Other Ways to Say “Looking Forward to Hearing From You”

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Hoping to connect with you soon! There are so many ways you can end an email or message to let someone know you want to continue the conversation.

If you’re tired of using “Looking forward to hearing from you,” then check out the list below for alternatives to spice up your sign-offs!

What are 10 Alternative Ways to say “Looking Forward to Hearing From You”?

When reaching out to someone for the first time or following up on an existing conversation, using the standard sign-off “Looking forward to hearing from you” can feel stale. Instead, try one of these creative alternatives to show your enthusiasm for further discussion:

Alternative Phrases
Can’t wait to hear back!
Looking forward to your reply!
Hoping to hear from you soon!
Patiently awaiting your response!
Eagerly anticipating what you have to say!
Would love to continue our chat!
Let me know your thoughts!
I await your correspondence!
Your response would be greatly appreciated!
I welcome your ideas on this!

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Funny Ways to Say “Looking Forward to Hearing From You”

Adding some humor when reaching out can help form an initial bond. Try using one of these funny phrases when you want to hear back in a lighthearted way:

Funny Sign-Offs
My inbox eagerly awaits your witty response!
Ping me back when you get a chance!
I’m just hangin’ around waiting to hear from ya!
Don’t leave me hangin’ here – write back soon!
I’m on pins and needles waiting for your reply!

Savage Ways to Say “Looking Forward to Hearing From You”

If you want to subtly call out someone who is slow to respond, these saucy sign-offs add some sass:

Savage Sign-Offs
I know you’re busy, but I await your response with bated breath!
Take your time getting back to me – it’s not like I have anything better to do!
Whenever you find the time in your clearly busy schedule…
Hoping this email doesn’t get lost in your overflowing inbox!
Let me know if you ever return from your exile!

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Polite Ways to Say “Looking Forward to Hearing From You”

You can never go wrong with being courteous. Try these polite options:

Polite Sign-Offs
I would be grateful to receive your reply!
Please favor me with your response when you can.
I politely await your reply.
It would be lovely to hear back from you!
I kindly request your correspondence on this matter.

5 Editor Choice Ways to Say “Looking Forward to Hearing From You”

After combing through numerous options, here are my top 5 sign-off line recommendations to clearly yet cordially express your desire for a response:

Would Love to Continue Our Chat

This warm and casual phrase indicates your genuine interest in having an ongoing conversation. It’s open and friendly without being overly pushy.

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Your Response Would Be Greatly Appreciated

Straightforward but polite, this line makes it clear you would value hearing back from them when possible. It’s slightly more formal than other options.

Let Me Know Your Thoughts!

Simple and conversational, ending with an exclamation point adds enthusiastic energy. This friendly sign-off invites them to share their opinions without pressure.

My Inbox Eagerly Awaits Your Witty Reply

A touch of light humor can help start relationships off on an upbeat note. This playful line combines eagerness with a compliment about their communication skills.

Ping Me Back When You Get a Chance

The modern, casual language echoes the brevity of texts and emails without losing warmth. This sign-off leaves the door open for continuing your exchange when it’s convenient for them.

Ways to Say “Looking Forward to Hearing From You” to Your Boss

When emailing your manager, you want to sound eager yet professional. Consider these options:

Sign-Offs for Bosses
I welcome your insights on this project.
Please advise me on next steps when you have a moment.
I look forward to your guidance as I move forward.
I eagerly await your feedback.
Your leadership on this matter would be invaluable.

Ways to Say “Looking Forward to Hearing From You” to a Friend

With close companions, you can use casual, spirited language:

Sign-Offs for Friends
Can’t wait to hear your brilliant ideas!
Ping me back soon, buddy!
Patiently awaiting your hilarious response!
Hit me back when you have a sec!
Holler at me when you have time!

Ways to Say “Looking Forward to Hearing From You” to a Love Interest

Flirtatious yet sincere sign-offs for romantic partners include:

Sign-Offs for Love Interests
Your reply would make my day.
I hope to hear your soothing voice again soon.
I eagerly await our next enchanting exchange.
Please grace me again with your delightful words.
I pine for your next heartfelt message.

In Closing…

I hope this extensive collection of creative ways to say “Looking forward to hearing from you” or similar sentiments has sparked some inspiration for your own email, message, and letter sign-offs!

Whether you opt for a funny, polite, savvy, casual, professional, romantic, or customized tone, having some fresh phrases on hand can help your communications sound more engaging, authentic, and tailored to each recipient.

At the end of the day, the exact words you choose matter less than the spirit of genuine interest you convey in continuing your conversations with people.

But a thoughtful, unexpected sign-off certainly leaves a nice last impression. So try out a new option from this list next time you want someone to write back!

Let me know if you have any other sign-off ideas I should add or categories you’d like me to expand on in the future. I welcome your thoughts!

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