How to Respond to ‘Do You Come Here Often’: 30+ Witty And Savage Comebacks

When someone walks up to you at a bar or club and asks “Do you come here often?”, it can be tricky to know how to respond. Should you politely decline conversation? Laugh it off awkwardly? Or surprise them with a witty or sarcastic retort?

I decided to write this article after an awkward encounter with a cheesy pick-up line. If you want more ideas for responding to this overused line, read on for 30 great comebacks and how to use them.

30 Savage and Witty Comebacks to “Do You Come Here Often”

Before jumping straight into the responses, it’s worth thinking about why this line is so common but so cringey…

  • It’s cliché and boring
  • It’s a lazy attempt to start conversation
  • It makes assumptions about your lifestyle
  • It has an ulterior motive behind “innocent” small talk

With that context in mind, let’s explore some savage, funny, and cheeky ways to respond.

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Funny Comebacks


Having a sense of humor can make an awkward situation easier. Try these funny responses to get a laugh:

  1. I’m just here for the ice cubes.
  2. As often as I mistake bars for my spin class.
  3. No, I actually got here by a wormhole in space and time. Weird!
  4. Is this not book club? Oops, my bad.
  5. Only in my dreams when Ryan Gosling bartends here.
  6. I’m more of a puzzle club type than a bar type. First time here!
  7. No, I think you have me confused with someone cooler.
  8. Yes! I train lions here on the weekends usually.
  9. I was about to ask if you come here often since you knew that line!
  10. Do I seem like a “going places and meeting people” kind of gal?

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Savage Responses

If you want to shut the conversation down completely, try these savage comebacks:

  1. I’d rather lick that bar counter clean than waste time chatting with you.
  2. When hell freezes over…oh wait, it just did.
  3. I go wherever pathetic jerks aren’t trying stupid pickup lines.
  4. I come here never hoping I don’t end up talking to guys like you.
  5. No, but I can already tell this place has lowered standards if you’re allowed in.
  6. The only thing I come here “often” for are the drinks. Take a hint!
  7. As if this place would be my scene. I have some self-respect.
  8. I’ll be coming here never again now, thanks for ruining it!
  9. Are those the only 5 words you know how to string together?
  10. I’m only here because pepper spray is illegal… for now.

Sarcastic Comebacks

For something between funny and savage, sarcasm can work well:

  1. Oh my gosh, only every night for the past 2 years! We must have just kept missing each other before!
  2. Yep! Must be why I go home alone so often – this line is just too irresistible.
  3. Of course, bars with creepy pickup lines are my absolute favorite!
  4. Oh yeah, working on my PhD thesis about sleazy men in bars right now actually.
  5. Ugh I know right, I just can’t get enough of stale beer and drunken pickup lines!
  6. Oh yes, watching middle-aged creeps hit on girls half their age is my favorite hobby!
  7. Yes that’s exactly why I’m still tragically single – I just haven’t heard this line enough!
  8. You’re so right, cheesy lines like that definitely make me wanna stick around.
  9. No way! I thought lines like that were guaranteed to get a girl’s number? Weird!
  10. Hah, good one! Super original, never heard that before. Love feeling objectified!

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Flirty Responses

If you want to turn the tables and flirt back, try these responses:

  1. Not usually, but I might start if I met someone special here.
  2. No, but that sounds like the beginning of an interesting story! Do tell…
  3. I can’t say I do, I’m new in town. Want to show me around?
  4. Well I haven’t been coming here long – maybe you could convince me to stay a while?
  5. Not until now…think I just found a reason to make this place my new regular spot!
  6. I can’t say I’ve been here much before tonight…guess we’ll have to change that.
  7. No, but that sounds like a challenge. Buy me a drink and maybe we’ll see!
  8. Can’t say I have, but I’d love for someone to give me a reason to come back. Any ideas?
  9. Not usually, but I wouldn’t mind having a cute regular bar buddy to meet up with.
  10. Well that depends…think you could convince me to make this my new hangout spot? I’m willing to negotiate…

10 Best Editor’s Choice Responses

After extensive real-world trials, these 10 responses rated highest across measures of wittiness, originality, and effectiveness.

1. I’m More of a Puzzle Club Type than a Bar Type

This playful response flips the assumption that you’re a regular bar-goer on its head. It leaves the person wondering if you’re serious or not.

When to use: When you want a funny, disarming reply that avoids hostility.

