30 Funny Things to Say When Someone Asks for Your Address

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Sarah Koch


We’ve all had awkward encounters asking for or being asked for personal details we aren’t ready to share. But that doesn’t mean you can’t have a laugh in the moment! Read on for comebacks that turn uncomfortable requests into LOLs.

I learned this lesson the embarrassing way, my friends. Picture me, a fresh-faced 16-year-old meeting up with a pal I hadn’t seen since middle school. We’re catching up, and he asks for my address to mail me a playlist CD (yes, it was the 2000s). I rattled it off innocently, only to receive suggestive snail mail I did NOT ask for! 😳

Since then, I’ve armed myself with snappy replies to unwanted inquiries. Whether it’s a rando asking to “stop by sometime” or an old ex trying to weasel their way back in, these comebacks add some humor while setting boundaries.

So next time someone catches you off guard prying for personal deets, try out one of these 30 funny things to say!

30 Clever Responses to Give When Asked for Your Address

Make it clear you ain’t providing a location without making it awkward.

“1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW in Washington, DC is where you can send anything! I’m house sitting for a friend this weekend.”

Playing it off like you’re kicking it at the White House ought to get the point across that your address remains private! 🏠

“Just head to a little place I call None-ya Business Street. Take a left on Mind Your Own Blvd. and you can’t miss it!”

A snarky fake address layered with some sass? Chef’s kiss. 💋👌

“I’ll give you my address as soon as you give me the keys to your house!”

Fair is fair, right? Request their home keys and see how comfortable they feel sharing…exactly. ✋

“Tell ya what — you Venmo me $500 for a security deposit and I’ll consider it.” 💸

If they wanna know your address so bad, they can pay up!

“Here’s the address where you can pick up a map to my address!”

Send ’em running in circles trying to figure that one out. 😅

Need an awkward pause? Try one of these zingers on for size! 👗

“Let me check if my roommate’s cool with strangers stopping by…”

leans out imaginary door and yells to empty room


“Hold that thought while I create a fake address…”

stares silently into space for a few very long seconds

“Uh, nevermind. My imagination isn’t working today, sorry.” 🙃

Savage Shut Downs For Extra Salty Address Requests

When subtlety fails, pull out these brutal clap backs! 😬👏

“Here’s my cell number: 911. Now you’ve got an address to land at too — the local police station!” 🚨🚔👮

“Want my home address? Okay, what’s your credit card info? I need to run a quick background check…”

Quid pro quo, ya creep! ✋

“Here’s the address to send a written apology explaining why you need my personal details when I barely know you.”

Ooh, BURN! 🔥😠🔥

Unsure how to react? Try out an exaggerated response:

“OMG no way, we’re neighbors! I’m at 123 Fake Street!”

Pretend to spot them down the road.

“HEY! Is that you down there waving in front of my FAKE HOUSE?” 🏡👋

“Shut the front door — you live on my block too at number 525? We probably wave to each other every day!” 🚪🌆👋

“Wow, even my mom doesn’t have my address yet. I guess we should be married first if we’re sharing addresses already!” 👰😘

Flirty Responses For Gentle Rejections

Not feeling the chemistry but want to let ’em down easy?

“I’d love to share my address with you sometime…after a few dates when I know I can trust you. 😘”

“Aww, you’re so eager to meet up! Sadly my apartment has a strict 1 cutie limit…and I’m already here.” 💁‍♀️

“Instead of my address, how about I give you my number? I’d love to get lunch and get to know you better first before sharing personal details.” 📱🥪💬

Unsure whether you want to share your address eventually? Buy some time:

“I wish I could share my address now, but my landlord is super strict about guests. Rain check?” 🚫🏠

“As much as I’d love to meet up, my roommate has crazy allergies and can’t risk strangers bringing in new germs. But can I get your number?” 🤧📵📱

“Moving can be stressful! I’ll have a more stable address once I’m settled into my new apartment. For now, want to meet in neutral public territory?” 📦🚚🌆

10 Best Comedic Responses For Dodging Address Requests

1. The “I’m Rich So Stalk Me” Lie

When They Ask: “Hey! Long time no chat! What’s your address these days?” 💬

You Say: “Oh I’m over on Mockingbird Lane in the Hollywood Hills now, baby. That streaming money moved me out of my tiny NYC apartment into a 8 bedroom smart home! 💰🏡 Alexa’s got nothing on my digital butler, Geoffrey. 💂‍♂️. What about you?”

