Other Ways to Say No Worries, 51+ Classy, Funny, Savage and Flirty Alternatives

It was a regular weekday when I was on my way to work. Rushing as usual, trying to grab my morning coffee before heading to the office. In my hurry, I accidentally bumped into someone on the street, spilling their coffee all over their perfectly white shirt. “Oh my gosh, I’m so sorry!” I exclaimed. The stranger simply smiled and replied “No worries.” This simple phrase immediately put me at ease, making me feel like everything was alright even after my clumsy accident.

No worries. Such a comforting pair of words that can instantly make an awkward or tense situation feel less stressful. I decided I wanted to learn more phrases like this that could help put people’s minds at ease when something goes wrong.

What are 10 Alternative Ways to Say “No Worries”?

We all make mistakes or find ourselves in uncomfortable situations. Having the right words to respond can make a big difference in how everyone feels afterward. Here are 10 alternative ways to essentially say “no worries” and tell someone not to stress over something:

Alternatives to “No Worries”
No problem
Don’t worry about it
Don’t sweat it
It’s all good
Think nothing of it
No big deal
It’s okay
No harm done
Water under the bridge
It’s forgotten

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Funny Ways to Brush It Off

Sometimes you need a more lighthearted response to put people at ease. Here are 5 silly alternatives to “no worries” to make someone laugh after a mistake:

Funny Alternatives
Eh, whatevs
No prob, Bob!
Hakuna matata
Meh, it happens
Chill pill time!

Savage Responses

If you want to humorously call someone out for their blunder, these 5 clever comebacks will get the point across:

Savage Ways to Say It
At least you tried
A for effort
Thanks for that
Interesting approach
Bold strategy there

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Polite Phrases

Sometimes a gentle, courteous response is best to put the person at ease. Here are 5 polite ways to essentially say “don’t worry about it”:

Gracious Responses
Not a problem at all
It’s quite alright
No trouble
It’s nothing
Think nothing more of it

Wise Words

Impart some sagely wisdom when responding. These 5 level-headed alternatives can calm anyone’s nerves:

Sagely Alternatives
This too shall pass
The past is the past
Onwards and upwards
Today is a new day
Tomorrow is a clean slate

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Editor’s Top 5 Ways to Say “Don’t Worry”

After much deliberation, our editorial team compiled this list of our absolute favorite alternatives to “no worries” for putting people’s minds at ease.

It’s All Good in the Hood

This playful response adds some humor while getting the point across that everything is A-OK. It’s great for casual conversations between friends.

Hakuna Matata

The iconic Swahili phrase from The Lion King that translates to “no worries” or “no problems.” It reminds people (especially ’90s kids) to relax and not overthink things.

Chin Up, Buttercup

A sweet sentiment telling someone to keep their spirits up and not to fret. The term of endearment “buttercup” makes it especially heartwarming.

Take a Chill Pill

Tells someone to relax in a teasing yet sincere way. Helpful for when tensions are running high and you need to restore calm.

When One Door Closes, Another Opens

This inspirational proverb implies that even when something bad happens, new opportunities arise. It encourages an optimistic perspective on life’s hiccups.

Ways to Say It to Your Boss

If you make a mistake at work, you’ll want to ease your boss’s concerns. Here are 5 professional ways to say “no worries” to authority figures:

Not to worry, I’ll take care of it Consider it handled Let’s discuss solutions I appreciate you bringing this to my attention Allow me to remedy this

Responses for Friends

With pals, you can keep things casual. Here are 5 friendly ways to tell friends “no big deal” when something goes wrong:

Hey, stuff happens! No drama here We’re all good, amigo! Don’t get your undies in a bunch Chillax, buddy!

Soothing Phrases for Your Partner

You’ll want to be extra sensitive with your special someone. Here are 5 loving ways to say “don’t worry” to your partner:

Let’s not sweat the small stuff This doesn’t change anything between us What matters is that we have each other Tomorrow is a new day, babe I still adore you, flaws and all

Reassuring Remarks for Family

Family relationships come with complex emotions. Here are 5 caring ways to tell family “it’s okay” when problems pop up:

Try not to be so hard on yourself I still respect you just the same Let’s regroup and figure this out I’m here for you either way All families have issues sometimes

Supportive Statements for Kids

Children need gentle encouragement. Here are 5 supportive ways to say “chin up” to kids when they make mistakes:

I know you didn’t mean it This will pass, I promise Tomorrow you’ll feel better We all mess up sometimes Let’s go get some ice cream


At the end of the day, the simplest phrases can have the most powerful impact. Telling someone “don’t worry” or “no big deal” conveys empathy, understanding, and reassurance—which is often exactly what they need to hear. I hope this collection of varied responses has provided plenty of options to ease people’s minds, bring calm after life’s slippery moments, and remind that there is always a silver lining.

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