YouTube Made Me Buy It – Part 2

Alright, y’all!  I’m back for Part Two of my YouTube Made Me Buy It series!  Sorry it took me so long!  This post has some seriously good stuff and a good portion of it is also seriously affordable!  Enjoy, lovelies!

Eye Shadow:


urban decay naked palette, elf mad for matte palette, colourpop super shock shadows

Urban Decay Naked Palette
This palette holds such a special place in my heart.  It was not only the first true palette that I ever invested in, but I purchased it specifically for my wedding (My hubs and I had a courthouse wedding and an intimate party for close friends and family afterwards, so I did my own makeup…maybe my DIY wedding is a post in the cards for a later time…)  But back to the point…I heard so many great things about this palette and to be quite honest, after purchasing it I know why.  But let’s also be real, it kind of hurt to spend more than $50 on an eye shadow palette.  Nevertheless, I find that you can create a lot of different looks with it and the colors are decently blend-able and there’s not a whole lot of kick up or fall out. I do find that there are certain colors I use more frequently than others, and a couple of them have hardly been touched, but isn’t that how it goes with palettes? Overall I reach for this palette when I know I want a neutral, simple look with maybe a little bit of glam, and it always works out.

Elf Mad for Matte
Oh goodness, where to start.  How about with TEN DOLLARS.  Let’s start there.  Elf products are SO affordable and the quality of their items tends to be pretty on-point, so when I heard about this launch I was so excited and ran out to get this one as fast as I could.  Point blank…this palette is BOMB.  The shadows are pressed so nicely that I hardly get any kick back at all or fall out (even less than the Urban Decay Naked), which means the product is going to last me a lot longer and that makes me happy, happy, happy.  The product name really gives you a good idea of what you can create if you only stick with this palette and use nothing else.  It has all matte shadows and all neutral colors.  I can use this on a no-makeup makeup day or create a beautiful matte smoky eye for a night out with ease.  Highly recommend!

ColourPop Super Shock
If you are a YouTube fan like I am, go check out Kathleen Lights’ channel.  She is such a sweetheart, is incredibly talented and I can thank her for introducing me to ColourPop cosmetics.  The company has a lot to pick from, but these super shock shadows come in singles and are only $5 each!  I purchased three colors off their website (only two are pictured above because one fell in the crevices of my car and I can. not. get. it out.).  I got two mattes and one shimmer.  These feel like no other eye shadows I’ve ever felt before.  As freaky as it sounds, they remind me of memory foam to the touch and at the same time, they kind of feel wet.  It seriously threw me off at first, but once I figured out how best to use them I fell in love.  The color payoff is incredible and I just love how unique they are.  Tip for success: use your fingers or a synthetic brush.



loreal lash paradise, too faced better than sex

Loreal Lash Paradise
So I’m just going to put this out there – I’m an all about lashes kind of gal.  I 100% go by the rule of “when you think you are done, keep going”.  I LOVE the look of super full, long lashes.  It tends to suit my eye shape best, what can I say?  Because of my great love for lashes, I’ve tried a whole heck of a lot of mascaras and, unfortunately, most of the ones that work best for me have also been more costly (see next product).  When I saw so many people talking about this product, I had kind of given up on drugstore mascara and I ignored the hype for a bit.  When I finally decided $10 couldn’t hurt that bad, I was so shocked.  This is hands down the best drugstore mascara I’ve ever used.  It gives luxury brands a run for their money.  Honestly.  The only downside that I can find so far is that my first tube dried up in about a month.  But keep in mind that I pile this stuff on, so a good bit of that issue may be due to me.  $10 a month still beats the heck out of what I could end up paying for high ends throughout the year.  Run and get ya some!

Too Faced Better Than Sex
I’ve already ruined it, haven’t I?   I love this mascara.  It may be $23 for .27 oz, but gosh dang it it’s so good.  It piles on so well.  The brush is so soft and works like a dream.  I get compliments on my lashes every time I use it.  I have no bad words.  I have heard that some people find that it flakes off during the course of a day, but I really haven’t had that problem.  If I’m being honest, Loreal Lash Paradise is super comparable to this one, it could actually be considered a dupe in my opinion, but there is just something about this mascara that keeps me coming back.  If you are ever just in the mood to do a good comparison, get both and comment below with what you think.  Am I crazy to keep spending $23 on mascara when I could go full-on dedicated to Loreal Lash Paradise?  Anyway, this stuff is worth it in my book.

So that does it for this post. Next time we’ll move on to blushes, bronzers, highlighters and lip products and I’ve got some GOODIES!

As I always will, I wish you blessings!  Talk soon.

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