70+ Funny Comeback Replies To “🙃” Upside Down Smiley Emoji

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We’ve all been there – you get a text or message with just an upside down smiley face “🙃”.

What does it mean? How should you respond? This handy guide will provide over 70 hilarious, witty, and savage comebacks for when you get the cryptic upside down smiley.

Funny Comebacks To Upside Down Smiley

Replies To Upside Down Smiley

Replies To Upside Down Smiley

Getting an upside down smiley can be confusing. Instead of getting stressed, try one of these 10 funny comebacks to show you can give as good as you get!

  • “I didn’t realize we were standing on our heads now. does a handstand
  • “My phone must be glitching, I just got a text with a frowny face as a smiley face!”
  • “When you send variance instead of vibes.”
  • “Are you smiling upside down because you just turned my world upside down with that confusing text?”
  • “I think there’s something wrong with my phone. All my emojis are upside down for some reason!”
  • “Did you just send that text while doing a headstand or something?”
  • sends text upside down Two can play at this game!”
  • “Hmm, my emoji translator must be broken. This looks like an alien language to me!”
  • “I didn’t realize we were in Australia where everything is upside down!”
  • “When you wanna smile but life keeps dragging you down.”

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Savage Comebacks For Upside Down Smiley

If you’re feeling sassy, these 10 savage responses to an upside down smiley will really make them think twice!

  • “Were you dropped on your head as a child or something?”
  • “I think you need to go back to preschool and learn how to make a smiley face right.”
  • “A failed smiley for a failed conversation.”
  • “Did you just butt-text me an upside down smiley face?”
  • “Are you looking for attention or just IDGAF about making sense anymore?”
  • “Do I need to call tech support for you or something?”
  • “I’d ask what’s with the upside down smiley but I already know the answer. NOTHING is right with you!”
  • “Great, another idiot who sends cryptic texts.”
  • “Next time you wanna play mind games, leave me out of it!”
  • “Literally get lost.”

Sarcastic Comebacks For Upside Down Smiley

Feeling extra sassy and sarcastic? Try these biting comebacks!

  • “Wow an upside down smiley, how original :/”
  • “Omg stop, you’re too funny with your upside down smiley!”
  • “Ha Ha, never seen that one before. Gold star for creativity.”
  • “Are you auditioning to join the circus with that backwards smile of yours?”
  • “Extremely hilarious, I can barely contain my laughter.”
  • “You must have spent ALL day thinking up that ingenious text.”
  • “How long did it take you to come up with something so witty and clever?”
  • “And the award for most unoriginal text goes to…”
  • “Literally SO funny I forgot to laugh.”
  • “Wow, upside down smiley! What a totally not overplayed joke.”

Confused Comebacks For Upside Down Smiley

Show them you’re confused AF with these perplexed responses:

  • “I’m ?? about that text. What does upside down smiley mean?”
  • “The upside down smiley speaks volumes…still don’t get it but go off.”
  • “Consider me very perplexed by this. Google isn’t helping me decipher either.”
  • “I’m racking my brain trying to interpret this coded message!”
  • “I think my IQ dropped 10 points trying to comprehend the upside down smiley.”
  • “It’s all Greek to me. Gibberish. Zero comprehension.”
  • “I’ve stared at my phone for 10 mins and still don’t get the upside down smiley significance.”
  • “I’m perplexed, bamboozled even, by this smiley text.”
  • “The mysteries of the universe pale in comparison to the enigma of your text.”
  • “At the risk of sounding ignorant, I do not understand the upside down smiley.”

Annoyed Comebacks For Upside Down Smiley

Alternatively, be straight up annoyed with these responses:

  • “There are easier ways to irk me, you know.”
  • “Mildly infuriating but whatever.”
  • “Your nonsense texts never fail to annoy me.”
  • “I’d say I hate the upside down smiley but hate is too strong a word.”
  • “Wow, stupid and pointless, the upside down smiley text twofer.”
  • “You know that upside down smiley just cost you cool points, right?”
  • “Nothing ticks me off quite like a nonsense ‘upside down smiley’ text.”
  • “I’d ask what that meant but I don’t even care anymore.”
  • “The upside down smiley officially lost you texting privileges with me!”
  • “If I could digitally throttle you for that dumb text, I would.”

