdy interests and humor, give thanks by tapping into those fandoms!

Nerdy Ways
This is better intel than what Q gives Bond!
Thanks for ensuring no misinformation spreads like it did about Harry’s scar!
I appreciate you dropping secrets faster than Gollum drops fish!
Now that’s quality insider information right there! Almost as good as Gandalf himself!
Wow, your sources are even better than Rita Skeeter’s!

Goofy Ways to Give Thanks

Do you both love slapstick movies and silly humor? Show your appreciation for the update through some ridiculous responses that will leave you both cracking up!

Goofy Ways
Well slap my knee and call me silly! I sure do appreciate the info!
This is more shocking news than when the Three Stooges smash pies into faces!
Makes goofy sound effect and falls over clumsily Thanks for the exclusive scoop!
Wowee! This is bigger news than when the circus comes to town!
Talks like Goofy: Gawrsh, I’m so grateful you let me in on the affair!

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The Editor’s Top 5 Ways to Say Thanks

Out of all the creative ways to express your gratitude when someone keeps you updated, the editors at mrsandthemisc picked their absolute favorites. Check out these top-notch phrases that are editor-approved for making your appreciation known!

An Office Classic

“Well this is an excellent development! Thank you kindly for the update, I really appreciate you keeping me in the know.”

This polite and professional way to say thanks is perfect for responding to a coworker or boss who looped you in. It communicates genuine gratitude for the information while remaining office-appropriate.

Short and Sweet

“Aw thanks, you shouldn’t have! I really appreciate you thinking of me.”

When you get an unexpected update from someone, this short and caring message is the perfect way to share your gratitude. It acknowledges they went out of their way while also validating how much you value the info.


“You…had me at ‘let me update you’.”

Put a hilarious twist on that iconic line from Jerry Maguire by using it to humorously express your appreciation when someone keeps you informed. It’s sure to give you both a good laugh!

Classic and Heartfelt

“I just wanted to let you know I really appreciate you taking the time to keep me posted. It means the world, thank you.”

This simple heartfelt message may be plain, but its sincerity makes it a top choice. It genuinely conveys gratitude and will surely make the person feel good about cluing you in.

Sweet Sentiment

“Aww thank you for including me in your circle of trust! I won’t tell a soul, I promise. Let me know if you ever need an alibi!”

If someone trusted you with insider knowledge, this playful message shows you don’t take that honor lightly! It humorously references being let into their inner circle while still expressing sincere thanks.

Ways to Say Thanks to Your Boss

When your manager or supervisor loops you in on things like office changes, plans, or news, you want to express gratitude without getting too casual. Here are appropriate ways to say thanks to the boss:

  • I appreciate you taking the time to keep me updated. It will really help me prioritize my work.
  • Thank you for briefing me on this new development. Please let me know if you need any assistance with the transition.
  • I’m grateful you thought to fill me in. I will be sure to adjust my schedule/work accordingly.
  • Thanks for keeping me in the know. It’s very helpful for me to be informed on company happenings.
  • I value you taking a moment to bring me up to speed. It allows me to be as productive as possible.

Ways to Say Thanks to Your Friend

When chatting with buddies, you can be more relaxed and casual with your appreciation. Here are fun ways to thank a friend:

  • You’re the best – thanks for clueing me in! Now we can chat about this next time we meet up!
  • I owe you big time for spilling the tea sis! What’s the latest with you?
  • Thank you thank you for the exclusive gossip! hair flip Now…ready for a wine and movies night?!
  • As if I wasn’t jealous enough of your fab life already! Thanks for thinking of me.
  • You darling friend you, thanks for keeping me updated! Drinks on me next Friday?

Ways to Thank Your Girlfriend

Make your girlfriend feel special by thanking her in a sweet and caring way when she fills you in. Here’s how:

  • Babe, you always know just how to make my day brighter. Thanks for thinking of me ❤️
  • I love how you’re always so thoughtful, thank you for keeping me updated darling!
  • Aww thanks for letting me know sweetheart 😘 You take such good care of me!
  • Have I told you lately that I love you to bits? Thanks for remembering to fill me in gorgeous!
  • I don’t know what I’d do without my wonderful woman keeping me in the loop! Thank you baby 💕

Ways to Thank Your Boyfriend

In a new relationship? Make your boyfriend feel appreciated for sharing news with you by responding fondly:

  • Aww, I love learning more about your life. Thanks for opening up to me ☺️
  • I really appreciate you trusting me with the latest babe! What are you up to this weekend?
  • Thanks for thinking of me handsome! Hopefully we can talk more over dinner later? 😉🔥
  • You’re so sweet to keep me updated ❤️ Can’t wait to see you again soon baby!
  • I’m grateful you wanted to let me in on things. You make me feel special 🥰

Ways to Thank Family Members

Whether it’s your parents, siblings, relatives or in-laws, tailor your thanks to your specific family member:

Thanks Mom! – Oh I do worry about you, thanks for letting me know you arrived safely! Give Aunt Sue my love!

Thanks Dad! – I appreciate you taking the time from your busy schedule to keep me posted Pops. Say hi to Mom for me!

Thanks Sis! – Ahhh I can’t wait for all the deets!! So happy for you! We need a long phone call stat!

Thanks Bro! – Let’s grab a beer later and you can fill me in on everything going on! Thanks for the update man.

Thanks Grandma! – Oh wonderful news! I’m so happy for the family 🙂 Give Grandpa a hug for me! Love you!


There you have it – over 50 creative ways to express gratitude when someone takes the time to loop you in! Whether it’s funny, flirty, savvy or sweet, put these phrases to use so your friends, family, coworkers and partners truly feel appreciated.

And the next time someone says “just wanted to give you a heads up!” make sure you respond with something more engaging than “thanks for letting me know.” A thoughtful, tailor-made expression of appreciation makes all the difference in making people feel valued.

So try out some sentences from our exhaustive list, and let us know in the comments if you have any other unique ways to say thanks when kept in the know!

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