Other Ways to Say ‘Looking Forward to Working With You

Looking forward to working with someone is an expression we often use when starting a new professional relationship. But there are so many other ways to convey the same sentiment – keep reading for plenty of alternative phrases!*

What Are 10 Alternative Ways to Say “Looking Forward to Working With You”?

When networking or starting a new job, we tend to fall back on familiar language like “looking forward to working with you.” While perfectly polite, this common saying can feel stale. Luckily, more creative options abound!

Alternative Ways to Say “Looking Forward to Working With You
I’m excited for the chance to collaborate
Our partnership feels meant to be
This seems like the start of something great
I can’t wait to see what we can build together
Our combined talents could lead to big things
Let’s hit the ground running on this project
I just know we’ll do incredible work
The future looks bright with you on the team
Together we’ll be unstoppable
I’m thrilled to work alongside you

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Funny Ways

Inject a little humor when networking or starting a new job! These playful phrases break the ice.

Funny Ways to Say “Looking Forward to Working With You”
Let’s get this show on the road!
This is the beginning of a hilarious friendship
We’re going to make an amazing comedy duo
At last, my work wife/work husband has arrived!
Together we’ll be funnier than a cat video
Our water cooler convos will be legendary
Time to bring the workplace some much-needed laughter
Get ready for some seriously silly brainstorm sessions
Let the office prank war begin!
Are you into improv? Let’s make work a scene!

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Savage Ways

Show your fierce side with these bold phrases when starting a new partnership!

Savage Ways to Say “Looking Forward to Working With You”
We’re going to slay this partnership
Let’s smash some budgets together
Can’t wait to destroy the competition with you
Together we’ll be totally badass
Time to cause a major workplace disruption
Let’s get savage on these joint projects
We’ll be the power duo no one saw coming
Those deadlines don’t stand a chance against us!
Our rivals aren’t ready for this alliance
We’ll beast through this so hard

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Flirty Ways

Add some playful romance to your new professional relationship!

Flirty Ways to Say “Looking Forward to Working With You”
I think this could be the start of something magical
Working late might not be so bad with you around
This job just got much more exciting
Your creative vision gives me butterflies
I can already tell we’ll make an amazing team
Our talents seem made for each other
I have a workplace crush on your innovation
Can’t wait to brainstorm all night long
We’re going to look so cute leading meetings together!
Together I think we’ll dream up something sexy

Here is the third part of the article with the top 5 editor’s choice ways to say “Looking forward to working with you”:

5 Editor’s Choice Ways to Say “Looking Forward to Working With You”

Our talents will be a powerhouse combination

What better compliment than saying you can’t wait to combine forces and become an unstoppable work duo? This phrase respects your partner’s abilities.

I just know incredible things are in store

A little flattering optimism goes a long way when networking or starting a job. This forward-looking phrase gets the excitement flowing!

Let’s take the workplace by storm

If you want to emphasize ambition, try this bold metaphor. It makes your new partnership sound groundbreaking and gamechanging!

Are you ready to cause some ripples around here?

Like the “storm” phrase, this one also establishes you and your new coworker as a revolutionary team. But it’s a bit more playful.

I can sense some workplace magic in our future

Playing up mystery and possibility is another great networking tactic. This phrase sparks imaginings of surprisingly successful collaborations!

Ways to Say It to Your New Boss

Ways to Say “Looking Forward to Working With You” to Your New Boss
I admire your leadership style and can’t wait to learn from you
I’m excited to support your vision and help achieve great things
Let’s have an amazing mentor/mentee relationship
I can already tell this will be an inspiring place to work under your guidance
Your accomplishments make me honored to now be on your team

Ways to Say It to Your New Mentor

Ways to Say “Looking Forward to Working With You” to A Mentor
I look forward to learning from your experience and expertise
I so appreciate you taking me under your wing
This mentorship means the world – thank you in advance
Let’s set some ambitious goals for my growth
I hope to one day pay forward the guidance you give me

Ways to Say It to a New Client

Ways to Say “Looking Forward to Working With You” to a Client
We truly value your business and trust
Consider us your partners in success from here forward
It will be our privilege to surpass your expectations
We eagerly anticipate helping you reach new heights
Please reach out to us anytime for absolutely anything


Whether starting a new job, forming a mentorship, taking on a client, or just networking, how we express our anticipation of future collaboration leaves an impression. So be creative! Try out some of the 75+ alternative ways listed here to say “Looking forward to working with you” while showcasing your personality. Just remember to keep the focus on conveying clear excitement, respect, optimism, and ambition to build relationships on the right foot.

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