Use When: You want an incredulous reaction to your fictional upgraded lifestyle complete with a robotic British butler. 😲

Don’t Use: Around actual celebrities or rich folks in the Hollywood Hills. They may catch onto your exaggeration! 💼

2. The “Undercover Spy” Play

When They Ask: “Soooo…where do you live nowadays?” 🕵️‍♀️

You Say:Looks around cautiously Sorry, that information is classified under penalty of death while I’m undercover taking down this international smuggling ring. But maybe when I wrap this case we could have a rendezvous at one of my safe houses, cutie… winks then disappears in a cloud of smoke” 🔫☁️

Use When: You want to roleplay a badass secret agent on an important government mission. 🕵️‍♀️

Don’t Use: On law enforcement or government employees who know real agents don’t behave so dramatically. 🚫

3. The “My House is Haunted” Fib

When They Ask: “I’d love to swing by your place sometime. What’s your address?” 👻

You Say:shudders Unless you want to risk a run-in with the poltergeist or glimpse the ghost of my creepy ancestor Edgar lurking on the staircase, I’d avoid my house at all costs! That ghoul still swears revenge for being written out of the will a century ago. Hard pass.” 🛑😱

Use When: You want a supernatural excuse to dodge visitors. Bonus if they seem scared of ghosts! 👻

Don’t Use: On paranormal investigators calling your bluff to study the hauntings. 👨‍🔬👩‍🔬

4. The “My Neighbors are Crazy” Story

When They Ask: “A bunch of us are planning to crash at your place after the party Friday. What’s your address?”

You Say: “Oh geez, my street is super weird! My next door neighbor raises attack squirrels and the guy across the lane has shouting matches with his mailbox–total wackjobs. Let’s have an afterparty at your place instead, it sounds safer over there!” 🐿️📬😱

Use When: You want a quick excuse involving outlandish neighbors. Good for gullible types who may believe your nutty tales! 🥜

Don’t Use: On skeptics who push you to prove these neighbors exist. Or actual crazy neighbors who don’t appreciate being called out. 🙅‍♀️

5. The “Sorry, My House is Condemned” Play

When They Ask: “Hey girl, text me your address! I’m bored and want to come hang.” 🚫

You Say: “As much as I’d love a visit, that’s gonna be a no-go. My landlord condemned the place after finding 400 health code violations including a family of raccoons nested in the air ducts! I even found mushrooms sprouting under my bed. Can we meet in the park instead? Fresh air sounds nice.” 🦝🍄🌳

Use When: You need a solid but unlikely excuse to avoid hosting guests that gets you off the hook.

Don’t Use: On housing inspectors unless you want a full investigation! They may show up unannounced to verify… 👮‍♂️👮‍♀️

6. The “Wrong Address” Gag

When They Ask: “It was great running into you! What’s your address so we can connect more?”

You Say: “For sure, yeah, I live at 700 W Madi–Oh shoot no, I moved! Dang I can never remember…Hold up, checking Zillow…Sorry, drawing a blank. Can I text you later if I figure it out?”

Use When: You genuinely can’t recall your current address and need to stall for time. Works well on scatterbrained folks like you! 😅

Don’t Use: Around logical types wondering how you forgot where you live. Unless you pretend to have amnesia? 🤔

7. The “My House is Too Embarrassing” Palooza

When They Ask: “A bunch of us are thinking of swinging by tonight, what’s your address?” 🏠

You Say: “Before you stop by, fair warning — my apartment is an absolute pigsty right now. I’m talking horror movie scary with dirty piles of laundry attracting gnats, dishes growing science experiments in the sink, and chaos everywhere. Let’s meet anywhere else before you witness this embarrassment!” 👙🍽️🪰🙈

Use When: You require an unsanitary excuse to avoid visitors and want to lean into the mess factor!

Don’t Use: Around neat freaks and germaphobes with high cleanliness standards who may judge your fictional unhygienic habits. 🧼🧴🚯

8. The “Secret Celebrity House” Ruse

When They Ask: “Hey I’m nearby, what’s your address? I’ll swing through for a bite!”

