30+ Ways To Respond to a Flirty Compliment Text From a Girl

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Sarah Koch


It all started a few years ago when my buddy Ryan asked me for advice after matching with a girl on Tinder…

She had texted him saying “your eyes are gorgeous😍” and he had no idea how to respond. After helping Ryan craft the perfect message back, he ended up dating that girl for over a year!

Since then, tons of friends have come to me for flirty text advice. I decided to put together this definitive guide on responding when girls compliment you over text.

Here, You’ll discover my top 30 flirty, funny, and savvy responses to use when a girl sends you a compliment over text. I’ll also explain when and why these responses work, so you can apply them for maximum impact.


Here are 30 witty, flirty responses to use:

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Funny Responses to Use When a Girl Compliments You

A funny or playful response is great for keeping things lighthearted and building attraction. Laughing together helps you bond.

When using humor, make sure to keep it innocent. You don’t want to come across as rude or make her uncomfortable.

Here are some funny ways to respond when she compliments your looks over text:

Sarcastic Compliments

Gently poking fun at her compliment is an easy way to be funny. Just don’t overdo it!

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Playful Banter

Some back and forth banter lets her know you can take a joke. But don’t get too carried away teasing each other!

Funny GIFs or Memes

Sending a funny GIF or meme in response to her compliment shows you have a playful personality:

  • send hair flip GIF
  • send “Oh stop it, you!” meme
  • send blushing emoji meme

Savage Responses (Use With Caution!)

Savage or sassy responses show confidence and make her laugh. But take care not to cross the line into rude territory!

These tend to work best once you already have some rapport built up. Use sparingly at first.

Here are some examples of savage ways to respond to compliments over text:


Exaggerated Arrogance

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Playful Insults

ONLY use these if you already have an established playful, teasing dynamic:

The key with savage responses is walking that fine line between funny and offensive. Make sure you have enough comfort built first!

Top 10 Editor’s Choice Responses

After helping countless guys text girls, I’ve noticed some responses that almost always work. These are my “editor’s choice” flirty texts to use when she compliments you.

1. Reverse the Compliment

Turning the compliment back on her builds attraction and connection.

For example:

Compliment: Wow you have the nicest eyes! ❤️

Response: Thanks gorgeous! You have beautiful eyes yourself 😍 Maybe we could stare into each other’s over dinner sometime?

This tactic takes the pressure off you and makes her feel special too. But don’t just copy a generic “you too” response or it may look lazy. Make sure to customize it based on what she said.

When to Use:
  • Early on when building attraction
  • You want to share the spotlight
When NOT to Use:
  • She gave a creative, personalized compliment
  • You want to accept the glory

2. Question About Her Interest

Asking about her attraction level or intent turns up the tension in a subtle way.

For example:

Compliment: Omg 😍 looking good!

Response: What can I say, I clean up nice 😉 What is it you find so attractive exactly? My charm? Wit? Rugged good looks? 😛

This builds intrigue and gets her thinking about why specifically she likes you. It also hints that you might like her back.

When to Use:
  • You suspect she wants more than friendship
  • You want to subtly flirt back
When NOT to Use:
  • She was just being friendly, not flirty
  • You don’t want to encourage her interest

3. Humble Appreciation

If you want to take the sincere route, respond with humble gratitude:

For example:

Compliment: Handsome fella you are 😏

Response: Aww, that’s so kind of you to say! 😊 Made my day…you’re pretty cute yourself!

This heartfelt response avoids arrogance or corny pick-up lines. It’s great for showing you’re down-to-earth and appreciate her words.

When to Use This:
  • You want to build a meaningful connection
  • She seems like a sincere, trusting person
When NOT to Use:
  • You think she wants witty banter over sincerity
  • She uses a lot sarcasm or teasing

4. Give a Nickname

Assigning a cute nickname builds affection and intimacy quickly. Just don’t pick something too outlandish early on.

For example:

Compliment: Did it hurt when you fell from heaven ? Because damn !😍😘

Response: You sure know how to make a guy blush, angel face 🥰 Maybe I could think up a cute nickname for you too over some coffee?

This shows you appreciate her compliment and reciprocate interest in getting to know her better. But don’t force a nickname if you can’t think of one naturally. Use sparingly at first.

When to Use This:
  • She used an obvious pick-up line
  • You want to subtly flirt
When NOT to Use:
  • It’s too early for intimate nicknames
  • You barely know anything about her

5. Charming Pick-Up Line

Firing back a cheesy or charming pick-up line shows you speak her flirty language.

For example:

Compliment: Omg I love your smile 😁 so cute!

Response: Why thank you m’lady! Care to see if my smile still makes your heart skip a beat over dinner Friday night? 😉😁

This plays with her tone in a fun way. Just avoid anything too sexual or vulgar. Save those racy pick-up lines for once you know each other better!

When to Use This:
  • She used a cheesy pick up line first
  • You want to jokingly flirt back
When NOT to Use:
  • You think she wants a serious response
  • You don’t know her sense of humor enough

6. Challenge Her

Turning it into a playful challenge makes responding active and memorable:

For example:

Compliment: You’re literally the cutest guy I’ve seen all day 😍

Response: Oh really? I bet you can’t last a whole date with me without blushing at least once! How about we put that to the test over dinner Friday night? 😋

This flips the dynamic from you chasing her to her needing to prove herself to you. Just don’t come across overly arrogant. Add some vulnerability about liking her back.

