30+ Flirty Responses When Someone Asks “What’s Good”

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Sarah Koch


When someone you’re interested in asks “What’s good?” it can be tricky to think of a flirty yet playful response. Whether texting your crush or talking to a potential date, having some solid comeback lines ready will help you keep the conversation fun and flowing.

I will provide you over 30+ examples each of funny, savage, and thoughtful flirty responses for when you’re asked “What’s good?” I’ll also cover some general tips on reading signals and keeping your replies light and positive. Armed with these quick-witted comebacks, you’ll be ready to banter and charm.

Funny Pick-Up Lines to Break the Ice


Humor is one of the best tools for sparking a flirty, lively conversation. With a funny one-liner, you can get your crush laughing while also hinting at your interest.

Well I just saw you, so I’d say my day is looking pretty good now!

You tell me! I was going to ask how YOU are doing πŸ˜‰

I’m doing great now that I’m talking to you!

Oh you know, just chillin’ like a villain!

Netflix and…wondering if you’d join me for the chill part πŸ˜‰

Now’s a good time to give me your number!

Practicing my golf skills, wanna be my caddy?

Can’t complain – I tend to save my best lines for later πŸ˜‰

My week just got 1000x better! How’s yours going?

Just hanging out on the slopes of Flirt Mountain! Care to join me?

Lighthearted humor helps create a playful, low-pressure dynamic ideal for flirting and connecting. Sprinkle in some cheeky references, emojis, or puns to keep the conversation upbeat and amusing.

Savage Flirty Burns to Surprise Them

Once you’ve broken the ice, switching gears with some edgier, savage humor can really catch their attention. Show your sharp wit and confidence with a dash of sass or roast.


Better now that I’m talking to the hottest person here πŸ˜‰

Well I was swiping left on disappointing pick-up lines until you showed up!

Just wondering why we haven’t gone out yet TBH

Waiting for you to finally make a move!

Great! I’ll pick you up at 7 tonight

Just chillin’ on the green, waiting for you to be my caddy

Counting down the minutes until our next conversation πŸ˜‰

Netflix and wondering why we haven’t chilled yet!

Reading between the THIRST lines in your message

Melting over here waiting for your number!

Don’t be afraid to tease them a little and flip the script. Playful arrogance and gentle roasts demonstrate confidence which many find attractive.

Thoughtful, Flattering Responses

While funny and bold comebacks have their place, thoughtful sincerity can be just as captivating. Share a genuine compliment, display interest by asking questions, or keep it simple with sweet and charming replies.

I’m wonderful now that I’m talking to you! How’s your day going?

My day just got brighter πŸ™‚ What are you up to later?

I’m doing lovely, thanks for asking! How about yourself?

I’m fantastic now that we’re chatting! How are you?

I’m splendid dear, and you?

Marvelous now that we’ve connected! How’s everything on your end?

My day just improved tremendously πŸ™‚ How have you been?

I’m hanging in there, hoping to take you mini-golfing soon! You down?

Genuine interest and heartfelt compliments build intimacy organically. Ask about their life, share positive vibes, and suggest meeting up to take things to the next level.

How to respond to “what’s good?” from a guy

There are many ways to respond to this casual greeting, depending on how you feel about the guy and what you want to communicate. Here are some possible responses:

If you’re feeling friendly and want to keep the conversation going, you can answer with something positive or interesting that happened to you recently, like

Just finished a great book, what about you?” or “Good, just got back from a hike, it was awesome.”

If you’re feeling flirty and want to show some interest, you can compliment the guy or tease him a little, like

“You’re looking good today, what’s your secret?” or “Good, but I could be better if you buy me a drink.”

If you’re feeling indifferent or annoyed and want to end the conversation, you can be vague or sarcastic, like

“Same old, same old” or “Good, but not as good as you, I’m sure.”

If you’re feeling playful and want to challenge the guy, you can turn the question back on him or make a joke, like

“What’s good with you?” or “Good, but I have a feeling you’re about to ruin it.”

