What is small or large, can be multi-colored,  has been a royal seal, but has also been found on common bath towels? A monogram!


      Monograms originated many years ago as royal seals for kings and queens. Since then they have been stamped on coins, a signature for artisans, a symbol of ones place in society (Victorian era), and now can even be incorporated into the seats of luxury cars. These personal identifiers are found on stationary, pillowcases, bath towels, suitcases, shirts, jewelry, or bags.


For a friends recent bridal shower, I wanted to gift something that would be unique only to her and her soon-to-be husband. I contacted Tina Marie Creations, who I have used in the past for monogram projects, and asked that she embroider the couples initials on a nice set of 600 count pillowcases.  The bride loved them! If your looking for that special something… I would HIGHLY recommend a gift of something monogrammed for any soon to be married couple. They will truly appreciate the time you took to make your present personalized!


Tina (who I interview below) also monogrammed a square (1 of 16), for a quilt I made for my first niece.

baby blanket I made- monogram in bottom right hand corner by Tina Marie Creations


Tina who is just the easiest person to work with (& soon to be first time mommy!) agreed to a Q & A with yours truly.

Q & A with Tina Marie Creations

Q: How did you get into the business of Monograms?

A:  I started monogramming and embroidery at a time when I had many friends that were getting married and having babies. I was also between semesters at school and as I’m a busybody, needed a hobby that I could help pay school loans back with.

Q: What is your favorite thing to personalize?
A: My favorite thing to monogram are things for babies! I know that they will be kept and treasured for a lifetime.
Q: Favorite Monogram font?
A:  I love so many. This is the hardest part when monogramming for myself (because of variety) making a decision and picking one. I do however use Party Time quite a bit for customers.
Q: Weirdest item you have ever monogrammed?
A: FroggTogg chilly pad
Q: For those that are wondering…Besides the normal…What can be monogrammed?
 A: As long as an item can lay flat it can be monogrammed. (bags, pillowcases, shirts, blankets, beach towels, laptop cases, sports/gym bags, etc.)
Q: Is this your full time job or part time hobby?
A: This is a part time gig as teaching 4th graders is my full time job.
Q:  Tina, advice for those interested in starting their own monogramming business?
A: It is not as easy as it looks. There are many variables to what you are monogramming: material, thread, machines, backing, software, designs, stitch count, etc.

If you have a project or something you have been thinking of having personalized, feel free to contact Tina here and also check out her facebook for more pictures of her work!


Sweet little Easter basket for the first of many “Happy Easters!”
Tina Marie Creations

burp cloths

Tina Marie Creations
Personalized Burp Cloths


Tina Marie Creations
Christmas Stockings

 Monogram Etiquette:

For a Married Couple (or soon to be): The monogram will contain the bride’s first initial, the surname of the couple, and the groom’s first initial, in that order. For instance Mary and Charles Smith would be:


Monogramming a Gift for a Woman: A monogrammed gift for a woman should include her first, middle and last initial or if she is married, her first, maiden name, and married name initials. Traditionally, a woman’s monogram is presented in first, last, middle initial order. So for Rae Lillian Jean her monogram could be as follows:


 Monogramming a Gift for a Man: For men’s gifts, many people prefer to use the initials in the first, middle and last order. For these kind of items, George Henry Stonefield would be:


Monogramming Gifts for Children: Gifts for small children, both boys and girls traditionally follow the first, last, and middle initial order. For example, both Stefan Arnould White and Susanna Anne Christensen’s monogram would be as follows:


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