30 Flirty And Witty Responses to “You’re My Favorite Person”

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When someone tells you “You’re my favorite person”, it can make your heart flutter. You may feel tempted to respond with something boring like “aww thanks”. But where’s the fun in that?

A flirty or witty comeback shows confidence and keeps the playful banter going. Below are 30 Responses to spark inspiration for your next conversation.

Flirty-Witty-Responses-to-You're-My-Favorite Person

How To Respond to “You’re My Favorite Person”: 30 Example Responses

Here are the 30 best replies you can use when someone says “You’re My Favorite Person”

Funny Responses

Make them laugh by responding with these playful one-liners.

Savage Comebacks

Tease them right back with these sassy responses.

Witty Responses

Keep them on their toes with these clever comebacks.

Top 10 Editor’s Choice Responses

#1 Well this is awkward…you’re my #1 stalker!

Where to use:

  • Use this response when joking around with someone you’re just getting to know. It keeps things light while also being flirtatious.

Where NOT to use:

  • May come across as too strong if said too early on to someone you don’t know very well.

#2 Oh yeah? Then maybe you should take me on a date.

Where to use:

  • Perfect for turning the compliment into an opportunity to ask them out. Shows confidence.

Where NOT to use:

  • Avoid using this as a response to a superior at work or someone where asking them on a date would be inappropriate.

#3 Is that your way of saying you have a little crush on me?

Where to use:

  • Great for playfully hinting that you might be interested in them as more than a friend. Leaves room for them to admit their feelings.

Where NOT to use:

  • May send the wrong signal if you only see them platonically and don’t want them to get the wrong idea.

#4 You sure know how to make a girl/guy feel special!

Where to use:

  • Universal response that is appropriate for friends, crushes, partners, and colleagues. Lets them know their compliment had an impact.

Where NOT to use:

  • Can’t think of anywhere this friendly response would be inappropriate!

#5 I’m everyone’s favorite, but I like it best coming from you.

Where to use:

  • Perfect for showing you appreciate their compliment while also hinting you’re interested in them specifically.

Where NOT to use:

  • Avoid using this response with customers, clients, or in other formal relationships as it may cross professional boundaries.

#6 Good answer. Wouldn’t want any losers saying I’m their favorite person.

Where to use:

  • Great for a playful, mocking tone between people who are comfortable teasing each other. Shows confidence.

Where NOT to use:

  • Would likely hurt feelings if said to someone more sensitive or that you don’t know very well. Use cautiously.

#7 Why Mr/Ms [their last name], are you trying to flirt with me?

Where to use:

  • Playful response for turning the tables and hinting that YOU are interested in flirting with THEM. Leaves the door open for reciprocation without being overly confident.

Where NOT to use:

  • Avoid using with subordinates or anyone where sexual harassment could become a concern in the workplace.

#8 Isn’t it past your bedtime? Just kidding – thanks, cutie!

Where to use:

  • Great for a playful back-and-forth with someone you’re hoping to get to know better. Shows you can joke around.

Where NOT to use:

  • Patronizing or condescending if used incorrectly. Make sure you know them well enough before teasing.

#9 Oh darling, the feeling is mutual, trust me.

Where to use:

  • Perfect response for reciprocating the sentiment to someone you have romantic feelings for. Leaves the door open for more flirting.

Where NOT to use:

  • Too intimate for coworkers, friends you only see platonically, subordinates, or strangers.

#10 I think we’re gonna get along just fine. Come sit next to me!

Where to use:

  • Great for patting the seat next to you and inviting someone you’re interested in to chat more one-on-one. Flirty while also friendly.

Where NOT to use:

  • Avoid demanding this of strangers, coworkers, or anyone you don’t have some established rapport with first.

How to Reply to a Girl

When a girl compliments you by saying you’re her favorite person, you want your response to come across as charming and confident without being arrogant. Any of the flirty and witty responses above could work well, but here are some additional tips tailored to responding to a female:

  • Keep it playful. Responses that make her laugh or smile work best early on.
  • Tease her back if you already have some romantic tension built up. This builds anticipation.
  • Pay her an appropriate compliment in return to keep the positive vibes flowing.
  • If interested in dating her, suggest getting together for an activity you both enjoy.
  • Flirt back mildly if she’s flirting. See if she reciprocates before getting carried away.
  • Make more intimate compliments if she is clearly comfortable with them or already your girlfriend.

The key is to match her tone and level of interest/comfort while leaving room for the tension to build between you. Don’t be afraid to take a bold but tactful chance if she seems receptive to escalating the flirting.

How to Reply to a Guy

Responding well when a guy pays you such a nice compliment requires being friendly but selective:

  • Thank him sincerely to validate his effort without leading him on.
  • Laugh or smile if you find him or his compliment amusing to avoid seeming rude.
  • You can tease back once you know his sense of humor if you want to keep it light.
  • Turn the tables by playfully questioning if he’s attempting to flirt with you.
  • Suggest hanging out one-on-one if you do have romantic interest.
  • Reciprocate mild to moderate flirting only if you want to encourage his pursuit.
  • Give hugs, touch his arm, or initiate contact if you really like him.

The key thing to remember is that your response sets the tone. Be clear in your interest level while leaving the door open a crack if you do like him but want him to work for your affection a bit more before fully reciprocating.


Finding the perfect response when someone pays you the big compliment of saying you’re their favorite person can be challenging. But using these flirty, funny, and clever comebacks can help turn the situation into a playful back-and-forth that brings you closer together.

Remember to read the other person’s signals before getting too intimate with teasing or compliments. The key is escalating gradually while leaving room for romantic tension to build. With the right balance of confidence, reciprocity and playful banter, your reply can even spark a friendship or relationship with someone meaningful.

So next time, respond with some of that signature charm and wit. After all, you’re their favorite!

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