Flirty Comebacks When Someone Asks “Do You Trust Me?”

When someone you’re interested in asks if you trust them, it can catch you off guard.

This article will provide over 10 clever comebacks for when your crush, date, or partner asks if you trust them.

In my experience, questions about trust usually come up early on when getting to know someone.

It’s a way for them to gauge how comfortable you feel and test the waters. With the right response, you can let them know you’re interested, while still maintaining some mystery.


Funny Responses

If you want to keep things light, throw the question back with a bit of humor. Here are some amusing responses:

Mixing some emoji into the text helps give it a playful tone. Challenging them back also shifts the focus of trust onto them, which can stir up some flirtatious back-and-forth.

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Playful Responses

Another option is to get creative and respond in a fun, tongue-in-cheek way. Here are some playful comebacks:

The key is to show you have a sense of humor about the whole trust thing. That signals you’re interested in getting to know them, but aren’t naive. Sprinkle in some winking or tongue-out emojis to reinforce the playful flirtiness.

Coy Responses

You can also get a bit coy with your reactions, like:

Acting coy makes it seem like you want them to work a bit harder for your affection. This cranks up the chase factor that fuels romantic tension. But be sure to end with a flirty emoji so they know you’re just playing hard to get.

Mysterious Responses

If you want to ignite their curiosity, go the mysterious route:

This frames you as someone who opens up slowly and values emotional connections. It also hints that you’re worth investing effort into getting to know better. Sprinkle in a playful emoji so they know you’re interested in continuing the conversation.

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Flirty Responses

Of course, you can always get straight-up flirty too:

Complimenting their eyes or calling them “sweet” adds some heart eyes emoji worthy charm. Making suggestive promises about going “easy” or describing yourself as “risky” amps up the flirt factor too. Have fun getting a bit cheeky!

Teasing Responses

You can also gently tease them back:

Poking a bit of fun shows confidence and that you’re not easily won over. Calling their effort “cute” or complimenting their flirting skills oozes charm. Just be sure to end your tease with a reassurance like a heart emoji that you do like them.

What Does “Do You Trust Me” Really Mean?

Asking if you trust someone can have a few subtle meanings:

This question is essentially your crush’s way of checking the “emotional temperature“. It allows them to assess if you feel safe and comfortable around them.

Saying yes signals you find them trustworthy and like them enough to open up more. But don’t feel pressured to profess unconditional trust if you need more time. Gauge your genuine comfort level before leaping to any conclusions.

If said in a more suggestive tone, asking if you trust them could be your admirer’s way of initiating more physical closeness. Essentially trying to transition things from tame first dates to steamier time behind closed doors.

While enticing, don’t feel rushed into getting intimate at their pace. Make sure you feel genuinely ready before getting frisky, no matter how persuasive their flirty efforts may be!

On the other hand, inquiring about trust might be someone trying to identify what your personal limits are. We all have different levels of what behavior we find appropriate or feel comfortable engaging in.

So while hopefully they just aim to better understand you, be aware this question could signal interest in pushing boundaries. Keep that radar on for any red flags down the line.

Here is an addition on how responses may vary depending on if the person asking “Do you trust me?” is a guy or girl:

How to Respond to Guys vs Girls

Whether it’s a male crush checking your emotional temperature or a new female friend wanting dirt on your love life, your comeback can shift a bit depending on their gender.

Responding to Guys

If a hopeful guy suitor is asking for your trust, he likely aims to escalate intimacy. Tapping into femininity by getting a bit coy, mysterious or even sassy makes it clear you hold the keys to taking things to the next level.

Flirty questions back, playful quips or well-placed winking emojis fan the flames of his pursuit without rushing into anything prematurely. Staying just out of reach builds anticipation and makes him willing to put in work for your affection.

Responding to Girls

When a girlfriend asks if you trust them, she probably wants to bond through sharing secrets, crushes or forging deeper connections. Open up at your own pace by keeping things light and putting the ball gently back in her court.

Humorous reactions take pressure off over-revealing too fast. You can also re-direct with sisterly empathy – something like “Aw, just between us girls, ask me again after a drink!” shows you value her friendship but have reasonable boundaries.

How to Respond Depending on Your Comfort Level

Trust means something different for everyone. Here’s how to gauge your replies based on your own boundaries:

If You Need More Time, Say So

Don’t worry about coming across as “hard to get” if you genuinely need to know them better before fully trusting them. Something like “You seem great, but trust takes me awhile to build” is direct but kind.

Flirt Back If You’re Comfortable

If you already feel chemistry and comfortable enough emotionally and physically, then playful flirting is fair game! Break out the winking emojis and cheeky responses to fan those sparks into a flame.

Lighthearted Humor Defuses Tension

When in doubt, a funny comeback eases pressure and anxiety for both parties to define the relationship too soon. Laughing together establishes common ground more organically.

The key is tuning into your own comfort, boundaries, and natural communication style. Once you get clear on those, the perfect response tends to follow.

So next time your crush tries this popular trust test line, try out one of these flirty reactions! Mixing playfulness and composure keeps the upper hand yours while showing interest. Have fun seeing where the conversation leads when you confidently reveal only as much as you want to…for now! 😉

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