20 Big Head Nicknames You Would Totally Love

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Sarah Koch


I was watching a movie the other day where one of the characters had an unusually large head and everyone called him Big Head. It got me thinking about funny and creative big head nicknames people come up with.

I decided to do some research and compile a list of big head nicknames that are clever, amusing, or just plain silly. Whether you have a friend, family member, or maybe even yourself with a proportionally large noggin, this list has some nickname ideas you’re sure to enjoy. Keep reading for 20 big head nicknames that will totally make you smile!

What Are 10 Alternative Ways to Say Big Head?

People come up with the craziest and most hilarious big head nicknames.

Here are 10 silly, amusing, and over-the-top alternative ways to say someone has a big head:

Big Head Nicknames
Watermelon Head
Pumpkin Head
Blobfish Face
Jumbo Brainiac
Dome Brain
Egg Brain
Chia Head
Sputnik Scalp

Funny Big Head Nicknames

People can get creative and funny when coming up with big head nicknames.

Here are some of the funniest big head nicknames that are sure to make you laugh out loud:

Funny Big Head Nicknames
Human Wrecking Ball
Mega Mind
The Real Humpty Dumpty
Mug Swatter
Overinflated Ego
Watermelon in Disguise
Bobble Brain
Noggin Expanding Foam
Easter Island Monument
Anime Character Come to Life

Savage Big Head Nicknames

Some big head nicknames can be totally savage.

Here are some creatively mean big head nicknames when you want to roast someone:

Savage Big Head Nicknames
Gigantic Lightbulb Cranium
Fat Head Fred
Literal Bonehead
Circus Freak
Kingpin Skull
Watermelon on Shoulders
Swollen Head Syndrome
Humpty Dumpty’s Cousin
Pinhead Pierce
Egomaniac Einstein

Cute Big Head Nicknames

Not all big head nicknames have to be mean!

Here are some adorable big head nicknames when you want to poke fun while still being nice:

Cute Big Head Nicknames
Major Melonhead
Big Brain Brady
Pumpkin Patch
My Little Megamind
Bubble Brain
Mr. Pumpkin Spice
Sweet Potato Scalp
Jumbo Jellybean
Bobble Head Beauty

5 Best Editor’s Choice Big Head Nicknames

Out of all the silly, funny, cute, and creative big head nicknames out there, these are my top 5 absolute favorites:

Pumpkin Head

There’s something about comparing someone’s oversized head to a pumpkin that will never stop being hilarious to me.

Visualizing a round orange pumpkin just perched right on someone’s shoulders always makes me laugh. Pumpkin Head is such a classic big head nickname, I just had to put it in my top 5.


Megamind is both a hilarious jab and an endearing big head nickname all rolled into one.

It implies the person not only has a physically massive head, but also a big brain and big personality too. I just love the wordplay creativity with this one!

Major Melonhead

The mental image of someone hauling around an extremely oversized and cumbersome melon on their shoulders is comedy gold.

Major Melonhead sounds like a fictional character with a ginormous watermelon for a head. It’s totally silly and sure to make anyone smile!

Mug Swatter

Mug Swatter may just be my all-time favorite big head nickname.

It implies their head is so huge that the underside of their chin constantly bumps, knocks over, and otherwise destroys innocent coffee mugs everywhere they go. Absolutely iconic imagery!

Bobble Head Beauty

For a cute and funny big head nickname with a twist, you can’t beat Bobble Head Beauty.

It combines the iconic bobble head doll visual with a complimentary beauty descriptor for an amusing and sweet nickname. Definitely one of my faves!

Big Head Nicknames for Your Boss

Giving your boss a ridiculous big head nickname is probably not advisable if you want to keep your job!

But in case you and your supervisor have that kind of silly rapport, here are some amusing big head nicknames for authority figures:

  • CEO Bobble Head
  • Department Melon Manager
  • Executive Egg Cranium
  • Managing Pumpkin Head
  • Director Domepiece

Big Head Nicknames for Your Friends

The best big head nicknames often come from friends joking around together. Here are some hilarious ideas to try out on your buddies:

  • My BFF Bobble
  • Best Bud Bucket Head
  • Buddy Bobble Brain
  • Friendly Friendo Fat Head
  • Pal Petunia Cranium

Big Head Nicknames for Romantic Partners

Yes, even boyfriends, girlfriends and spouses are fair game for big head nickname fun! Here are some silly and cute ideas:

  • My Bobble Head Beauty
  • Sweetheart Swollen Scalp
  • Honey Head Honcho
  • Baby Bobble Brain
  • Sweetie Gigantic Gourd Gearbox

Big Head Nicknames for Family Members

Family members often take the brunt of big head nickname jokes. But that just means more fun for everyone! Here are some amusing ideas:

  • Grandpa Grapefruit Cranium
  • Grandma Bobble Head
  • Auntie Air Head
  • Sister Pumpkin Scalp
  • Cousin Bucket Brain


From watermelons to grapes, pumpkins to bobble heads – funny and clever big head nicknames make me smile every time. I hope this list gave you some new amusing and creative nickname ideas to try out on friends or family members blessed with bigger noggins. Just remember to keep the jokes light-hearted and all in good fun. And never be afraid to poke a little fun at yourself too! Because having a good sense of humor about our quirky features is what life is all about.

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