You Say: “Darn, I’m house-sitting for a super famous celebrity in a secret location with a confidentiality agreement — even the pizza delivery guy had to sign an NDA! I’d invite you over, but this Hollywood star would not appreciate any surprise guests busting through the 16 ft guarded gates. I take confidentiality seriously!” 🤐👮‍♂️🕶️

Use When: You need an airtight justification for refusing visitors at your “borrowed” luxury celebrity mansion!

Don’t Use: Around paparazzi, entertainment reporters, or super fans willing to scale tall gates and risk arrest for celebrity proximity! 📸🎥

9. The “My House Isn’t Wheelchair Accessible” Play

When They Ask: “Hey girl, so excited we reconnected! Let’s celebrate and chill at your place…” ☺️

You Say: “I wish I could host, but actually, my building has no ramp or elevator access at all–only staircases. Super inconvenient for my disabled friends in chairs. Let’s meet up somewhere with better accessibility until I move, ‘kay?” 🦽🦼

Use When: You require a literal barrier to justify why your home cannot accommodate guests right now.

Don’t Use: On wheelchair users who then ask to meet up nearby or offer creative solutions to the barriers. They may call your bluff or feel excluded. ☹️

10. The “My House Isn’t Real” Mind-Blower

When They Ask: “Dying to see your new apartment! What’s the address?”

You Say: stares blankly with wide eyes “New apartment? What are you talking about? I’m actually a brain in a vat hallucinating this entire simulated reality from a secret underground laboratory I cannot escape. My so-called ‘apartment’ does not exist…none of this exists! screams into void” 🧠🦠🔬😱

Use When: You’re ready to freak someone out by implying we’re all living in an artificial computer simulation like the Matrix. It’s the ultimate unbeatable excuse! 💊

Don’t Use: On nihilists or sci-fi lovers debating simulation theory who take this thought experiment too seriously. Unless you wanna go down that rabbit hole… 🐇😅

How To Gracefully Refuse Address Requests From Girls 👩

When declining invasive asks from the ladies, empathy goes a long way. Reassure her you’re not rejecting her specifically before redirecting.

“Aww thanks for thinking of me, but I don’t open my home to new friends yet. Maybe after we’ve hung out a few more times!” 👯‍♀️

Emphasize getting to know each other better first before exchanging addresses. Suggest low-pressure public dates instead of high-pressure private meetups.

“I wish I could have you over now, but my life is kinda chaotic at the moment. How about we meet for coffee downtown this week and catch up more before jumping into friend visits?”

If she seems pushy or entitled to access your space immediately, stand firm in your boundaries while making it clear you still desire more interpersonal connection in neutral spaces.

“As much as I enjoy our conversations, I have to be really careful about sharing personal details or locations with people I don’t know well enough yet. I hope you understand.” 🤝

How To Respectfully Refuse Address Requests From Guys 👨

If a dude drops an unwanted ask to come “see your place,” leaning on social norms can provide a no-pressure letdown.

“I don’t know you nearly well enough yet to invite you over! What would my parents say about having a new guy over so fast? Let’s grab lunch instead.” 🥪👪

Mentioning family values and reputation implies refusal is not about him personally, but rather social propriety. Suggest platonically getting food instead.

“Sorry man, but I make it a rule not to disclose my address to anyone I haven’t dated seriously first. How about we meet downtown for a drink as friends and see where things go?” 🍸

Clarify you view him platonically for now by using the friend label over romance. But leave the door open for more by proposing a casual public meetup.

If he gets entitled or rude about “owing” him your private details, shut it down:

“I don’t feel comfortable opening my home or sharing my location with near-strangers. If that doesn’t work for you, feel free not to contact me again.” 🚫🚶‍♀️

Cold shoulder the creeps! You deserve to feel safe rejecting pushes for private space access.


At the end of the day, listen to your gut instinct on who has earned your home address access! Give out details only as you build trust slowly over time. For all other awkward asks demanding your location immediately, try deploying some of these lighthearted excuses and redirects to set boundaries with humor. 😆 What’s your favorite go-to response for dodging address requests? Let me know in the comments!

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