When to Use This:
  • She seems competitive or sassy
  • You want to pique her interest
When NOT to Use:
  • She prefers humble guys
  • You come across as “too cool” already

7. Funny GIF

Sending a reaction GIF like a silly dance or bashful emoji face conveys your response in a humorous light.

For example:

Compliment: Nice shirt, it really brings out your eyes 👀

Response: send funny “Aww shucks” GIF

This shows you appreciate her compliment while keeping things breezy.

When to Use This:
  • You want a simple but effective response
  • She seems to enjoy laughing and internet humor
When NOT to Use:
  • She prefers words over media reactions
  • You over-rely on GIFs in your convo

8. “Prove it” Challenge

Asking her to prove her compliment spikes sexual tension and anticipation. But ONLY use this if she already seems very interested in you physically and you have some rapport built already.

For example:

Compliment: You could be a Baywatch lifeguard with a bod like that 😉

Response: Oh could I now? Guess you’ll just have to see for yourself on Saturday night…sound good? 😋

This turns up the heat in a deliciously tempting way. But make sure you have enough mutual attraction already or else you risk coming across creepy or full of yourself. This can be very effective when timed right.

When to Use This:
  • She’s already sending sexual vibes/innuendos
  • You’re both clearly interested in each other
When NOT to Use:
  • It’s a new match or she seems unsure still
  • Her compliment wasn’t sexual

9. Role Play

Pretending she’s your girlfriend, wife or secret admirer helps progress things without being too direct:

For example:

Compliment: Lookin good babe 😘

Response: Why thank you beautiful wife 🥰 Shouldn’t you be working right now instead checking me out though? 😝

Role playing creates stories that pull her into imagining potential relationship scenarios with you in a fun, lighthearted way.

When to Use This:
  • She called you “babe”, “handsome” etc. first
  • You want to hint at relationship potential
When NOT to Use:
  • You just met recently
  • She seems hesitant about rushing things

10. Proposal Joke

Making an exaggerated joke about marrying her or running away together turns up the romance in an absurd way she can’t take totally seriously:

For example:

Compliment: Hot stuff coming through!! 🔥🥵

Response: Marry me? We can run away to Vegas tonight! 😍 Then you can compliment me every day for the rest of our lives, party animal! 🎉😆

Proposing in an over-the-top, fanciful way allows you to say something intimate without the awkwardness of sincerity. This tactic works if she has some interest in you already typically.

When to Use This:
  • You want to hint at romantic interest with humor
  • She seems infatuated already
When NOT to Use:
  • You worry it could confuse or mislead her
  • She might take it too seriously

There you have it – 10 of my top editor’s choice responses when she compliments your looks over text. Use these for smooth, effective flirting tailored exactly to her message.

Now let’s get into some additional examples for broader situations…

How to Respond to a Girl’s Compliment Over Text

Girls express interest and attraction in different ways. Some are more direct while others start subtle.

But regardless how obvious her compliment is, you want to respond in a way that keeps her intrigued.

Here are some examples of how to reply when a girl compliments you through text, depending on the situation:

If She Compliments Your Appearance

When she calls you handsome, hot, cute etc. turning it around on her builds intrigue:

Compliment: Lookin good handsome! 😍

Response: Why thanks gorgeous! Though I gotta say you make me look pretty plain in comparison 😅

Flipping the script challenges her and hints you might be interested too. Just avoid sounding too cocky.

If She Uses Cheesy Pick Up Lines

Leaning into the cheesiness with some playful banter is perfect when she breaks out pick up lines:

Compliment: Do you have a map? ‘Cause honey I keep getting lost in your eyes

Response: I think you need the map, looks like you’ve already wandered deeply into my heart’s territory 😜 least you can do is join me for dinner!

Don’t be afraid to get silly if she goes the corny route! But avoid anything vulgar or crass.

If She Compliments Your Intelligence

When she compliments your smarts or savviness, assure her you find that attractive in return:

Compliment: Wow you gave some really insightful opinions in class today, I like smart guys 🥰

Response: Why thanks! I’m into smart girls too you know. Nothing sexier than brains and ambition 😉 We should study together sometime so I can admire your intellect up close!

Making it flirty gives her the green light to keep expressing interest. Just avoid sounding like you’re bragging.

If She Compliments Your Talents

When she admires your natural talents like music, athletics etc. invite her into your world:

Compliment: Damn, you jam on that guitar! When’s your next show? 🎸🤘

Response: Thanks gorgeous! I’m playing at the Red Room this Friday actually. You should tag along as my VIP guest. I’ll serenade you with a song 😘🎶

This makes her feel special while letting her see more of your life. But don’t force it if that’s not realistic or comfortable for you early on.

Don’t Stress, Just Have Fun!

While it’s exciting to get a compliment over text from someone you like, try not to stress over responding “perfectly.” At the end of the day, this person already likes what they see in you so far!

The most attractive thing is having fun, being at ease with yourself, and focusing having an enjoyable, lighthearted connection.

So take the pressure off! Just be your charming self.

Now you’ve got 30+ examples for witty, charming ways to respond when she compliments your looks over text.

You can apply these word-for-word or adapt them based on her unique message.

Next time your phone lights up with a flirty text about your cute smile or sexy arms, you’ll be prepared. Have some fun with it!

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