What Do You Reply When Someone Says “You Made My Day”: 30+ Responses

When someone tells you that you made their day, it can catch you off guard. You likely weren’t expecting such a nice compliment! But it’s important to know how to respond. Here are 30 great replies for when someone says “You made my day.”

30 Replies for “You Made My Day”

Before jumping into specific types of responses, here is a general list of 30 replies for when someone says “You made my day” to get your creative juices flowing:

Aww, I’m so glad I could make your day brighter!

You just made my day by saying that.

I was happy I could help. You deserve to have great days!

Well, you made mine too by telling me that!

I aim to spread more positivity and joy when I can.

Aw, thanks! I’m smiling big now too.

That warms my heart to hear.

You deserve it! I’m so glad.

That makes me happier than you know.

I try my best to lift others up.

Yay! Mission accomplished.

Well, now you got me grinning ear to ear.

Aww, I wish I could give you a big hug!

That just made MY day too!

I’m so happy I could help brighten things.

You totally deserve more awesome days.

Aww shucks, thanks so much! blushing

Well, I’m certainly glad I could help!

That makes me feel amazing, not gonna lie.

Oh my gosh, stahhp you’re making ME blush now!

Daww, you are so very welcome!

Aww, you are just the sweetest!

Gosh, thanks a million for saying that!

That makes all my effort worth it. 🙂

I wish I could spread some fairy dust on you!

Oh my GOODNESS, thanks for telling me!

You deserve all the joy and smiles!

I just got a huge grin on my face from that!

Funny Replies

If you want to take a more humorous route in your response, here are some funny replies for when someone says “you made my day”:

10 Amusing Responses

  • Well in THAT case, you owe me a cookie! 🍪
  • Does this mean I get a gold medal now?? 🥇
  • Do I get some kind of trophy for this accomplishment? 🏆
  • Glad to be of service! Do you accept tips? 💸
  • Aww thanks! Do you take constructive criticism too? I’m kidding, I’m kidding!! 😜
  • Wowww hold your horses there, them’s strong words! 🐴
  • You better be careful throwing compliments around like that! 😱
  • Oh dang, should I alert the media?? This is breaking news! 🗞
  • I think this calls for a celebration! Drinks on you? 🍻
  • In THAT case, can you put in a good word for me with the big man upstairs? 🙏

You can always add a bit of gentle teasing or sarcasm to lighten the mood if a sincere “thank you” feels too serious. But be careful not to come across as mocking! The key is keeping it playful.

Savage Responses

Maybe you want to clap back with a clever or savage response when someone gives you such an over-the-top compliment. Here are 10 ideas:

10 Snarky Replies

  • I mean, yeah, obviously I did. You sound surprised?
  • Was there any doubt that I would? 💁
  • As if there were any other possible outcome… 🙄
  • Did you expect anything less from me? 😏
  • I know, I know, I’m pretty awesome.
  • All in a day’s work! This ain’t my first rodeo.
  • I was getting worried it would take you all day to notice!
  • Geez it’s about time you recognized my greatness!
  • Glad you finally realize how amazing I am! 😎
  • I was starting to think you’d never catch on to my awesomeness!

Throwing a little shade can take the edge off an intense compliment. But don’t get too cocky with your responses! The key is playfully pretending to be overly confident vs genuinely arrogant.

Flirty Responses

If it’s a crush or romantic interest telling you this delightful news, then flirt back! Here are 10 coquettish replies when someone says “you made my day”:

10 Flirty Ways to Respond

  • Well in THAT case, when are you taking me on a date? 💕
  • Oh yeah? Maybe you can return the favor sometime… 😘
  • I’d love to keep making your days better, if you know what I mean…
  • Anything for you, cutie! 😉
  • Well, I do aim to please…especially you!
  • Aww, shucks! kisses you on the cheek
  • If I made your day, just wait til we go on an actual date! 💞
  • Oh honey, we’re just getting started…
  • I’d be happy to keep showering you with joy and attention! 🥰
  • Well then, lucky for you I adore making you smile! 💖

Shooting some flirtatious banter back shows you reciprocate their interest. But don’t lay it on too thick at first! Keep it light and fun.

10 Best Editor-Approved Replies

Beyond general inspiration, here are 10 hand-picked dynamite responses endorsed by our editorial team for when someone says the magical words “you made my day”:

You’re So Very Welcome!

Simply saying “You’re welcome” can sound a bit stiff. Sprucing it up to “You’re so very welcome!” adds an extra punch of sincerity. Bust this out when you want to reciprocate the kind words with genuine warmth and care.

When to Use This Response:
  • When it’s a close friend or loved one complimenting you
  • When you feel touched by their words and intend to keep brightening their days
When NOT to Use This Response:
  • Early days of dating someone new (too intense)
  • With an acquaintance you barely know

I’m Blushing Over Here!

