Other Ways to Say Please See Attached, 51+ Classy, Funny, Savage and Flirty Alternatives

I decided to write this article after a recent incident at work where I asked a coworker to “please see attached” for a document I had emailed them. They gave me a strange look and asked what I meant by that phrase. I realized not everyone may be familiar with this commonly used email expression.

So in this post, I want to provide some alternative ways to request someone view an attachment you’ve sent, whether for work, school, or personal communication. I’ve included a ton of different options ranging from formal to silly to even passive aggressive. Hopefully you’ll find the perfect email attachment phrase for any situation!

What are 10 Alternative Ways to Say “Please See Attached”?

When emailing someone a document, presentation, image or other file, you’ll usually want to politely ask them to open and view the attached item. Instead of the stale “please see attached,” spruce up your email with one of these 10 colorful alternatives:

Alternative Ways to Say “Please See Attached”
I’ve appended the document to this email for your review.
Please find the file tagged along to this message.
The spreadsheet is piggybacking this email – take a peek!
I’ve saddled up the document to this email. Kindly take a look!
You’ll see I’ve tethered the presentation to this message – give it a view when you can!
I’ve affixed the contract to this email for your perusal.
The image is hitchhiking this email – check it out!
The referenced document is clinging to this message – give it a looksie.
I’ve hooked up the report to this email. Give it a gander!
I’ve latchkeyed the file to this email. Peep at your leisure!

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Funny Ways

Adding some humor to your “please review this attachment” email request can lighten the mood and make the recipient more inclined to promptly open your attached document. Take the edge off with one of these silly alternatives:

Funny Ways to Say “Please See Attached”
Get a load of the document I’ve leashed to this message!
I’ve handcuffed the spreadsheet to this email – arrest it from my outbox!
The presentation is clinging on for dear life – save it from deletion!
The contract is shackled to this email like a ball and chain – liberate it from purgatory!
This message has taken the report hostage – negotiate its release!

Savage Ways

If the attached file contains bad news or you’re feeling spicy, throw some shade by requesting they view the attachment with these subtle but savage alternatives:

Savage Ways to Say “Please See Attached”
Thought you ought to see this attached document.
I’ve saddled up the file to this message for your…education.
The toxic report is hitching a ride on this email. Soak it up.
Get a whiff of the dirt I dug up in this attached presentation.
I’ve collared the incriminating contract to this message – give it a looksie.

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Flirty Ways

If you want to get your crush or significant other to eagerly open that cutesy photo or love note you attached, try out one of these flirtatious alternatives:

Flirty Ways to Say “Please See Attached”
I’ve linked up a sweet surprise to this message – hope you like it! 😘
The photo of us is clinging tight to this email – pretty please take a peek! 💕
A little love note is blowing kisses from this message’s attachment! ❤️️
I affixed a saucy selfie to this email – drink it up! 💋
Something sentimental is piggybacking this message. Check it out and lmk your thoughts! 🥰

5 Editor’s Choice Ways

After combing through countless alternatives, our editorial team selected their top 5 favorite ways to request someone view an attached document. Drumroll please…

Please Peruse the Attached Document

Beyond the pleasant rhyming, “peruse” makes your ask sound extra polite and fancy. Just the right level of formality for most professional emails.

Peep the Attached File When You Have a Sec!

This casual request adds a dash of friendliness while also implying urgency with “when you have a sec.” The exclamation point brings even more pep.

I’ve Bungee-d the Presentation to This Email – Take the Leap!

Fun, visual analogy comparing the attachment to something bungee-jumping off the message. Playful yet clear call to action at the end.

The Problematic Report is Clinging for Dear Life – Save It from My Deleted Items!

Injects humor by personifying the attachment while also hinting that it contains concerning information they ought not ignore.

Gander at the Attached Agreement, If You Please

Polite appeal using “if you please” gives an old-timey vibe. “Gander” stands out as a unique alternative to the standard “look.”

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Ways to Say to Your Boss

As an employee requesting your superior review an attached document, you’ll want to demonstrate extra respect. Try these professional suggestions:

Ways to Ask Your Boss to View an Attachment
Sir/Ma’am, please inspect the attached budget proposal at your earliest convenience.
I’ve affixed the client report your requested to this email, at your leisure.
When you have a moment, please analyze the attached data sheet.
The requested contract is linked to this message – let me know if you have any issues accessing it.
Here is the presentation for today’s meeting, riding shotgun on this email.

Ways to Say to Your Friend

When emailing your BFFs, feel free to let loose with funny or cheeky attachment requests:

Ways to Ask Your Friend to View an Attachment
Get a load of this meme I saddled up to this message lol!
Girl, you HAVE to see the selfie I latched to this email. I look so hot! 😍
Dude you’re gonna die laughing at this video I accompanying this message. Watch ASAP! 🤣
Umm I may or may not have attached a pic of my crush to this email…take a peek and lemme know whatcha think! 👀
I stitched up a pic of us from last night to this message. Crazy times man! 🥴

Ways to Say to Your Girlfriend/Boyfriend

When emailing the apple of your eye, attach something romantic and request they see it with these heartfelt lines:

Ways to Ask Your S.O. to View an Attachment
I’ve affixed a love letter to this message…read it when you can and text me? 😚
I doodled a little cartoon of us and attached it here. You’re so cute! 😊
Click the link snuggled up to this email for an e-gift I picked out just for you! 💝
I whipped up a playlist of our songs and stapled it to this message. Listen and lmk what you think! 🎶 💗
Peek at the Valentine I paperclipped to this love note – for my one and only Valentine! ✨💕

Ways to Say to Your Parents

When sending mom or dad something important for them to review, politely ask them to open the attachment with these simple suggestions:

Ways to Ask Your Parents to View an Attachment
Mother/Father, please find my report card leashed to this message. Let me know if you have any other questions!
I’ve appended my summer camp application to this email – just awaiting your review and signature! 🏕
My1409 Geometry homework is clipped to this message, take a look over the work whenever you can!✏
I attached a permission slip for an upcoming field trip, if you could please sign electronically. 🚌
Here is my essay draft for English class piggybacking this message, feedback welcome! 📝


I hope this mega list of ways to say “please see attached” in any context, from sweet to sassy, has you excited to spice up your attachment requests! Whether formally asking your superior, casually checking with a friend or romantically reaching out to a crush, try out some of these fun alternatives next time you saddle up a file to an email. Feel free to get creative and make up your own too!

Thanks so much for reading my tips and walkthrough on building rapport and trust with your target audience. Wishing you great success in implementing what you learned into your own communications. Now go out there and make meaningful connections!

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