Flirty Responses to “You Smell Good”

I often get questions from readers looking for the perfect flirty comeback when someone compliments their scent.

It can be tricky to think of a witty or sweet reply to “you smell good” on the spot. So in this post, I’m sharing a roundup of over 40 clever responses for a variety of situations.

Whether you just spritzed on a new perfume, want to subtly flirt back, or show your sassy side, use these scripted lines as inspiration next time someone says: “you smell good” .

Thankful Responses : Thanking Them

If you want to politely acknowledge the compliment, you can’t go wrong with a simple “thank you!” Try one of these variations:

Mixing in a specific detail about your fragrance makes your response more unique and memorable. It also continues the conversation if they want to know more.

Flirty Responses: Flattering Them Back

Giving a flirty compliment back is a fun and flattering way to respond. It might make them blush while showing you’ve noticed their effort too. Here are some options:

Tailor your reply based on clues like their gender and what fragrance notes you detect. Adding those personal details boosts the flirt factor.

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Funny Responses: Making Lighthearted Jokes

If you both feel comfortable joking around, a playful quip could get a laugh:

The silly comments let them know you recognize the flirty undertones while keeping things breezy. Ham it up with dramatic gestures for extra giggles!

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Follow Up Responses: Asking Follow Up Questions

You can also keep the scent-based banter flowing with strategic questions:

Get them chatting more about preferences and memories triggered by aromas. It craftily moves the focus to learning more about their personality.

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Hinting At Future Plans

Feeling bold? Up the ante by hinting you should spend more time together:

Coyly suggesting you chose it with them in mind or making cheeky date references adds sexy intrigue. But read their signals before going too strong with the innuendo!

Lyrics Based Responses

Music fans might appreciate a callback to a steamy song about attraction. Some risque options:

R&B and pop hits often have racy lyrics about scent and pheromones. Pair your quote with a wink if you want to get really cheeky!

Sassy Responses

If a sarcastic or bold vibe fits your flirting style, whip out one of these sassy one-liners:

Serve up some playfully arrogant attitude to get laughs while still acknowledging the compliment. Just avoid seeming too egotistical.

Cheeky Responses

Feeling bold enough for maximum blush factor? Really get those butterflies going with a borderline NSFW response:

References to physical intimacy, especially hypothetical future encounters, pack some serious spice. But tread carefully to avoid coming on too strong or making them uncomfortable.

Subtle Responses: When To Go Subtle

However, more subtle replies are safest for workplace interactions or if you misread signals:

Stick to simple statements of gratitude to politely acknowledge the compliment without encouraging flirtation. Deflect unwanted attention gracefully.

Or if you just want light banter as friends, try a silly twist:

How to Respond Flirty to “You Smell Good” From a Girl?

If a girl tells you that you smell good, it means she likes your scent and probably finds you attractive. You can respond flirty to this compliment by saying something like:

How to Respond Flirty to “You Smell Good” From a Guy?

If a guy tells you that you smell good, it could be a sign that he is interested in you or attracted to you.

How you respond to this compliment depends on how you feel about him and what you want from the interaction.

Here are some possible ways to respond flirty to “you smell good” from a guy:

Perfecting Your Response

Ultimately, choose a response fit for your relationship, comfort level, and the setting. Give a polite “thank you” around conservative company then break out the cheeky comebacks for a crush’s house party.

And don’t forget nonverbal cues too! Smile, laugh, gently touch their arm, or inch closer while delivering your line to dial up the flirty vibe. But back away if you notice tension or hesitation.

Finally, pay attention to their reply – are they blushing, stumbling over their words, or eagerly continuing the banter? These signs reveal if YOUR flirting landed. Then you can confidently keep the sexy compliments flowing!

So next time you get a “mmm, you smell good” compliment, try out one of these scripted yet spontaneous responses. Armed with options ranging from cute to sassy, you can craft the perfect retort to charm anyone fortunate enough to embrace your irresistible scent!

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