Blue Ombre Oh Boy! Themed Baby Shower

IMG_0463When Mrs. Fincher announced she was pregnant, we all rejoiced with her, ready to celebrate her sweet blessing. All babies should be recognized, but there is something so special about the first one, which makes a woman, a mom.


Mrs. Fincher

From the beginning, Kristin had the distinct feeling, she would have a boy. And upon the doctor’s positive confirmation, we began planning a fun “Oh Boy” shower for our soon-to-be momma.


Shower Hostesses

Mrs. Irvin, one of “The Original Mrs.”, is a bridal editor, as well as a talented & successful paperie designer at LittlePebblePaper. For the showers invitations, it was a no-brainer to request she utilize her gift, ultimately culminating in the touches that really rounded out the special occasion.


The theme: Oh Boy! Reflected the personality of our dear friend: trendy yet classic, fun not cutesy. The blue ombre colorations were the starting point for our shower inspiration- and they easily translated into the decor and food. Because of the straightforward theme, the shower hostesses never actually met, with all communication taking place via email!


The colors: Various hues of blue accented by metallic


The invite and all printed paper décor: created by LittlePebblePaper




Share Your Prayers: something the mom-to-be can turn into a book of blessings)

IMG_1328The games: 1) Name that ‘Stache, 2) Price is RightIMG_1317IMG_0462

Best Friends Forever XOXO


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