Other Ways to Say Looking Forward to Seeing You

Last week, I was catching up with my childhood friend Ava over text. We hadn’t seen each other in years and I was absolutely overjoyed that she’d be in town next month.

As our conversation wrapped up, I typed the generic phrase: “Looking forward to seeing you.” But staring at that dull sign-off, I cringed. It didn’t even come close to capturing my sheer excitement.

After a pause, I added: “Counting down the days til we reunite!” That was a bit better, but still not quite right. I couldn’t believe I was struggling so hard to convey my simple anticipation.

In that moment, I decided two things:

  1. I desperately needed to expand my vocabulary for expressing I can’t wait to see someone.
  2. If I was having this issue, others likely were too.

So I compiled this list of over multiple creative ways to say “Looking forward to seeing you.” My hope is it helps you authentically articulate your affection next time you eagerly await plans with someone special

What are 10 Alternative Ways to Say “Looking Forward to Seeing You”?

Here are 10 great options to spice up your vocabulary and show your sincere enthusiasm:

Alternative Ways to Say “Looking Forward to Seeing You”
I can’t wait to see you!
I’m counting down the days until we meet up.
I’m thrilled for our upcoming plans.
I eagerly anticipate our get-together.
I’m filled with eager excitement about seeing you.
I’m absolutely stoked for our meetup.
I’m elated for our impending reunion.
I’m ecstatic for our forthcoming encounter.
I’m overjoyed at the thought of being with you soon.
I’m jumping for joy at the idea of hanging out together.

I hope those alternatives help you come up with the perfect heartfelt phrase to share your exhilaration. But why stop there? Let’s look at even more creative and fun options…

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Hilarious Ways to Say It

I want to bring some laughter into letting you know how excited I am for our upcoming plans! Here are some funny ways to express my eagerness:

Funny Ways
I’m tickled pink that we’ll be hanging out soon!
I’m giggling with glee about our get-together.
I’m dancing a happy jig in anticipation of our rendezvous.
I’ll be grinning from ear to ear when I see your face.
I’m bursting at the seams waiting to laugh with you in person.

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Playful Ways to Say It

I also love mixing in some playfulness and silliness when sharing my exhilaration about our future plans:

Playful Ways
I’m jumping for joy at the thought of chillin’ with you!
My heart is doing somersaults knowing we’ll be together shortly.
I’m walking on air dreaming of the fun we’ll have.
I’m over the moon with happiness for our upcoming hangout sesh.
I’m smiling so hard it hurts thinking about seeing your gorgeous face soon!

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Savage Ways to Say It

And for a more bold, hyperbolic approach, check out these exaggerated ways to convey your thrill:

Savage Ways
I will literally pass away if I don’t see you ASAP!
I’m dying inside waiting for us to meet up.
My heart is barely beating counting down the seconds until we unite.
I don’t know how much longer I can survive without your presence!
Seeing you is the only medicine that can save me from this agony of anticipation!

The 5 Best Ways to Capture Your Excitement

Out of all the options for conveying your eager anticipation, I narrowed it down to these 5 favorites. In my view, they strike the perfect balance of creativity, clarity, and authentic emotional expression:

I’m Buzzing with Excitement to See You

This fun phrase adds some zip and pizzazz to your sentiments. “Buzzing” conjures images of vibrant energy, like a kid vibrating in their seat. It’s sure to make the recipient smile!

My Heart is Bursting Knowing We’ll Reunite Soon

Wow, what a poetic and passion-filled way to share your exhilaration! The visual of a “bursting” heart captures overwhelming happiness. Use this for maximum emotional impact.

Can’t Wait to Soak Up Your Magnificent Presence

Flattery will get you everywhere! And we all love receiving compliments. This clever line flatters their “magnificent” essence while conveying your thrilled impatience.

My Face Will Be Stuck in a Permanent Grin When We Meet Again

Imagine the beaming smile you’ll have ear-to-ear when you see them. This phrase playfully conveys that giddy delighted reaction in advance.

Every Cell in My Body is Screaming for Our Upcoming Reunion

Sometimes our zealous excitement literally manifests in physical sensations. This dramatic line creatively depicts that full-body experience of crazy-high anticipation.

I hope those spark some inspiration for amazing ways to say you can’t wait for your next meetup! Let’s wrap up with a few ideas tailored to certain individuals…

Fun Ways to Tell Your BFF

Need the perfect phrase to share with your bestie? Try these fun options brimming with humor and insider jokes:

My life is empty without your hilarious stories to brighten my day!

I need my daily dose of your sassy wisdom STAT!

Insert silly best friend handshake to countdown to our upcoming adventures!

I’m 100 emoji knowing we’ll be reunited soon!

I swear I might pass out from anticipation of our next girls night!

Sweet Ways to Tell Your Crush

Hoping to convey your exhilaration to a romantic interest? Woo them with these sweet sentimental phrases:

My days feel dull and gloomy without your sunshine to brighten them.

I yearn to gaze into your mesmerizing eyes once more.

My heart flutters dreaming of your angelic laugh.

I ache for another enchanting evening in your heavenly presence.

I’m enraptured imagining your divine voice serenading my ears again soon.

Polite Ways to Tell Your Boss

You likely can’t gush too emotionally to your superior. But you can politely share your upbeat outlook for an upcoming work meeting:

I look forward to continuing our productive collaboration in person.

I’m pleased we’ll meet again to align on key objectives.

I welcome the opportunity to further discuss plans face-to-face.

I anticipate gaining more clarity on goals through an in-person conversation.

I’m glad we’ll meet soon to drive progress on critical initiatives.

Loving Ways to Tell Family

Family deserves all the love! Embrace the chance to affectionately express your anticipation about getting together:

My heart aches without your comforting hugs for too long.

I yearn to hear all your stories since we last connected!

I can’t stop smiling thinking about our next family dinner.

I’m thrilled for our next cozy movie night under the blankets.

I’m giddy to cook up your favorite comfort meal together soon!


I hope those many creative options spark inspiration for amazing new ways to tell someone “I’m looking forward to seeing you!” Whether it’s your dear friend, alluring crush, esteemed boss or cherished relative, choose a phrase that uniquely captures your affection.

Remember, heartfelt communication fosters deeper bonds and joyful reunions. So speak from that authentic place of love and excitement inside you. Those sincerely chosen words will mean the world to both you and the recipient!

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