Tired of Begging for Attention from Your Husband? DO THIS

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Sarah Koch


We’ve all been there – sprawled across the couch with a pint of ice cream, re-watching “When Harry Met Sally” for the thousandth time, and desperately wishing your husband would put down his phone and actually pay attention to you.

Don’t worry, I’ve got your back, ladies!

As a certified life coach and relationship expert, I’ve witnessed countless marriages where one partner feels starved for affection and quality time. The good news? With a few strategic steps, you can reignite the spark and start receiving the love and care you deserve.

Stop Begging and Start Communicating

Let’s be real – constantly nagging or pleading for attention is a surefire way to push your husband further away. Instead of playing the victim, take control of the situation with open and honest communication.

Think about it – when was the last time you sat down with your husband and really expressed how you’re feeling?

During a calm moment, tell him something like:

“Honey, I know you’ve been swamped at work lately, but I’m feeling a bit neglected. I miss our deep conversations and quality time together. Can we schedule a weekly date night to reconnect?”

Speaking from the heart and offering a solution (like date night) works wonders. Your husband may be oblivious to your needs, so voice them clearly and give him a chance to step up.

Rekindle the Romance

Even the most passionate marriages can fall into ruts of complacency and routine. That’s why it’s crucial to keep stoking the romantic fires.

Remember when you were dating, and every moment felt electric with possibility?

Recapture that feeling by:

  • Flirting and leaving suggestive notes around the house
  • Dressing up for date nights (lose the old sweatpants!)
  • Reminiscing about your early dating days and reliving old memories
  • Prioritizing intimacy in the bedroom and trying new things
  • Making each other feel desired and adored

True romance isn’t just bouquets and candlelit dinners – it’s about making your partner feel cherished daily.

Live an Interesting Life

Husbands are often attracted to confident, dynamic women living fulfilling lives outside the marriage. If your world revolves solely around him, that neediness can breed resentment and avoidance.

Ask yourself:

“What hobbies, interests, and goals have I put on the backburner?”

Then start pursuing them! Whether it’s

  • Signing up for a painting class
  • Training for a marathon
  • Starting a side business
  • Joining a book club

Having your own passions and identity makes you more alluring and draws your husband towards your magnetic energy. Plus, you’ll have way more to discuss over dinner than just nagging about the kids.

Put Yourself First Sometimes

I know, I know – as wives and mothers, we’re hard-wired to put everyone else’s needs before our own. But chronically prioritizing your husband can enable his selfish behavior.

Remember the airplane safety rhetoric – you have to secure your own oxygen mask before assisting others.

Occasionally, focus on doing things just for YOU – no apologies or justifications needed. Go on a girls’ trip, take a relaxing bath, or simply spend an afternoon reading at the park. Your husband will realize how much you contribute to the household, and he may start appreciating you a bit more.

Establish boundaries by learning to say “no” sometimes. Overextending yourself does no one any favors.

Get a Third Party Involved

If communication keeps breaking down and things feel hopeless, don’t be afraid to seek outside help. Counseling allows you to air grievances constructively in a neutral environment.

There’s no shame in admitting you need an objective perspective to move past deeply-rooted marital issues.

Having an experienced therapist or counselor ask the right questions can reveal eye-opening insights about yourselves and your dynamic. Sometimes, all it takes is a few sessions to get your marriage back on track.

Be Patient and Proactive

Here’s the hard truth, ladies: Changing someone else’s behavior is tough. Your husband’s capacity for change can only match his willingness and effort.

But by staying positive, prioritizing your needs, and diligently working on the relationship, you’re doing everything in your power to improve the situation. Odds are, he’ll eventually take notice and rise to the occasion.

More importantly, you’re modeling healthy communication and independence for any kids watching. If things don’t improve, you’ll have the strength and confidence to make those tough decisions about your future.

Look, I get it – being starved for attention and affection from your husband can feel soul-crushing. Even the deepest loves can get bogged down by life’s demands and complacency.

But you don’t have to resign yourself to an unfulfilling, affectionless marriage. By taking charge, voicing your needs, and putting yourself first sometimes, you’re reclaiming your worth and reminding your husband why he fell for such an incredible woman in the first place.

Have courage, have patience, but most importantly – have a life! That unshakeable confidence and vibrancy will work its magic before you know it.

You’ve got this, queens. Now let’s get out there and start receiving the love we all deserve!

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