Other Ways to Say I Just Wanted to Follow Up, 51+ Classy, Funny, Savage and Flirty Alternatives

I was on a critical business call the other day when my phone started buzzing from an incoming call. I politely asked the client to give me a moment while I quickly checked to see who was calling. To my dismay, it was another client following up on a request that I had already responded to! This awkward moment made me realize I needed to find better, less demanding ways to follow up with people.

After that call, I started brainstorming alternative phrases to use instead of the pushy “I just wanted to follow up.” I came up with a list of gentler options that still get the job done without badgering the other person. Keep reading for my handy list of 10 better ways to follow up.

What are 10 Alternative Ways to Say “I Just Wanted to Follow Up”?

When you need to check in on a request or get an update from someone, there are more polite ways to follow up besides the blunt “I just wanted to follow up” phrase. Here are 10 kinder options to use instead:

Alternative Ways to Follow Up
I was curious if you had an update?
Did you get a chance to look into that request?
Just wanted to touch base about…
Any news on…?
Checking if you have an update on…
Wondering if there were any developments with…
Could you please give me a quick update when you have a minute?
Quick check-in: how is the progress on… ?
Following up on the status of…
Do you have any new information on…?

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Using gentle follow up language leaves room for the other person to respond comfortably instead of feeling pressured. Plus, it gets you the information you need without being too pushy!

Funny Ways to Follow Up

Sometimes you need to ask for an update without being too serious. Throw in some humor to lighten the mood with these silly follow up lines:

Funny Follow Up Phrases
So…any updates, or should I ask again later?
Hoping you have good news for me!
I don’t mean to be a pest, but just checking on…
Any luck on getting me that update?
Feeling lucky today – maybe you found the update I need?

Savage Ways to Follow Up

If subtlety isn’t working, bring out the big guns with these bold follow up statements:

Savage Follow Up Lines
I’ve been waiting patiently – please put me out of my misery!
Don’t leave me hanging here…what’s the status?
I asked nicely already – now give me that update!
Checking if you’re still alive over there…
Are you ghosting me on this or what?

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Romantic Ways to Follow Up

Why not have a little flirty fun with your request for info? Give these cheeky follow up lines a try:

Flirty Follow Up Phrases
Any chance you have an update for little old me? 😉
I’m longing for your next update!
Dying to hear back from you…
Hoping for some good news from my favorite person! 😍
Missing you and that update you promised me! 😘

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Sarcastic Ways to Follow Up

Channel some playful sarcasm into your follow up request with these biting (but funny) quips:

Sarcastic Follow Up Comments
I know you probably forgot, but just following up on…
Checking to see if you’re still working on my request from last year…
I’m sure you’re very busy, but I was hoping for an update…
Unless you want me to ask every hour, please send that update! 😝
Just a friendly reminder that I still exist and need info from you!

Annoying Ways to Follow Up

If you really want to be persistent, pester them for an update with these annoying follow up phrases!

Exasperating Follow Up Remarks
Update please…now please? How about now? 😆
So…got that update for me yet or do I have to keep asking?
I promise I’ll leave you alone after you give me the update!🙏
I know you have it…quit holding out on me! 😫
Don’t make me beg for this update…I’ll do it! 😩

5 Editor’s Choice Ways to Follow Up

After compiling all those creative follow up lines, our editors narrowed it down to their top 5 favorites. Check out these winning options:

Just Checking In!

This friendly follow up phrase takes the pressure off. It’s open and casual – perfect for when you want an update but don’t want to come across as pushy.

Any Updates So Far?

Simply inquiring if the person has any new updates is a polite way to follow up. It leaves room for them to respond either way without feeling forced to deliver info before they’re ready.

Got a Minute for a Quick Check-In?

Making the request for their time optional with this phrase is a courteous follow up move. Plus limiting it to just a quick check-in reduces the demand being placed on them.

Please Advise!

Straightforward yet professional, this popular follow up line asks for an update without being overly demanding. It’s the perfect balance of directness and manners.

Just Wondering What the Latest Is?

This super casual follow up phrase wonders about the current status without pushing for specifics right away. Its light tone makes it a nice way to check in.

Following up is so much easier when you avoid overly pushy language. Try out some of these friendly and fun ideas next time you need to check in on a request!

Ways to Follow Up With Your Boss

When you need information from higher up the chain of command, be extra mindful in your follow up approach. Here are some good ways to follow up with your boss:

Respectful Follow Ups With Your Boss
Excuse me, do you have a few minutes to provide an update on…?
Pardon the interruption, but I was hoping to get your thoughts on the status of…
Just checking – when you have a second, could you please advise on…?

Ways to Follow Up With Friends

Following up with friends should come naturally. But if you need to request info from a buddy, keep it casual with questions like:

  • Hey! Heard anything about…yet?
  • So, did you get any updates on…?
  • Any news you can share on…?

Ways to Follow Up With Significant Others

Gently nudging your significant other for updates shows you care – but tread lightly. Use cute follow ups like:

  • Any new developments with… that you can share with little old me?
  • Be a dear and let me know if you have any updates?
  • I know you’ll keep me posted when you hear something!

Remember: Kindness Above All Else

However you phrase your follow up, the most vital part is maintaining kindness. Avoid interrogating people excessively. Remain understanding of busy schedules. And always incorporate patience and courtesy.


Following up is essential, but how you follow up matters too. With all the pushy, blunt options out there, I wanted to provide this extensive list of friendly alternative ways to check in instead. Whether you opt for humor, charm, or professionalism, these conversational follow up phrases take the edge off requests for updates.

The next time you need information from someone, implement my kinder approach. Dance around demands by infusing some lightness into your follow ups. Not only will you get the details you want, but you’ll do so without ruining relationships in the process!

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