Other Ways to Say Thanks for the Invite, 33+ Classy, Funny, Savage and Flirty Alternatives

I still remember the excitement I felt when I received my very first party invitation as a teenager. I spent hours picking out my outfit and trying different hairstyles, wondering if my crush would be there. When the big night finally arrived, I had a total blast dancing with my friends and bonding over snacks and music.

At the end of the night, I knew I just had to properly thank my friend for including me. But as a shy 14-year-old, I struggled to find the right words. “Thanks for inviting me” felt boring. What were some better ways to show my gratitude?

What are 10 Alternative Ways to Say Thanks for the Invite

We’ve all been there – either wanting to express thanks for a social invitation or struggling for the words to properly do so. While “thanks” covers the basics, switching up your phrasing keeps things interesting.

So if you want to spice up your appreciation, try out some of these 10 creative ways to say thanks!

Alternative Ways to Say Thanks for the Invite
I had a blast thanks to you!
That was super fun – I appreciate you thinking of me!
Thanks for letting me be part of the group!
I’m grateful you included me!
I had an awesome time – thank you!
That was a total rager; thanks for having me!
It was so nice to hang out – thanks for planning!
What would I do without friends like you?
I felt so welcome – thanks a million!
You definitely know how to show people a good time!

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Funny Ways

We all love a good laugh, so why not inject some humor into your invites gratitude? Lightening the mood with some punny or hyperbolic phrases can make the sentiment more fun and memorable.

Funny Ways to Say Thanks
That party was the bomb dot com – thanks for setting it off!
I had a BALL – get it? Thanks a ton!
Talk about a rager – I’m still recovering! Thanks though 🙂
My cheeks hurt from laughing – thank you thank you!
So much fun I almost forgot my name; thanks for reminding me!

Savage Ways

Feeling a bit sassy? Spice up your invite appreciation with some savage phrasing! Dropping one of these unexpectedly over-the-top lines shows off your daring side.

Savage Ways to Say Thanks
I was born to attend parties like that – thanks for letting me live my purpose!
Parties like that separate the amateurs from the legends – I’ll never forget it, thanks!
I feel like a whole new person after that rager – thank you for blessing me!
My life is forever changed thanks to you – exaggerated but true!
I equal parts want to collapse and do it all over – only legends like you make that happen!

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Sarcastic Ways

Not feeling totally sincere? Channel some playful irony into your invite appreciation with these sarcastic phrasings. The touch of mockery makes it clear you’re joking but grateful.

Sarcastic Ways to Say Thanks
Wow, I’m just SO impressed you managed to throw a party – thanks ever so much!
Well gosh, I’ve never had SO much fun – how can I ever repay you??
Honestly, I’m a changed person after that totally life-altering experience last night – thanks!
I might just quit my job to become a permanent party attendee after that rager – thanks for the revelation!
That party was just MONUMENTAL for me and culture as a whole – I bow down to you in thanks!

Exaggerated Ways

Sometimes you’ve just got to lay it on THICK. Channel your inner drama queen with these over-the-top thank yous to really drive home your appreciate for the invite!

Exaggerated Ways to Say Thanks
I shall tells tales of legends about that party until my dying breath – thank you saving my social life!
That may have set the world record for most fun ever had – I owe you eternally!
Calling that a “party” is an insult – it was a life changing ODYSSEY thanks to you!
I assume the Queen will grant you knighthood after THAT party – cheers to you and thanks!
I’ll tell my grandchildren about that party – thanks for the future memories!

Poetic Ways

Get in touch with your lyrical side by waxing poetic! A little rhyme, alliteration and creative language gives your thanks an artistic, inspired edge.

Poetic Ways to Say Thanks
Roses are red, violets are blue, that party ruled and I thank you!
Nights like those grant eternally glistening memories – sparkling thanks!
Twas loverly indeed, that fabulous feast – heaping thanks, friend!
Your invite left me simply elated – creative gratitude abated!
For the get together so hip I give thanks from my heart and my lip!

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5 Editor’s Choice Ways to Say Thanks for the Invite

“It Was a Blast”

Short, simple, sweet. You really can’t go wrong thanking your host for a fun time by telling them “It was a blast!”. It encapsulates the excitement and enjoyment you felt at their event in a casual yet grateful way. Consider spicing it up with an adjective like “It was an absolute blast thanks to you!”.

