Witty Responses to “Will you marry me?”

When your partner gets down on one knee and asks for your hand in marriage, it can be a nerve-wracking moment. While some prefer heartfelt sincerity in their reply, others may want to break the tension with a bit of humor.

As a lifestyle blogger focusing on relationships, I often get asked how best to react when popped the big question which is


In this article, I’ll provide over 60 examples apiece of witty, funny, clever, and lighthearted comebacks and responses for when your significant other proposes.

We’ll cover cheeky remarks, silly quips, playful banter, and more. I’ll also discuss the meaning behind some of these comments and tips for gauging what reply is appropriate for your particular situation.


Cheeky Responses

If you want to gently poke fun at the classic wedding proposal, here are some cheeky reactions:

These playful remarks poke fun at the theatrics of proposals while still conveying affection. They take some pressure off the moment with gentle teasing.

Humorous Responses

If you want an amusing reaction that gets a laugh, try out one of these funny comebacks:

By providing an initial silly, sarcastic, or exaggerated reaction, you can provide some comic relief before affirming your true delight.

Witty Wordplay Responses

For the wordsmiths out there, put a clever spin on the traditional “yes” by crafting a punny reply:

A clever pun, play on words, or cheeky reference can let your sweetheart know you appreciate their sense of humor while still sincerely accepting their proposal.

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Pop Culture Nods

For the pop culture buffs out there, try one of these responses packed with TV, movie, or meme references:

For couples who bond over their favorite shows, books, or movies, adding a popular quote adds a personal touch while confirming your response.

Silly Songs and Rhymes

If you want to get creative, try responding with a silly song lyric or rhyme:

What better way to express your affection than changing up the chorus to a cherished love song? A silly serenade makes for an unforgettable “I do.”

Cheesy Pick-Up Line Responses

If your partner tries to woo you with cheesy pick-up lines before popping the question, ham it up with an equally cringe-y comeback:

Cringing yet smiling through an onslaught of terrible pick-up lines shows you can take a joke…hopefully for a lifetime together!

How to Respond to Will you marry me? from a Guy.

If you’re a woman who has just been proposed by a guy, you might be feeling a lot of emotions right now. Maybe you’re overjoyed, maybe you’re shocked, maybe you’re confused, maybe you’re scared. Whatever you’re feeling, it’s important to remember that this is a big moment for both of you, and you should respond with honesty and respect.

There’s no one right way to answer this question, but here are some possible scenarios and how to handle them:

This is the easiest and happiest scenario.

You can simply say “Yes!” and hug and kiss your partner, or you can add some words of love and gratitude, such as “Yes, I love you so much!” or “Yes, I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with you!”.

You can also show your excitement by jumping up and down, crying tears of joy, or screaming in delight. Don’t forget to admire the ring and put it on your finger!

This is the hardest and most painful scenario.

You might have many reasons for saying no, such as not being ready for marriage, not loving your partner enough, or having different goals in life. Whatever your reason, you should be honest and gentle with your partner.

You can say something like “I’m sorry, but I can’t marry you.” or “I appreciate your proposal, but I don’t want to get married.”.

You should also explain why you’re saying no, but avoid blaming or criticizing your partner. For example, you can say “I’m not ready to make such a big commitment.” or “I don’t feel the same way about you.”.

You should also express your gratitude for the relationship and your respect for your partner. For example, you can say “Thank you for everything we’ve shared.” or “You’re a wonderful person and I wish you the best.”.

You should also be prepared for your partner’s reaction, which might be anger, sadness, denial, or shock. Try to be compassionate and supportive, but also firm and clear.

This is a tricky and uncertain scenario.

You might have some doubts or questions about marrying your partner, such as whether you’re compatible, whether you share the same values, or whether you’re financially stable.

You might also need some time to think about your decision.

In this case, you should be honest and respectful with your partner. You can say something like “I need some time to think about it.” or “I’m not sure yet.”.

You should also explain why you’re hesitating and what you need to make up your mind. For example, you can say “I love you, but I’m worried about our differences.” or “I want to marry you, but I need to sort out some personal issues first.”.

You should also reassure your partner that you’re not rejecting them and that you value the relationship. For example, you can say “You mean a lot to me.” or “This is a big decision and I want to be sure.”.

You should also set a timeline for giving your final answer, such as a week or a month. Don’t leave your partner hanging for too long.

Whatever your answer is, remember that this is a momentous occasion in your life and your partner’s life. Be honest, respectful, and kind with your words and actions. And don’t forget to celebrate or cope with the outcome in a healthy way.

How to Respond to Will you marry me? from a Girl

If a girl asks you to marry her, you might feel a lot of emotions: surprise, happiness, nervousness, confusion, or even fear. How you respond to her proposal depends on how you feel about her and the idea of marriage. Here are some possible ways to answer her question:

You can express your love and excitement, hug and kiss her, and put the ring on her finger if she has one. You can also thank her for being brave and honest, and tell her how much she means to you.

You can tell her that you love her and appreciate her proposal, but you need to consider some things before making such a big decision. You can also ask her why she wants to marry you, what are her expectations and hopes for the future, and how she sees your relationship. You can also discuss your own feelings and concerns, and try to understand each other better.

You can tell her that you care about her, but you don’t see yourself as her husband. You can explain your reasons for not wanting to get married, such as being too young, having different goals or values, or not being ready for commitment. You can also apologize for hurting her feelings, and offer to support her as a friend if she wants.

Meaning Behind Witty Proposal Responses

So why might someone react to a marriage proposal with a clever quip or witty remark? There are a few possible reasons:

Lightening the Mood

For some, proposals invoke anxiety, nervousness, or tension. A well-timed joke can help relieve stress and bring levity to an emotionally-charged moment. Laughing together strengthens your bond.

Testing Commitment

Another motive behind a facetious reaction could be to playfully test your partner’s conviction. How do they respond when you joke about saying no or feign nonchalance? If they can take light teasing in stride, it bodes well for navigating future conflicts.


In rare cases, an evasive response may reflect genuine uncertainty about marriage. Humor can mask apprehension or reluctance to accept the proposal outright. Further discussion may be needed if jokes seem to reveal underlying doubts.

Personal Style

Some people simply prefer reciprocating sincerity with silly banter as their way of expressing affection. It allows two partners to connect through their shared sense of humor during an intimate moment.

How to Determine the Best Response

With so many options for witty reactions to a proposal, how do you select what’s appropriate for your partner and situation? Here are a few guidelines:

  • Know your partner’s sense of humor – can they take a sarcastic or exaggerated response in jest? Or do they prefer heartfelt sincerity?
  • Read body language – do they seem nervous, excited, smug or vulnerable when proposing? Gauge their emotional state.
  • Consider your setting – is the proposal public or private? The reaction can differ depending on the audience.
  • Reflect sincerely afterwards – once you’ve had your laugh, clearly communicate your genuine joy and commitment to your future spouse.

While a clever quip may seem fun in theory, thoughtfully consider whether it fits your partner and your relationship dynamic before offering it in such a meaningful moment.


Getting proposed to can be one of life’s great surprises. While some prefer responding with serious solemnity, for others, nothing encapsulates affection better than a silly shareable story.

Hopefully, this list of over 60 witty, funny, and creative comebacks per section provides inspiration for lightening the mood when your loved one pops the big question! Just be sure to follow up the laughter with clear communication and genuineness.

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