Sleeping Beauty Birthday Party, Pink Princess Aurora Party, Disney Princess Grace Turns Three

One of my favorite things to do – you could say my favorite hobby – is to host creative parties and showers for my closest friends and family. I love a good theme centered around something they love or an inside joke or backstory (e.g. The first-ever FRIENDS TV Show shower I threw for my bestie). It was featured on BuzzFeed! And on Cosmo! Thus, when it came time to celebrate my little girl’s 3rd birthday, I went nuts. Duh.

Here are some of the design elements, treats,
and ideas from Grace’s amazing day!


Our sweet Grace Caroline was celebrated with royal fanfare. She really is quite obsessed with Princess Aurora, aka Sleeping Beauty. And so her party theme – and who would make a surprise appearance at said party – was a no-brainer!


Luckily, my sister Ashley lives in a luxe French country-inspired neighborhood with an HOA clubhouse that’s actually called “the palace” – it looks just like one too. That’s where we hosted the party. It was perfection.


I didn’t want any cheesy Disney princess clip art on Grace’s invites – not only because Disney would be none too pleased to find yet another copy right infringement on Etsy – but because it wouldn’t look classy, nor very original. So, I searched for an illustrator who had a princess in pink that resembled Aurora. A designer on CreativeMarket illustrated this Aurora-esque princess that was perfection. I bought the rights to use it and am so thrilled with how these Sleeping Beauty Birthday Invitations turned out!

Screen Shot 2017-08-27 at 12.31.39 PM


I made matching thank you notes too!

Confession time… I found out I was pregnant the day after the party and launched into morning sickness, and, I’m ashamed to say, I failed to send thank yous after the party.
To our the many sweet friends and family who came to Grace’s party: Thank you so so much for coming to celebrate with us, and for the thoughtful and fun gifts you bestowed on her. It truly meant the world to Michael and me.

It wouldn’t be a birthday without a “Happy Birthday” banner, so I designed a simple one that matched the overall theme and was easy to DIY … As much as I love being creative, crafting isn’t my thing. But this banner is the easiest ever to print out, cut out, hole punch and string up with twine or ribbon. It’s about 8′ long once assembled!

Screen Shot 2017-08-27 at 12.36.00 PM

file1-1 (1)

My sister-in-law has a talent she continues to hide from the world, but I’m hell bent on getting the word out. This girl can make adorable cakes, y’all. They’re delicious too.
I asked her to design a cake based on my Pinterest-board inspo and she nailed it.
Look how beautiful?


And for the cake table… a cute sign based on the main song from “Sleeping Beauty.”



Like the birthday banner, I wanted to create an easy printable sheet of cupcake toppers to enhance store-bought cupcakes (this mama has to save $ somewhere!). These were a cinch to “craft”. As you can see in the photos, I printed a front and back to each cupcake topper for a 360-degree design. They were large and darling!
I even used them on the sliders!

aurora cupcake topper promo

Here’s how to assemble!

IMG_9624I also bought these little gold glitter tiara toppers too via Etsy friend Jamboree Party Box.

“Don’t be late! A royal surprise arrives at 1:15!”
The invitation hinted to guests that a special guest would be appearing to help Grace celebrate her day. And indeed Princess Aurora arrived to the delight of the little girl’s present. Thank you Fairytale Princess Parties DFW. Aurora was amazing.
I’ll treasure the memory of Grace and her friends being surprised by the princess, and playing and dancing with her!




You may have noticed that the invitation featured a line “princess attire encouraged.” I knew the little girls would show up in their princess best, but thought it would be fun to have something royal for the adults and little boy guests to wear – if they wanted to. So, I created a “welcome station” – pictured below – complete with princess tiaras and king crowns (via Oriental Trading Co.), and a sign I designed to greet guests and encourage their participation. These printable signs are coming soon to my Etsy shop!

IMG_9617Screen Shot 2017-08-27 at 12.36.22 PMNote the Little People Castle…that’s Mama Bear using something we had to save $ on decor.

Special shout out to fellow Etsy shop owner EnchantedHairTies for the best Princess Aurora party favor ever, Sleeping Beauty hair ties (something guests won’t actually throw away after the party). She was awesome to work with and even made a special hair tie pack for the bday girl, Grace.

More favors:
The princess and super hero bubbles = Target, Dollar Spot
The princess coloring packs = Oriental Trading Co.
Super Hero magic wash cloths =Target, Dollar Spot



Other items I used and love from fellow Etsy vendors featured below:


  1. Disney Princess Aurora balloon via LanasParty.
  2. Pink and gold straws via Jamboree Party Box. These were perfect for the mimosa station our guests enjoyed!
  3. Castle Balloon via Jamboree Party Box.

More pictures from such a memorable and amazing party…






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