70+ Flirty Comebacks when Someone Says “I’m Cold”​

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Sarah Koch


Have you ever been chatting with a cutie and they coyly tell you “I’m cold”? This could be an innocent comment about the weather. But it also might be a subtle opportunity to spark a flirty connection. When you get this cue, use it to your advantage!

I’m Sarah, your friendly lifestyle blogger here to help you navigate all of life’s relationships. Today, we’ll explore some of the best flirty responses when your crush or date drops the “I’m cold” line. Read on for savvy and smooth ideas to warm things up.

Funny and Playful Comebacks


If you want to keep things lighthearted, try one of these funny responses:

  • Well, get over here and I’ll keep you warm! This cheeky reply playfully invites them closer.
  • Maybe you should wear more layers next time. Gently tease them about their outfit choice while offering your “warm” embrace.
  • Come here and I’ll heat things up for you! Suggest you can raise their temperature in more ways than one!
  • I’ve got a sweatshirt in my car you can wear if you want. Offer your literal “jacket” like a gentleman/lady.
  • How about we get toasty by the fire? Smoothly propose cozying up fireside together.
  • Wow, does that line usually work for you? Light poke at their flirty tactic.
  • Stand closer to me then – my hotness radiates! Cheeky boast about your heartthrob status.
  • Come a little closer and I’ll keep you nice and warm! Invite them nearer to your personal warmth.
  • I’ve got all the body heat you need right here! Suggestively offer your steamy warmth.
  • Maybe we’re just standing in the wrong spot. Let’s move over here… Guide their location change towards your inviting embrace.

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Sweet and Charming Responses

For a sincerely endearing reaction, you could say:

  • Here, take my coat/scarf. Chivalrously offer your own outerwear to shelter them.
  • Let me warm up those hands for you. Tenderly hold their hands between yours.
  • Come here and I’ll wrap you up. Pull them into a caring cuddle.
  • Want to head inside where it’s warmer? Considerately propose moving date location.
  • Can I make you some hot cocoa? Offer to lovingly prepare them a soothing hot drink.
  • We can cuddle until you feel better. Genuinely suggest mindful snuggling together.
  • I wish I could warm you up. Sweetly convey your protective sentiment.
  • I’ll be your snuggle buddy! Adorably volunteer yourself as their new cuddle partner.
  • Feel free to nestle that cute nose into my scarf. Accommodate face-to-scarf nuzzling.
  • Maybe some hand-holding would make you feel better? Sincerely offer linked hands for warmth.

Romantic and Affectionate Lines

Up the intimacy with these sugary-sweet replies:

  • I’d love nothing more than to wrap my arms around you. Express your earnest wish to embrace them.
  • Come curl up in my lap darling. Offer your lap as a “seat” for them to sit on.
  • This gives me a good reason to be close to you. Frame the cold weather as positive excuse for togetherness.
  • Can I offer my warm embrace? Charmingly propose enclosing them in your hug.
  • I’ll keep you nice and cozy. Assure you’ll nurture their comfort.
  • Let’s conserve body heat together. Flirtatiously suggest pressing bodies to share warmth.
  • Maybe some kissing would help heat things up? Cheekily prescribe makeout remedy for their chill.
  • I know the perfect way to warm you up in the cold. Hint at amorous activities without being overly vulgar.
  • I’d love to warm you up by the fireplace tonight. Paint an inviting scene of fireside canoodling.
  • This gives me an excellent reason to snuggle you. Frame the cold as positive excuse to snuggle tighter.
  • Stay close and I’ll keep you warm all night long. Tempt with the promise of ongoing bodily warmth.

Bold Suggestions and Innuendos

If you really want to steam things up, you could try these saucy replies:

We should head back and ‘warm each other up’ soon.

Hint at going somewhere private to hookup.

Cheekily allude to making heat via s*x.

Scandalously propose nude cuddling.

Bluntly invite them to go have s*x.

Flirtatiously boast about your s*xual talents.

Paint mental image of you ravishing them.

Suggestively warn that you’ll overheat them via passion.

Smoothly attempt transitioning location to enable getting intimate.

Seductively pledge ongoing fervor all night.

Foreshadow plans of future fiery s*x.

Graphically promote your vigorous lovemaking skills.