How to respond to “what’s good?” from a Girl

When a girl asks you “what’s good?”, she is probably trying to start a casual conversation with you. She might be interested in you, or just curious about what you are up to. There are many ways to respond to this question, but here are some general tips:

Be friendly and positive. Don’t reply with something negative or boring, like

“nothing much” or “just working”.

Instead, share something that makes you happy or excited, like

“I just finished a great book” or “I’m planning a trip to Hawaii”.

Be honest and authentic. Don’t lie or exaggerate about what you are doing or feeling, because she might sense that you are not being genuine. If you are having a bad day, you can say something like

“I’m feeling a bit stressed, but I’m glad you texted me” or “I’m not doing great, but I hope you are”.

Be curious and engaging. Don’t just answer her question and end the conversation. Ask her the same question back, or follow up with another question related to what she said. For example,

if she says “I’m good, just watching Netflix”, you can say “Oh, what are you watching?” or “Do you have any recommendations?”.

Be playful and flirty. If you like her and want to show your interest, you can add some humor or compliments to your response. For example, if she says “I’m good, just chilling at home”, you can say “Sounds relaxing, can I join you?” or “You must look amazing in your pajamas”. Don’t be too cheesy or creepy though, and make sure she is comfortable with your tone.

Tips for Reading Signals and Responding

Determining interest levels and gauging reactions is key for effective flirting. Here are some tips on reading between the lines so you can craft ideal responses:

Feel out their humor style – Are they amused by cheesy lines or bold burns? Pay attention to the types of responses that make them LOL.

Note their questioning – Lots of follow-up questions is a good sign. One-word answers may signal disinterest.

Watch for physical cues (in person) – Laughing, smiling, touching hair are positive body language cues.

Check the speed of replies – Quick responses usually equal higher levels of intrigue!

Review their compliments – Flattery about your looks or charm is a solid green light to rev up flirting!

Suggest meeting up – If conversations are going great, propose grabbing coffee or a drink to transition to dating.

FaQs: Replies to “What’s Good”

I can help you with that. Here are some possible FAQs and answers based on the article:

Q: What is a good way to respond when someone asks “What’s good?”

A: A good way to respond is to use humor, sass, or sincerity to show your interest and personality. You can use funny pick-up lines, savage flirty burns, or thoughtful compliments to keep the conversation fun and flowing.

Q: How can I tell if someone is interested in me when they ask “What’s good?”

A: You can look for clues such as their humor style, their questioning, their speed of replies, their compliments, and their body language (if in person). These signals can help you gauge their level of intrigue and attraction.

Q: What are some tips for keeping the conversation light and positive when flirting?

A: Some tips are to avoid hurtful or inappropriate remarks, stick to playful teasing, change the subject if things get negative, and lead with optimism and self-deprecation. Flirting is supposed to be fun, so keep it upbeat and amusing.

Q: How can I transition from texting to dating when someone asks “What’s good?”

A: If the conversations are going great, you can suggest meeting up for coffee, a drink, or an activity that you both enjoy. This will help you move from flirting to dating and see if the chemistry clicks in person.

When you use this approach to successfully attract someone’s attention and turn it into a date, both of you should be full of expectations for the date.

Why not make this date more surprising by preparing a thoughtful gift? For example, you could design custom enamel pins with her/his avatar, favorite things, or some interesting sentences between you. This will not only show your value on this date but also your politeness.

In addition to being a greeting gift, you can also use these enamel pins as identification so that you will not miss your date.

Keeping it Light and Positive

While delivering sharp, edgy clap backs has its time and place, it’s important to avoid hurtful personal attacks or inappropriate remarks – those will torpedo your chances FAST.

Stick to playful teasing focused on confidence and wit. Making someone feel bad about themselves is never okay, even if meant as a joke.

If responses become negative, subtly change the subject or politely disengage. Leading with lighthearted optimism and laughing at yourself keeps the mood uplifting.

Flirting is supposed to be fun! With this arsenal of amused, charming, and witty comebacks to “What’s good?” you’ll be ready to banter your way to number closing, dates, and hopefully – if the chemistry clicks – a spicy new relationship!

What are some of YOUR favorite flirty responses when asked “What’s good?” Share your top lines below!

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