Flirty And Witty Responses When Someone Says “You Owe Me”

Someone just messaged you “you owe me” in a flirty way. I’ve been there too, trust me. It happened to me once with my crush and I had no idea how to respond. I wanted to say something witty and slightly flirty back, but my mind just went blank!

After that awkward incident, I asked all my friends if they had any good responses I could use next time. I got over 30 hilarious comebacks that would perfectly fit this situation. If you ever need a flirty and witty way to respond when someone says “You owe me,” just use one of these!

30 Witty Responses When Someone Says “You Owe Me”

A few months ago, I was texting this guy I really liked. We would flirt back and forth pretty often. One day, completely out of the blue, he sent me “You owe me ;)” and I had no clue what to say back!

I stared at my phone for way too long trying to think of something to respond. I couldn’t come up with anything good though. I ended up just sending back the super boring “Oh yeah? For what?” Ugh, I still cringe every time I think about it!

Anyway, after that fail I asked all my best friends if they had any good ideas for responses. That way, I’d be prepared next time! They gave me so many hilarious and clever comebacks. I had to share them all with you too in case you end up in a similar situation.

Here are 30 witty ways to respond when someone says “You owe me” in a flirty way:

Funny Responses

We covered the basics, but I wanted to take it up a notch with some funny replies too. Laughter is the best medicine, am I right? So try out one of these more playful comebacks if you’re looking to make light of the situation in a clever way.

Savage Responses

If you wanna get a little sarcastic or sassy, these edgier comebacks will certainly do the trick! Feel free to bust one of these out if you really wanna catch ’em off guard.

Teasing Responses

What’s a little flirty banter without some teasing involved? Use one of these playfully taunting responses to keep ’em on their toes!

Here is the third part with 10 editor’s choice best responses:

10 Editor’s Choice Witty Responses

I couldn’t leave you hanging without highlighting our top ten favorite flirty and sassy ways to respond when someone says “You owe me.” Enjoy our editor approved suggestions!

1. Play Dumb but Charming

This is the perfect response if you want to seem oblivious in a cute way! It leaves room for some back and forth banter too.

When to use:

  • When you want to gently reject them without being too harsh
  • If you want to keep the conversation light

When NOT to use:

  • If they seem very serious/upfront about liking you

2. Flirt Back Hardcore

Get right to the point and flirt right back with zero hesitation! It definitely catches them off guard.

“Well in that case, when are you taking me on this date I apparently owe you?”

When to use:

  • If you are 100% sure they are flirting/interested in you too

When NOT to use:

  • If you barely know the person or don’t know their intentions

3. Challenge Them

Put the ball back in their court by asking follow up questions! It shows you are quick witted.

“Oh really? What exactly makes you think I owe you something? Enlighten me…”

When to use:

  • When you want to engage in some witty back and forth
  • If you feel comfortable around this person

When NOT to use:

  • With super shy people or casual acquaintances

4. Get Sassy

Show off your savage side with this snarky response! Short and straight to the point.

“Yeah that’ll be the day, keep dreaming!”

When to use:

  • When you want a sassy shutdown

When NOT to use:

  • If said sincerely/not flirty at all

5. Tease Them Back

Poke fun right back at their attempt to flirt or “trick” you into owing them something!

“Nice try with the reverse psychology, but that won’t work on me!” 😉

When to use:

  • When you want to gently reject them but keep it lighthearted
  • If you guys regularly joke around

When NOT to use:

  • Early on if you don’t know their sense of humor super well

6. Make a Joke

Use humor to catch them off guard and up the ante! Makes you seem fun and witty.

“Bow down to me peasant, and behold this “debt” you speak of!” 😆

When to use:

  • When you want an element of surprise & make them laugh
  • If you have a bold/silly sense of humor

When NOT to use:

  • With super serious people lacking a sense of humor

7. Flatter Them

Deflect with a subtle compliment to confidently avoid admitting this so-called IOU!

“Aw how cute, making up reasons to hang out with me!” 😏

When to use:

  • When you want to gently let them down
  • If you wanna cheer them up about the rejection

When NOT to use:

  • If they seem pushy/entitled about the “debt”

8. Call Their Bluff

Show you see right through their scheme! Say it in a playful way though so they know you don’t mind.

“Mhm SURE I owe you…what’s the real reason you’re saying that?” 😉

When to use:

  • When you want them to admit they just wanna hang out with you
  • If you want to flirt by cornering them

When NOT to use:

  • If they are super shy and feel awkward easily

9. Deny With Humor

Lovingly shut it down while sprinkling in some lighthearted banter! Leaves the door open for more flirting too.

“Pshhh keep dreaming, you couldn’t handle me even if I did owe you!” 😜

When to use:

  • When you want to avoid hanging out romantically but keep things friendly
  • If you want to challenge their ego playfully

When NOT to use:

  • If they are the sensitive type

10. Flip the Script

Catch them totally off guard by pretending THEY owe YOU something for once!

“Oh no no, last time I checked YOU owed ME buddy!” 😆

When to use:

  • When you want the upper hand
  • To jokingly mess with their head

When NOT to use:

  • If they seem quick to anger

How to Respond to a Guy Saying “You Owe Me”

So a guy just dropped this flirty “You owe me” text on you seemingly out of nowhere. What exactly does it mean and how do you respond? Here’s the deal:

He’s trying to spark a fun, flirty back and forth. He wants to grab your attention while also keeping things playful. When responding, make sure to match his casual and conversational tone. Leaving a bit of mystery is important too at this stage. Don’t lay all your cards out on the table! Tease him back while assessing whether you want to take things further.

Some good responses to try:

  • “Oh do I now? This should be interesting…” 😏
  • “Pretty sure you’d be so lucky to be owed anything by me!” 💁
  • “I might just take you up on that offer, what did you have in mind?” 😉

The key is to pique his interest and figure out his intentions without spoiling the chase!

How to Respond to a Girl Saying “You Owe Me”

When a girl playfully claims that you owe her something, it means she is flirting! She wants to create a fun back and forth while also grabbing your attention. How you respond is key here.

You’ll want to match her casual and conversational tone without jumping straight to meeting up. Leave some mystery and intrigue! Make her work for it a bit by teasing back.

Some solid responses:

  • “Oh do I now? I don’t recall that at all..remind me?” 😝
  • “I mean I guess I could clear my schedule for a little bit if you insist!” 😉
  • “And what do I allegedly owe someone as lovely as you?” 😏

The goal is to charm her socks off while assessing if she’s really feeling you too! Don’t show all your cards early.

More Flirty Ways to Say Hello

We covered responses when someone drops a “You owe me” text on you. But what are some other flirty ways to mix up a boring “Hey” or “Hi” when you initiate the convo? Here ya go:

“So I was thinking you owe me a drink sometime…” 😉

“Well hey there trouble, long time no chat!” 😏

“What’s cookin good lookin?” 😜

“Been thinking about our next date lately…” 💭

“I could use some one on one time with you!” 😊

In Conclusion…

There you have it! From playing dumb to flirting hardcore to sassy comebacks, you now have 30+ witty ways to respond when someone says “You owe me.” No more deer in headlights moments!

Reference this list whenever you need some inspiration to keep the banter fun and flirty. Just remember to assess their intentions before jumping straight into meeting up or anything. Feel them out, make them work for it a little! Good luck and happy flirting! 😉😘

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