“That Was Wild From Start to Finish”

For a particularly crazy shindig, you’ve got to emphasize the non-stop insanity! Telling your host “That was wild from start to finish!” conveys how thrilled you were by the action-packed event while still being genuine. Tossing in a “thanks a million!” shows you credit them for the epic adventure.

“You Sure Know How to Throw Down!”

What better way to say thanks than too directly compliment their party planning skills? Telling your host “You sure know how to throw down!” praises their ability to curate a raging good time while affirming you had all kinds of fun. You can even spice it up by getting specific about what you enjoyed—“You sure know how to throw down with the snacks and music!”

“Count Me In Next Time”

If you’re eager for a repeat invite, this gracious phrasing hints at that in a cool yet polite way. Saying “Count me in next time!” makes it clear you’re open and appreciative if they plan another event while still being grateful for the current one. Consider adding “I mean it!” or “I had the BEST time” to really drive the point home.

“New Favorite Memory – Thanks!”

A little sentimental but still charming, thanking your host for a “New favorite memory!” demonstrates that their party will hold lifelong significance for you. It’s a sweet way to sincerely convey that their event moved you while still being playful and concise. For extra emphasis, add “Seriously, new favorite memory – thanks a million!”

Ways to Say Thanks to Your Boss

Making an appearance at your work party can feel awkward, but it builds rapport with leadership. Express your gratitude for the invite with these professional yet personable lines:

  • I appreciate you including the team – it was great to see everyone enjoying themselves!
  • Thanks for organizing the celebration – it really brings us all together.
  • The party was a nice morale boost – I had a great time. Thanks for arranging!
  • Great job pulling everything together. I had fun and it was nice to chat in a relaxed setting.
  • I know events like that take time to plan. It was cool to hang out with everyone – thanks!

Ways to Say Thanks to Your Friend

Close pals who invite you out deserve some extra special appreciation! Spice up your thanks to BFFs with these fun lines:

  • Bless you for blessing me with that invite – that ruled so hard!
  • Friends like you throw the BEST parties – thank you thank you!
  • New life goal: be invited to all your parties forever! Last night was awesome.
  • Um, THANK YOU for basically planning my ideal party. You get me so well!
  • That was the perfect group and vibe – so glad I’ve got a friend as cool as you! Thanks!!

Ways to Say Thanks to Your Girlfriend

Making your partner feel special is key! Treat your leading lady to sweet thanks with these charming lines:

  • You always show me such a nice time – I’m lucky I’ve got you. Thanks, babe!
  • Last night felt like a dream – thank you for being my dream girl!
  • How are you real? I have the hottest, most fun girlfriend ever – thanks for an amazing night!
  • I just keep falling for you more. Thanks for planning something so thoughtful!
  • Being with you makes everything better. Thanks for inviting me into your world, darling!

Ways to Say Thanks to Your Mom

Moms do so much behind the scenes to make sure family gatherings go smoothly. Show the matriarch of your clan some appreciation with these caring lines:

  • I know how much effort that took – thank you, the party felt full of love!
  • Everything looked beautiful and brought us all together – thanks, Mom!
  • You always know how to make everyone happy. I had the BEST time!
  • Your parties feel like home – cozy and fun! Thanks for bringing us all joy, Mom!
  • Another year, another perfect party. You’re the heart of this family – thank you!

Ways to Say Thanks to Your Little Sister

Want to put a smile on your younger sister’s face? Try out these sweet and silly lines to say thanks for the invite!

  • You have the BEST ideas for get-togethers – proud of my genius little sis!
  • Thanks for letting your big bro hang – you throw awesome parties!
  • I know way more cool people now that I get invited to your stuff – thanks!
  • Mom and Dad would LOSE it if they knew what happened – so glad you trusted me! Ha ha!
  • That playlist was fire and so was that cookie cake – thanks lil sis!


Whether you’re thanking your besties for a raging house party or showing appreciation for a family gathering, spice up your invites gratitude! Avoid boring your host with the same old “thanks for inviting me” line.

Play with funny, exaggerated, sarcastic, and poetic phrasing instead for extra flair. Tailor your words to the specific person and relationship for bonus sincerity points. Most importantly, embrace some creativity to make your appreciation feel fresh.

So next time you’re leaving a fabulous event, take a beat to craft a unique thanks from the heart. I guarantee your host will feel extra special hearing such thoughtful words! The invites are also sure to keep pouring in once people realize what a grateful guest you are.

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