Admitting their compliment is making you blush yourself is an adorable way to respond. It shows you’re flattered in the best possible way. Say this when you want to express feeling flustered (in a good way!).

When to Use This Response:
  • When it’s your crush or romantic partner praising you
  • When a good friend says something super nice
When NOT to Use This Response:
  • In a professional or formal setting
  • With someone you don’t know very well

Aww, You Just Made My Day!

Flipping the script is always a solid move. This response lets you return the warm sentiments and up the sweetness factor even more. It works in almost any scenario when receiving an earnest compliment.

When to Use This Response:
  • Great for causal friends/acquaintances
  • With a new crush you want to impress
  • Old friends who surprise you with kind words
When NOT to Use This Response:
  • In overly formal/professional contexts
  • If it’s clearly not genuine or reciprocated

Oh Stop, I’m Blushing! 😊

Adding the blushing emoji amps up the cuteness overload. Say this when you feel genuinely flattered and want to express being sweetly flustered at their kind words. It’s playful yet still sincere all at once.

When to Use This Response:
  • With a crush/romantic interest
  • Close friends who will find it amusingly adorable
When NOT to Use This Response:
  • Colleagues/bosses (too casual)
  • Brand new acquaintances you barely know

Well Now I’m Grinning From Ear to Ear!

Letting them know they made you beam with joy is a surefire way to fan the flame further. This response is heartfelt yet still lighthearted. It’s perfect for when you’re delighted by their compliment and intend to keep smiling.

When to Use This Response:
  • Early days of dating/crushing on someone
  • Close friends who’ll appreciate your honesty
When NOT to Use This Response:
  • Serious workplace conversations
  • With overly formal relatives/elders

Oh My Gosh, You’re Too Sweet!

Gushing over how sweet they’re being is an adorable response when you feel really touched. It allows you to express being warmed by their words sincerely and wholesomely.

You Just Made My Whole Week!

Upgrading from “you made my day” to “you just made my whole week!” injects even more enthusiasm into your reply. It’s perfect for when you feel genuinely ecstatic about their kind words and intend on riding that joy for days to come.

When to Use This Response:
  • With your closest friends who will get a kick out of your amped up happiness
  • When you’re feeling extra grateful for sincere praise from your love interest
When NOT to Use This Response:
  • More formal or professional relationships
  • Brand new acquaintances

Aww, You Sweet Talker You! 🥰

Playfully calling out their smooth talking and sweet words allows you to flirt back cheerfully. Include the heart eyes emoji to up the cute factor even more! Say this when you adore their compliments and hope for more charming remarks.

When to Use This Response:
  • Early stage dating/crushing
  • Close friends you want to gently tease
When NOT to Use This Response:
  • In a serious or somber discussion
  • Cold acquaintances or strangers

Oh shucks, thanks! Here’s a big virtual hug…🤗

Offering up a sweet virtual hug lets you express care and appreciation more deeply. The “oh shucks” and ellipses make it come across even more affectionate too. Break this one out when it’s clear you both cherish each other.

When to Use This Response:
  • Close loved ones who will embrace a virtual hug
  • A romantic interest you wish to hug for real!
When NOT to Use This Response:
  • Not advised for brand new connections
  • Merely casual acquaintances

Additional Related Questions

Beyond direct responses, there are tangent questions that may arise around this topic. Here’s advice on replying in other related scenarios:

How to Reply to a Girl Who Says “You Made My Day”

If a girl friends says you made her day extra special, responding sincerely yet playfully is key. Here are top tips for responding:

  • Flirt back by asking to take her on a special date she deserves
  • Express feeling so touched + honored she’d share that with you
  • Use emojis to amplify the cuteness as you return the sweet words
  • Joke by asking if she says this to all the guys/girls 😜
  • Gently tease saying oh really, just your day?? Not your week??

The motto is show you care + reciprocate in a charming way! Without being overly cheesy of course.

How to Reply to a Guy Who Says “You Made My Day”

So a guy surprised you by sharing this delightful news. How do you respond smoothly? Here’s the deal:

  • Flirt back by saying you tend to have that effect on guys 😏 or they don’t stand a chance resisting your charms!
  • Turn up the charm by offering to take HIM on a nice date instead
  • Get playful saying aw shucks, was it that good?? ☺️
  • Let him know the feeling’s mutual + you adore hearing that! 🥰
  • Casually ask if he says that to every girl or…you just special? 💁

The name of the game is play up the coy flirtation in a fun way!

In Closing…

Whether it’s your crush, partner, friend or acquaintance dishing out the delightful compliment that you made their day, reacting gracefully is key. Hopefully this extensive list of ideas, spanning funny, savage, flirty and thoughtful responses, helps inspire the perfect reply to suit your unique situation and relationship with the person. At the end of the day, the best responses allow you to express genuine gratitude plus spread the joy right back to them! 😊☀️

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