Threatening Comebacks For Upside Down Smiley

Fight nonsense with nonsense by threatening:

  • “Keep sending me upside down smileys and I’ll turn YOUR world upside down!”
  • “One more upside down smiley and I’ll come over there and flip YOU upside down!”
  • “Upside down smiley again and I’ll hang you by your feet out my window!”
  • “Further upside down smiley texts will result in relentless wet willies.”
  • “If that upside down smiley wasn’t a typo, fear for your life my friend!”
  • “Mark my words, that smiley just put you on my hit list!”
  • “Expect retribution for crossing me with that confusing text!”
  • “Beware my wrath lest more upside down smileys follow.”
  • “By the old gods and the new, I curse thee upside down smiley sender!”
  • “Consider yourself hexed until you explain this damned smiley!”

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Befuddled Reactions To Upside Down Smiley

Let them know they officially confused you by reacting with:

  • “???”
  • “I’m bewildered by your text sorcery.”
  • “Color me confused and befuddled AF.”
  • Error 404: comprehension not found
  • “What strange magic is this?”
  • “The student has become the teacher. Teach me your smiley witchcraft!”
  • “My feeble brain cannot grasp this advanced communication!”
  • “Whoa, you’re operating on another plane of textual existence!”
  • “Well, I’m properly discombobulated by all this!”
  • glitching robot noises

How to respond to “Upside Down Smiley Emoji 🙃” from a Guy.

Here are some possible ways to respond to “Upside Down Smiley Emoji 🙃” from a guy:

If you like him and want to flirt back, you can send him a wink emoji 😉 or a heart emoji ❤️ to show your interest.

If you are not sure how you feel about him, you can send him a neutral emoji 😐 or a shrug emoji 🤷‍♀️ to keep the conversation going without committing to anything.

If you are not interested in him and want to end the conversation, you can send him a thumbs down emoji 👎 or a stop sign emoji 🛑 to signal your disinterest.

If you are annoyed by him and want to express your frustration, you can send him an angry emoji 😠 or a facepalm emoji 🤦‍♀️ to show your displeasure.

If you are confused by him and want to ask for clarification, you can send him a question mark emoji ❓ or a thinking emoji 🤔 to indicate your curiosity.

How to respond to “Upside Down Smiley Emoji 🙃” from a Girl

First of all, don’t panic. The upside down smiley emoji 🙃 can mean many things, depending on the context and the girl. It could be a sign of sarcasm, irony, playfulness, annoyance, or even flirtation.

The best way to respond is to match her tone and mood. If she’s joking around, you can joke back with another emoji or a witty remark. If she’s being sarcastic, you can either play along or call her out on it. If she’s annoyed, you can apologize or try to lighten the mood. If she’s flirting, you can flirt back or compliment her.

Here are some examples of possible responses, depending on the situation:

If she sends you 🙃 after you say something funny or silly, she might be laughing with you or at you. You can respond with 😂, 😜, or 🤪 to show that you’re having fun too.

If she sends you 🙃 after you say something rude or mean, she might be mocking you or expressing her displeasure. You can respond with 😳, 😬, or 😅 to show that you’re sorry or embarrassed.

If she sends you 🙃 after you say something smart or clever, she might be impressed by you or challenging you. You can respond with 😎, 🤓, or 🧐 to show that you’re confident or curious.

If she sends you 🙃 after you say something sweet or romantic, she might be flirting with you or teasing you. You can respond with 😍, 😘, or 😏 to show that you’re interested or cheeky.

And there you have it – over 70 hilarious, witty and savage comeback ideas for when you get the confusing upside down smiley text! Try out a few and let that texter know you give as good as you get!

Which upside down smiley comeback is your favorite? Let me know in the comments! And don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter for more witty text comeback guides.

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