Flirty Responses when someone says “Show me”

When someone says “show me”, it may not be an intentionally flirty remark on their part. However, I love taking innocent comments as opportunities for playful banter. As someone who enjoys witty repartee, I tend to respond to straightforward requests with cheeky quips.

The key is to take their matter-of-fact tone and flip it with a flirty comeback that catches them off guard. A coy smile paired with the right words will introduce flirtatiousness and humor into the exchange.

In this article, I’ll provide my favorite flirty and sassy responses when someone says “show me” that turn an innocent prompt into a chance for light flirtation. You’ll soon have a quiver of charming yet cheeky lines ready for your next or ongoing conversation.

Comebacks When Someone Requests a Photo

One of the most common “show me” requests is for a photo. Here are some ways to have fun with that:

“I’ll show you mine if you show me yours ;)” – Turn the request around in a playful way. Caution them that it’s only fair if they share too!

“Buy a girl dinner first, why don’t ya?” – Make a cheeky joke that they should at least take you out before asking to see your goods.

“Maybe if you’re lucky!” – This response leaves things open-ended. You’re not saying yes or no, just that they might get a photo if they stay on your good side.

Spicier Responses If You Want to Turn Up the Heat

If you want to get a little racier with your reactions, you could say:

“Clothing not required for this showing. Still want that visual?” – Make it clear you’d be showing some skin, the intent would not be so innocent.

“I charge for viewings like that. Cash up front ;)” – Get their mind going by acting like your body is exclusive access that comes at a cost!

“Oh honey, you couldn’t handle all this” – Go bold by hinting your looks would simply be too much for them to take in!

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Comebacks for “Show Me” Text Requests

Flirty texts often end with “Show me” too. Beat them at their own game with responses like:

“A lady reveals nothing…yet ;)” – The key word being “yet!” You’re building the tension but not giving away too much.

“In your dreams, lover boy” – Put them in their place but mix things up by calling them “lover boy” to keep it light.

“Maybe if you ask reaaal nice” – Make them work for it a little! Sound extra cute by dragging out the “real.”

Getting Cheeky: Responses with Some Sass

If you like tossing in some sass, try out:

“Bless your heart for trying” – Southern gals know this sounds sweet but actually means “nice try, but I’m not about to give you what you want!”

“Cute attempt, but denied!” – Praise the effort, but make it clear you’re holding firm on not showing them your goods!

“Sounds like someone’s feeling thirsty today” – Call out their obvious thirsty motives! But do it in a tongue-in-cheek way.

Spicier Comebacks If They Ask for Skin Pics

Requested nudes getting you down? Shut it down with saucy responses like:

“Maybe if you’re extra persuasive” – Make them work for it by heavily implying offers or favors might change your mind.

“Purchase first to unlock naughty rewards ;)” – Get their minds going by pretending they have to “buy access” to see more of your body!

“Tempting, but gotta leave something to the imagination” – Mix flattery with sass by pointing out you know they find you tempting. But still say no!

The Art of the Tease: Alluring Responses

You can also try super coquettish reactions, such as:

“Aww, someone’s curious!” – Call out their interest in seeing you but do it in a cute, almost condescending way.

“Maybe if you make it worth my while…” – Trail off and let their minds fill in the blanks about what “favors” might make you reconsider.

“Come over here and find out yourself” – Challenge them to have the guts to get the viewing party started in person!

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“What Do You Want Me to Show You?” Responses

If someone vaguely says “show me,” you can respond:

“Gonna need you to be more specific, hun” – Playfully call out that you have no idea what they’re asking for.

“Strip tease or Youtube tutorial? Gotta clarify” – Joke about the many types of “showings” someone could want from you online.

“My chocolate chip cookie recipe or baby photos? Which will it be?” – Go the silly route too by pretending they want wholesome life updates.

Flirty Comebacks If They Ask You Out

Have a crush request visual confirmation that you’re free Friday night? You could always go:

“Your treat and it’s a date” – Ensure they know they better be treating if they expect you to go out.

“Getting demanding now, are we?” – In a playful tone, call out their boldness in just assuming you’re free/will say yes.

“Hmm depends if you pick me up in a nice car” – Make a cheeky joke about having material standards for date night.

Building Tension: “Maybe Later” Responses

If you like stoking the fire, go for temptation responses like:

“Check back with me after happy hour” – Imply things might get frisky if drinks help set the mood later on.

“Let’s save that for the second date…” – Make it clear you’re planning to still leave some mystery until you know each other better!

“Play your cards right and I might just have to” – Vaguely hint that if they continue impressing you, they’ll unlock more access.

Learning Their Intentions: “And Why Do You Want to See?”

Before just giving strangers online what they want, it’s smart to ask:

“What’s your end game here, friend?” – The “friend” part helps soften this pivot to understand their motives more before sharing yourself online.

“I’d be happy to…once I know what you’re really looking for here” – Make your wariness clear about sharing photos without understanding them better first.

“Well this got interesting fast! What sparked your curiosity?” – Sound intrigued (rather than creeped out) while still pressing gently about why they suddenly seem so interested.

The key is having fun while refusing inappropriate requests. Gauge their intent first before deciding if you want to engage flirtatiously.

Stay cheeky yet classy! Good luck with all those “show me” texts.

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