Flirty Responses When Someone Asks “How Was Your Day”

In the first few flirty conversations, questions like “How was your day?” can sound mundane. However, these common queries present fun openings to showcase your charm. With a creative comeback filled with double meanings or playful remarks, you can turn an everyday greeting into irresistible banter.

This article will provide numerous witty and amusing responses when your crush or a hottie asks about your day. Read on to discover tons of ideas to keep the flirtatious chatter flowing. Who knows, you might even land a date by the end!


Seductive Sentences to Start the Flirty Fun

When you get the “How was your day” text or hear it in person, set the tone with a flirtatious first line. Then, you can build up the sensual tension with your savvy follow-up sentences.

Follow up those opening lines by detailing your imaginary daydreams involving your crush. For example:

By admitting you daydreamed about your crush, you create a subtly suggestive atmosphere perfect for flirting.

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Cheeky Comebacks Playing with Double Meanings

After the first flirty remarks, keep the temptation growing with playful responses utilizing innocent words in cheeky ways. These double entendres make mundane small talk deliciously daring!

Naughty Talk About the Weather

A boring weather report transforms into steamy banter with double meaning replies like:

By giving innocent descriptions like “hot,” “cold,” “humid,” or “wet” sexual connotations, you instantly turn a dull discussion into tantalizing teasers.

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Working Overtime with Office Talk

Similarly, drop provocative hints in professional jargon for sensual shock value:

Naughty interpretations of office terms keep things frisky and fun.

Getting Cheeky Over Coffee

You can even take flirty double talk over to grab coffee together:

By comparing your cutie to popular coffee drinks and using steaming cups as sexual symbols, you demonstrate clever wit everyone wants in a partner.

Savage Sarcastic Comebacks For Extra Spice

Once you’ve broken the ice and established flirty banter, clever folks can keep it sexy yet savage with ironic statements. These sarcastic comebacks add confidence and unexpected biting humor.

For example:

Stuck at Work Wishes

School Sucks Sass

Chores Rants Riddled With Flirty Frustration

This mocking tone spices up small talk and showcases your sharp wit – quite the turn on!

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Cheeky “What About You” Returns

After pouring out creative responses to “How was your day,” spark tempting tension by flipping the question back. Queries like:

Leaves space for your cutie to reveal their secret romantic fantasies too.

Before they reply though, keep building the sensual suspense with flirty assumptions:

If you suspect spicier daydreams, get cheeky:

By flipping the question with strategic guesses about their desires, you encourage risqué admissions that amplify the sexual tension.

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When To Get Sweet Over Saucy

While clever flirting is essential, sometimes it’s best to balance out frisky remarks with caring words too. Read your crush’s reactions and when the timing feels right, mix genuine compliments into the chat.

For example, if you sense nerves or hesitation after an edgy joke, reassure them:

Then redirect into lighter topics they enjoy, like favorite foods, hobbies, or weekend plans. Once good vibes return, sprinkle playful flirts back in.

Showcasing your empathy and willingness to have sincere talks makes partners feel safe opening up. Master mixing seduction with thoughtfulness, and you’ll go from flirty to official relationship status in no time!

Best Responses If Someone’s Day Sucked

Not every “How was your day” will lead to cheeky banter – sometimes, your crush needs to vent about crappy experiences. Skip the sexual jokes, and respond sincerely instead.

If they reply describing bad days involving:

Stressful Work or School Pressure


Family Fights or Friendship Drama


Grief Over Losing a Loved One

Answer gently:

Then follow their cues – offer sincere sympathy and comfort when mourning, or privacy when requested.

While salacious banter has its time and place, prioritizing emotional needs first builds foundations for long-lasting intimacy.

How to Respond Flirty When A Girl Asks “How Was Your Day?”

Start with a compliment.

This shows that you appreciate her attention and that you are happy to hear from her.

Add some humor. You can make a joke about something that happened during your day, or tease her about something she said or did. For example,

you can say “My day was fine, but I had to deal with a lot of annoying people. You’re not one of them, right?” or “My day was great, I did some amazing things. Like reading your horoscope and finding out we’re a perfect match”.

This shows that you have a sense of humor and that you are not afraid to be playful with her.

Share some details. You can tell her something interesting or exciting that happened during your day, or something that you are looking forward to. For example,

you can say “My day was awesome, I aced a test at school” or “My day was good, but I’m more excited about our date tomorrow”.

This shows that you have a life outside of texting and that you are confident and ambitious.

End with a question. You can ask her something about her day, or something that relates to what you shared. For example,

you can say “How about you? How was your day?” or “What are you doing tonight? Any plans?”.

This shows that you are interested in her and that you want to keep the conversation going.

How to Respond Flirty When A Boy Asks “How Was Your Day?”

If a boy asks you “How was your day?” and you want to respond flirty, here are some tips to spice up your answer:

Be honest and positive. Don’t lie or exaggerate about your day, but focus on the good things that happened. For example:

Show interest in his day. Ask him a follow-up question or comment on something he said. For example:

“How about you? Did you have a good day?” or “Wow, that sounds fun! I wish I could have joined you.”

Compliment him. Find something nice to say about him, his appearance, his personality, or his achievements. For example:

“You’re so smart, I bet you did well on your test too.” or “You look handsome today, I like your shirt.”

Use emojis and punctuation. Emojis and punctuation can add some flair and emotion to your text. For example:

“It was a great day! 😊” or “You’re so smart, I bet you did well on your test too. 😉”

Be playful and tease him. Don’t be afraid to joke around and make fun of him in a friendly way. For example,

“It was a boring day, until you texted me. 😜” or “You look handsome today, I like your shirt. Too bad it’s not mine. 😏”

Playful Responses to Keep Up Flirty Fun

When chatting gets flirty, avoid ending conversations abruptly. Leave your cutie eager for more by suggesting future meetups or dropping tempting bits still left unsaid.

Flirty ways to wrap up include:

Little teasers promising more scintillating conversations ahead build powerful anticipation. It also avoids pressuring partners dealing with crammed schedules.

Once your next meetup arrives – in person or over the phone – jump back in with fun icebreakers like:

Then sit back, sip your beverage slowly, and enjoy learning where their heart (and head!) is at. Depending on how the candid convo flows, you can decide to turn talk toward entering an official relationship or keep it light and flirty a bit longer while continuing probing.

Mastering the art and finesse of flirtatious banter is guaranteed to capture cuties’ attention while showcasing your confident and clever personality. Hopefully, these creative examples sparked inspiration for crafting your own signature sensual responses.

Stay sexy (but sincere), utilize clever callbacks continually, and your crush can’t help transforming into a full-on boyfriend or girlfriend. Just remember, the most irresistible lovers know when sweet talk needs to turn serious – and how to return to rousing romance once the mood lightens.

So, take these tips and run with them through your next few heart-throbbing exchanges. Then, don’t be surprised when your phone blows up with texts like “Running late for work ‘cause I was up all night thinking about YOU!”

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