Savage Flirty Burns

If you want to tease them for lamely recycling common flirty tactics, roast them with these snarky retorts:

  • That’s the oldest line in the book. Nice try though! Mock effort of unoriginal, cliche flirt maneuver.
  • What a basic move. Cute attempt I guess. Patronize their obvious and overplayed flirtation bid.
  • Awww you must be new to this whole flirting thing. Condescendingly belittle their flirting abilities.
  • My grandma uses better lines than that! Insult their lack of talent/creativity at flirtatious wordplay.
  • Trying to Netflix and chill already? Slow your roll Romeo! Humorously warn them to take romance slower.
  • Put those cliché moves away Casanova! Tell would-be lothario to can the overdone platitudes.
  • Nice tactic straight from Flirting 101. Joke that their method seems academically remedial.
  • What a #Basic move. You gotta step up your game! Hashtag-burn them for being totally unoriginal.
  • Aww you still using baby tactics I see! Patronize their juvenile flirting skills.
  • My 5-year-old cousin uses better moves than that! Insult by comparing their talents unfavorably to a small child.

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Witty and Clever Responses


Impress them with these ingeniously creative comebacks:

  • I know just the thing to warm those ice-cold feet. Offer to lovingly massage their frigid feet.
  • Stand behind me – I’ll shield you from the wind chill! Propose strategically blocking cold gusts with your body.
  • Maybe you’re just suffering from a deficit of vitamin ME. Prescribe yourself as the charming remedy to their chill.
  • Quick, get over here before you catch a cold! Pretend urgency getting them into your sheltering embrace.
  • Baby, with you around I’ll always feel the heat. Compliment their enduring power to warm your heart.
  • Come here and I’ll be your thermal blanket. Offer yourself as a literal human blanket wrap.
  • I know the perfect remedy – chicken soup and a movie night with me! Prescribe pleasant medicine of soup dinner-and-a-movie date.
  • I bet with a few kisses you’ll be warm in no time. Suggest affection as practical antidote for coldness.
  • Careful, my fiery passion for you might just melt that ice heart of yours… Tease that your ardor could thaw their “cold” demeanor.
  • I’ve got plenty of warmth to share with a sweetheart like you. Gallantly offer your warmth reserves to cold cutie.

Playful Teases

Poke fun while staying tactful with these gentle ribbings:

Aww is my little ice princess getting chilly?

Affectionately nickname them according to the cold.

Looks like someone forgot their jacket today!

Lightly scold their outdoors preparedness.

If you’re cold now, winter is gonna eat you alive.

Dramatically warn about their inability to handle below-freezing weather.

Don’t worry baby, I run hot enough for the both of us.

Boast that your bodily warmth can compensate for both parties.

Dang, better bundle up there Frosty!

Humorously compare them to the snowman.

If you get any closer you might just melt!

Tease that your hotness proximity could thaw their chill.

Hope you packed your long johns and thermals!

Check on status of their cold weather underwear preparedness.

Someone’s a little underdressed I see!

Note insufficient protective attire.

Maybe steal my body heat then if you’re so cold!

Offer access to your personal warmth reserves.

If you think THIS is cold just wait for January!

Perspectively minimize current cold conditions compared to peak winter iciness.

So next time your crush complains of cold, skim this list for inspiring ideas! From playful quips to bold propositions, you’ll find countless ways spark kinship while escaping the chill.

How to respond Flirty to “what’s good?” from a Girl.

If a girl asks you “what’s good?”, she might be interested in you or just making conversation. Either way, you want to respond flirty and show her that you’re confident and fun. Here are some possible ways to reply:

“Everything’s good when I’m talking to you 😉”

“You tell me, what’s good in your world today? 😊”

“I’m good, just thinking about you 😘”

“What’s good is that you’re here with me 😍”

“I’m feeling good, but I’d feel better if you were closer 😏”

How to respond Flirty to “what’s good?” from a Guy.

If you want to flirt with a guy who texts you “what’s good?”, you have a few options. You could:

Play along and pretend you don’t know what he means. For example, you could say

“What’s good? Hmm, let me think. Chocolate, puppies, Netflix, pizza…oh, and you, of course.”

Tease him and make fun of his generic opener. For example, you could say

“Wow, what a creative way to start a conversation. Did you copy that from a website or something?”

Challenge him and make him work for your attention. For example, you could say

“What’s good? Well, I’m good. But I’m not sure about you. Why don’t you tell me something interesting about yourself?”

Compliment him and make him feel good. For example, you could say

“What’s good? You’re good. You’re very good. In fact, you’re so good that I can’t stop thinking about you.”

Turn the question around and ask him what he thinks is good. For example, you could say

“What’s good? You tell me. What do you like? What are you passionate about? What makes you happy?”

Stay cozy out there and happy flirting!

Let me know if you have any other fun and flirty comebacks for when your sweetie claims they’re cold! I had a blast brainstorming these cheeky rejoinders. But I’d love to hear any clever lines you’ve used for some cold weather snuggling inspiration! 😉

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