10 Best FRIENDS-themed Shower Ideas for hosting the ultimate FRIENDS party


In 2013, I threw my best friend what seems to be the first-known FRIENDS-themed bridal shower. Buzzfeed, Cosmo, Comedy Central UK and others have shared the news, and I blogged about it here.

Today, “FRIENDS” is now a popular theme for parties and showers – especially since the show continues to thrive in syndication and both Generation Z and millennials are newly obsessed (even if they were just being born when the show debuted).

Here are my picks for the top 10
FRIENDS-themed shower ideas ever!


  1. The ultimate FRIENDS-themed invitation.
    I’m biased, of course, as this is my design, but I truly feel like it’s the best FRIENDS-themed invitation. It comes in several colors and everything can be customized. I can vouch for the customer service (you get to work with me!) and the quality. Plus, I can print them for you!
  2. This awesome photo backdrop!
    Ladies, we love a good step-and-repeat, no? This easy to re-create backdrop will delight your guests and have them snapping selfies and creating the best Insta-stories about your event! All you need is purple wrapping paper and a yellow frame (this handmade frame on Etsy is GREAT!)

  3. The “trifle” and a killer shower food spread.
    Who can forget the TRIFLE episode?! It’s a shower gotta-have! But there are so many food moments throughout the 10 seasons of “FRIENDS,” you should have no trouble coming up with themed food that will give everyone a chuckle as they make a plate. Here are some of my faves from around the web: 


  4. The cake.
    If you want an amazing centerpiece, plus a delicious cake, this is the one! Created by Just Desserts by Jess of Thornwood, New York, this is by far one of the best FRIENDS-themed bridal shower cake out there. Although, there are many!

  5. FRIENDS-themed costumes.
    I love the idea of stepping up your shower or party game with costumes. Who doesn’t love a creative costume party? This customer of mine did FRIENDS-themed costumes and it was amazing what guests came up with! Adore.icm_fullxfull-61795490_8ym2zj74d44kw8ccgssgicm_fullxfull-61753169_gqulebv31pcgccwg4c4cicm_fullxfull-61753229_qizeul7g0ys4g8k4ss80
  6. These FRIENDS-themed shower games!
    These are my designs, too, and they’re super fun! My personal favorites are…
    Instant downloads via Etsy!
    “The One With All The Weddings” Trivia game
    BINGO with custom frame
    “How Good of a FRIEND are you to the Bride?” gameil_fullxfull.1083765067_duok
  7. A Central Perk coffee bar.
    No FRIENDS-themed shower is complete without a coffee bar worthy of Central Perk. All you need is a great pot or two of coffee, an assortment of different mugs (bonus points for giant mugs!), and a Central Perk sign! Like these:

    Screen Shot 2017-09-02 at 11.56.45 AMSource: http://catchmyparty.com/photos/614550


    Love these insider posts about Central Perk and its significance to the show…
    a. Why was the orange couch always available?
    b. Secrets from behind-the-scenes at Central Perk!
    c. FRIENDS filming locations in NYC revealed.

  8. The party favors.
    Affordable and used by most all people, coffee cups are a great party favor, especially when we’re talking about FRIENDS. You’ll find so many FRIENDS-themed coffee mugs on Etsy!

  9. FRIENDS-themed name tags.
    Using silly names from the show, each guest can pick a different name tag to wear during the shower! A great conversation starter!

  10. Great purple and yellow decor.
    From table clothes and party plates to paper straws and balloons — sticking to these quintessential FRIENDS colors will round out your party. Items I love:• Paper Straws via TwigsAndTwirls.com
    • Polka dot balloons via PartyCity.com
    • Purple and gold dot plates via Zazzle.com
    • Pastel “party time” plates via PaperSource.com
    • Flower examples galore via Google (coffee mug arrangement for the win!)

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