Other Ways to Say Thank You for Reaching Out to Me, 33+ Classy, Funny, Savage and Flirty Alternatives

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Sarah Koch


I still remember the first email I received from my favorite author when I was 15 years old. I had emailed her a heartfelt message about how her books changed my life, never expecting a reply. But she wrote back! I was over the moon. That simple act of her reaching out to me meant so much.

Since then, I make an effort to properly thank everyone who contacts me. Whether it’s a new business connection, old friend, or helpful stranger on the internet, a sincere thank you note can make their day.

But I know it’s tough to come up with creative ways to say thanks. After writing hundreds of appreciation messages, even I struggle with writer’s block occasionally!

That’s why I put together this list of 10 alternative ways to say “Thank you for reaching out.” Mix and match these gratitude expressions to craft thoughtful, unique responses.

What are 10 Alternative Ways to Say Thank You for Reaching Out?

Showing appreciation for someone making the effort to contact you is important. But nobody wants yet another boilerplate “Thanks for reaching out!” message.

So spice up your replies with these 10 creative ways to say thanks when someone gets in touch:

10 Other Ways to Say Thank You for Reaching Out
I’m grateful you connected with me
Thanks so much for thinking of me
I appreciate you making the effort to contact me
It was great hearing from you!
Thanks for looping me in
I’m thankful you reached out
I value you connecting with me
The email absolutely made my day
I’m glad we reconnected
You made my day by reaching out

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Funny Ways to Say Thanks for Reaching Out

Humor and laughter go a long way. Mix in some playfulness to your gratitude messages with these funny ways to say thanks when someone contacts you:

5 Amusing Ways to Say You’re Grateful They Reached Out
You must be psychic – I was just thinking about you!
I appreciate you embracing the power friendship of reaching out
Thanks for contacting me before I got the chance to bug you first
You read my mind – I’ve been meaning to get in touch with you!
I’ll take any excuse I can get to hear from an awesome person like you

Savage Ways to Say Thanks for Reaching Out

If the person reaching out enjoys edgy humor, try out these creatively sarcastic ways to say you appreciate them connecting:

5 Snarky Thanks for Getting in Touch
About time you reached out – I was starting to think you fell off the face of the earth!
I appreciate you fitting me into your busy social calendar
Wow, I didn’t think you still had my number – thanks for proving me wrong!
I was starting to think you were ghosting me!
What took you so long to get in touch with little old me?

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Flirty Ways to Thank Someone for Contacting You

If appropriate, inject some light playfulness into your reply thanking someone for reaching out with these subtly flirty responses:

5 Flirtatious Thanks for Reaching Out
You’re officially my favorite person today for messaging me
Consider me swooned that you reached out
You brightened my whole day by connecting with me
I’m blushing – thanks for thinking of me!
I might print out this message and hang it up to admire that you cared enough to write

Grateful Ways to Thank Long Lost Contacts

Did an old classmate or former coworker randomly reach out after ages? Reignite that connection with heartfelt gratitude:

5 Ways to Thank Long Lost Contacts for Getting in Touch
Blast from the past! Thanks for bringing back fond memories by connecting
As they say – old friends are the best friends. So happy you reached out after all this time!
I have missed keeping up with you! Appreciate you bridging the gap
Feeling nostalgic you contacted me – can’t wait to catch up
Well this was a pleasant surprise! So awesome reconnecting

Creative Ways to Thank Business Contacts

Maintaining your professional network is key for success. Nurture relationships with standout appreciation if a busines contact gets in touch:

5 Unique Thanks for Reaching Out – Business Edition
Consider me impressed and grateful you contacted me
The effort to connect speaks volumes – consider me thankful!
Honored you thought of me for your project / feedback / etc!
Appreciate you tapping my expertise by reaching out
Grateful you looped me into the conversation – can’t wait to collaborate!

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5 Editor’s Choice Ways to Say Thanks for Reaching Out

Out of the dozens of gratitude expressions out there, these 5 are my personal favorites for creatively saying thanks when someone contacts you:

I’m So Grateful You Took the Time

I love this way of showing appreciation because it calls out the effort the person made to reach out. We all have packed schedules, so taking the time to connect with someone means a lot.

Your Message Was a Pleasant Surprise

Who doesn’t love surprises? I think calling out that their message was unexpected makes the thank you feel more sincere. It highlights that just because they didn’t have to reach out, they did it purely out of kindness.

I Can’t Tell You How Much I Appreciate You Getting in Touch

Sometimes a simple “thank you” doesn’t fully capture your gratitude. Using “I can’t tell you how much…” conveys you are so appreciative words alone aren’t enough. It adds emphasis on just how meaningful their effort to contact you was.

You Absolutely Made My Day Connecting with Me

Positive reinforcement is powerful. Straight up telling someone they made your day incentivizes them to reach out more in the future. The gratitude is clear, while also encouraging future interactions.

Thanks Isn’t Enough – I’m Really Grateful You Contacted Me

Along the lines of “I can’t tell you how much…” this response conveys your thankfulness runs deeper than the standard reply. It’s an easy way to reinforce that you are sincerely – and deeply – appreciative of them getting in touch.

Ways to Thank Your Boss for Contacting You

Make sure your boss feels appreciated for their effort if they reach out directly:

  • I really value you taking the time to update me personally
  • Consider me informed and grateful you filled me in!
  • Thank you for keeping me in the loop by reaching out
  • I appreciate you ensuring I have the latest information
  • Always impressed when you brief me directly – thanks!

How to Thank a Friend for Getting in Touch

Show your close friends you cherish them connecting:

  • You made my entire day brighter just by reaching out
  • I won! I got a message from my favorite person ever
  • Any excuse to catch up with you is a good one in my book!
  • You get me friend MVP for checking in
  • Consider this lifelong friendship strengthened thanks to you connecting!

Thanking a Significant Other for Contacting You

If bae contacts you first, don’t forget to show your appreciation:

  • Swooning over here that you messaged me first
  • This is why you take #1 spot in my heart – just reaching out to brighten my day
  • Consider me wooed by your effort to connect with little old me
  • I definitely lucked out in the relationship department with your caring gestures
  • Making me fall deeper in love by randomly messaging cute little me

Thanking Family Members Who Reach Out

If a family member like your parents or siblings contacts you, remind them their effort means the world with replies like:

  • You must know me so well to reach out right when I needed it
  • Your randomly thinking of me means more than you know
  • I strive to be as thoughtful as you by always making the effort to connect
  • You get #1 family member status for checking in
  • Thanks for showing me the importance of small acts of kindness like reaching out

Thanking Strangers Who Randomly Reach Out

While skeptical of unprompted messages from strangers, if the context seems OK you can politely say:

  • I appreciate you making the effort to contact me out of the blue
  • Consider me pleasantly surprised you cared enough to reach out
  • Honored to be on the receiving end of your thoughtful gesture
  • While unexpected, thanks for your message!
  • Always nice connecting with caring strangers like yourself


As you can see, there are so many ways to creatively say “Thank you for reaching out!” My personal favorite is calling out how the effort to connect shows what an amazing person they are. A little positivity and appreciation goes a long way.

I hope reviewing all these different gratitude expressions sparks inspiration the next time you want to thoughtfully thank someone for contacting you!

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