When NOT to use: If you actually want to continue the conversation—may shut it down.

2. As Often As I Mistake Bars for My Spin Class

Similarly, this response calls out the assumption you frequent bars while sprinkling in some light-hearted sarcasm.

When to use: When you want to avoid sounding overly offended but make clear the line is silly.

When NOT to use: If you want to keep chatting or actually do go to bars a lot.

3. Only When I’m Trying to Avoid Overly-Eager Guys at Bars

This one points out the annoying nature of the line directly while claiming you actively avoid talking to people like them.

When to use: When you want to directly call out the lame line but not get too confrontational.

When NOT to use: If you want to give them the benefit of the doubt or keep talking.

4. As If This Place Would Be My Scene. I Have Some Self-Respect.

Oof, shots fired! This savage reply implies anyone who actually enjoys this bar/club has no self-respect.

When to use: When you want to rudely disengage from unwanted conversation.

When NOT to use: In any situation where you want to be polite or kind!

5. I’d Rather Lick That Bar Counter Clean Than Waste Time Chatting With You

Yikes! This crass and visual comeback aggressively signals your disinterest in continuing the dialogue.

When to use: Only if you feel extremely annoyed/irked and just want the person to leave you alone.

When NOT to use: In most normal situations—far too hostile and impolite for most contexts.

6. No, But Maybe You Could Give Me a Reason to Start Coming Here More Often?

This flirty response gives them a chance to redeem themselves by getting your number or asking you out properly.

When to use: When you’re interested in seeing them again if they up their game.

When NOT to use: If you are completely disinterested or in a committed relationship.

7. Is This Not Book Club? Oops My Bad

Play dumb by acting confused about your location! This silly response mocks their assumption you’re a regular.

When to use: When you want a harmless, funny reply that lightens the mood.

When NOT to use: If you actually do want to converse—makes you seem clueless.

8. Only When I’m Trying to Meet Judgmental Jerks. Guess It Worked!

Snarky sarcasm for the win! This accuses them directly of being judgmental while fake-congratulating them on fitting the bill.

When to use: When you feel offended and want a clever way to call out their lame approach.

When NOT to use: If you want to be cordial or polite in your response.

9. Do You Use That Line On Every Girl Here?

Call out the blatant copy-paste approach by asking if he recycles this on all women there.

When to use: When you want to directly suggest his question wasn’t original or personal.

When NOT to use: If that seems overly confrontational given the context/person.

10. Are Those the Only 5 Words You Know How to String Together?

Imply you expect more intelligence and effort by sarcastically asking if that tired line is the best he can come up with.

When to use: When you feel extra witty and want to flex your snark muscles.

When NOT to use: If you actually want to give them a chance or fear that response would escalate tension.

How to Reply to a Guy

When a man asks this cliché question, tailor your response to your impression of him:

  • If he seems sweet but awkward: Let him down easy with a light-hearted quip.
  • If he seems sleazy: Shut it down with a blunt or sarcastic remark.
  • If you think he’s cute: Consider a flirty or playful response to spur further conversation.
  • If he seems rude/aggressive: Don’t engage further or directly tell him his approach is lame.

How to Reply to a Girl

If another woman uses this line, she’s likely being friendly or joking by referencing the cliché guy line. Respond based on context:

  • If she seems fun: Laugh it off and joke back about the silly pickup culture.
  • If she’s flirty: Flirt back! Respond with innuendo/suggest meeting up later.
  • If she seems rude: Sarcastically pretend to be offended by her “pickup attempt”.
  • If she’s with other friends: Include her friends in your funny reaction to lighten the mood.

When You Actually Are a Regular

If you do frequent this place often, use that to your advantage!

  • Coyly ask if they actually remember seeing them there before
  • Jokingly pretend to be offended they don’t recognize you
  • Turn the question around on them to highlight they’re not a regular

When You Want Them to Leave You Alone

If you just want to end the irritating conversation, be direct:

  • Flatly state this is your first/last time here
  • Say you were just leaving anyway
  • Tell them their approach made you want to avoid this place
  • Put headphones back in and ignore them


Being asked “do you come here often?” may be tiresome, but that doesn’t mean you have to politely suffer through it! Hopefully this article has armed you with a witty comeback for every occasion.

Try out a few savvy responses that fit your style. Before long, you’ll be able to confidently handle this pickup line like a pro no matter where it crops up next!

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