20+ Other Ways to Say “Looking Forward to the Interview”

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If you want some awesome alternative ways to say “Looking forward to the interview” when you’re emailing or messaging someone, then you’ll love the creative suggestions listed below!

I’ve included a range of options from friendly to formal.

What are 10 Alternative Ways to Say “Looking Forward to the Interview”?

When reaching out to set up or confirm an interview, you want to sound enthusiastic yet professional. While “Looking forward to the interview” is a perfectly nice phrase, having some variety can make your communication more engaging.

Alternative Phrase
I’m excited for our meeting
I appreciate you taking the time to meet
I eagerly anticipate our discussion
I’m delighted you agreed to the interview
I’m thrilled to have this opportunity
I’m keen to further discuss the role
I’m pleased we could find time to connect
I’m eager to learn more during our chat
I’m happy you made time for me
I can’t wait to meet face-to-face

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Funny Ways

Adding some lighthearted humor can help make a good first impression and show you don’t take yourself too seriously. Just don’t overdo it!

Funny Way
I’m jumping for joy about our interview
I’m tickled pink you said yes
I’m positively giddy about our meeting
I’m grinning ear to ear for our discussion
I can hardly contain my excitement!

Savage Ways

If you want to subtly flex your confidence, these bold options could work. But be careful not to come across as arrogant.

Savage Way
I expect our dialogue will be fruitful
I anticipate an engaging conversation
I know my credentials will impress
I relish the opportunity to dazzle you
I look forward to convincing you of my merit

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Flirty Ways

While flirtation generally isn’t advised in professional correspondence, a little playful charm never hurts. Just don’t lay it on too thick!

Flirty Way
I’m thrilled to finally meet my interviewer 😉
I can’t wait to gaze into your eyes as we chat
I’m eager to wow you with my winning smile
I’m hoping cupid strikes when we meet!
I just know we’ll have a spark right away

Excited Ways

If you want to emphasize your enthusiasm, ratchet up the intensity with these eager options. But don’t sound desperate or overzealous.

Excited Way
I’m stoked beyond belief for our meeting!
I’m practically bouncing off the walls with glee!
I’m full of pep and raring to go!
My enthusiasm knows no bounds!
I’m pumped to bring the energy and passion!

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Confident Ways

Polite confidence can indicate you believe you’d excel in the role. But don’t get ahead of yourself or seem pompous.

Confident Way
I know my talent will be evident
I believe my potential will be clear
I’m assured my competence will impress
I trust you’ll see I’m well qualified
I’m convinced you’ll recognize my capability

5 Editor’s Choice Ways

I’m delighted you agreed to the interview

This friendly and gracious phrase conveys sincere excitement about the upcoming meeting. It’s warm yet still professional, making it an ideal option.

I eagerly anticipate our discussion

With refined vocabulary that’s still accessible, this articulate phrase indicates eagerness along with respect for the interviewer’s time. It’s enthusiastic without sounding overzealous.

I appreciate you taking the time to meet

Polite and thoughtful, this phrase shows gratitude for the chance while acknowledging the interviewer’s busy schedule. It’s a classy way to say you know their time is valuable.

I’m thrilled to have this opportunity

The word “thrilled” perfectly captures genuine excitement and passion about the role and interview. It’s an enthusiastic yet refined choice.

I’m excited for our meeting

Simple, straightforward and utterly sincere, this friendly phrase warmly conveys eagerness and positivity about connecting in person. Its directness makes it easily likable.

Ways to Say It to Your Boss

I appreciate you taking the time from your busy schedule

Politely show you understand their demanding role while looking forward to connecting.

I know your insights will be incredibly valuable

Flatter them a bit by suggesting you highly respect their perspective.

I’m grateful for the chance to discuss my goals

If it’s about advancement, emphasize you appreciate the opportunity.

Ways to Say It to a Friend

I’m pumped we get to hang out for a bit!

Show enthusiasm for catching up with a fun, casual phrase.

Can’t wait to see your smiling face again!

Warmly look forward to connecting face-to-face with a friend.

Ways to Say It to a Mentor

I’m thankful you’ve offered your guidance

Express gratitude for their willingness to mentor you.

I deeply appreciate your willingness to assist my career

Convey you understand the value of their experienced support.

Ways to Say It to Your Girlfriend/Boyfriend

I cherish every minute we get to spend together

Romantically emphasize how special the time together will be.

You have no idea how much I long to see you

Passionately look forward to being with your love after absence.

Ways to Say It to Family Members

It’s been too long – can’t wait for a good long visit!

Warmly let extended family know how eager you are to catch up in person after time apart.

Your love and support means the world as I go for this

Candidly share how encouraging they’ve been about a decision as you look ahead to discussing it further.


Whether you want to sound enthusiastic, polite, professional, casual, confident or just plain excited, I hope these diverse ways to say “Looking forward to the interview” have sparked some inspiration!

The key is choosing a phrase that lets your personality shine while still being appropriate for the situation. A warm, sincere message can start things off on the right foot.

Most importantly, you want the interviewer or recipient to recognize you’re eager about the chance to connect in person and share more about your background, skills and goals. With so many options, you can pick a phrase that fits your style.

So take your pick from the varied suggestions above, personalize it with your own flair, and get ready to confidently say you’re looking forward to the interview opportunity! Just be yourself while putting your best foot forward.

Now you’ve got a head start on crafting the perfect email, message or statement to kick things off smoothly. Here’s hoping the interview goes fantastically well!

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