First Birthday Party: Sweet Little Peach, Georgia Peach, Sweet Tea Theme, Southern Baby Girl First Birthday Party

IMG_5299My daughter turned one.

It was an occasion I always claimed I’d never waste money on a party my kids would never remember, but I didn’t know what it was like to survive the first year of your new baby’s life. To watch her grow, start to smile, roll over for the first time, try to crawl, begin to walk, say mama and dada, hug on our puppies, become obsessed with mini pancakes … we needed a celebration.

Of course, a unique theme was mandatory. And one that fit my little princess.

Her nursery, which y’all remember I posted about just before she was born, boasts shades of peach, coral, ivory and gray with pops of metallic gold (and dusted with a few fox elements). This inspired me to use peach – the predominant color in her room – as a theme, and spin it into a fruity peach theme.

I designed her invitations and the rest was history — everything was themed around them, down to the custom thank you notes I sent her sweet guests who gave her birthday presents.

Here’s how it turned out!

The Invitation.
The jumping off point for the party décor!
(I sent them with peachy little custom address labels too!)

The Décor.




Custom Birthday Hat by KutieBowTuties of Etsy.



I cut two big hearts out of two collapsed cardboard boxes I already had lying around and punched two holes in the top of each. Strung curling ribbon I already had through to hang each of them. Al; I had to do was run out and get some Modge Podge and glitter to finish. Used white shoe polish to paint the one (also already had some at the house). Total cost was $10 for two huge gold glitter hearts!


I hung one of the hearts above the drink station, which featured champagne with peaches and strawberries for garnish, white sangria with fresh fruit (including peaches, of course!), lime-infused water, peach tea and regular ol’ white wine. Guests could choose from mason jars or orange cups, with fun peach and white polka dot straws.




I used the birthday cards she had already received as decor in the dining room. Free and easy, and festive! I glittered the No. 1 stencil I had made for creating the big gold hearts, and then used them in the decor too! Super easy, super cheap!

I also used one of the No. 1s on the guest sign-in table, where I asked Grace’s friends and family to complete a “Time Capsule Card” for her Sweet 16 Birthday. I designed them to match the invites. Each guest wrote a message to her to read when she turns 16. Will be so fun to give her those down the road. I’m sure she’ll think it was funny and cheesy and roll her eyes.


The Food.


I designed the menu printable too! And another table décor printable to complete the table setup.


Cake by SweetLove Bakes in Little Rock


“Just Peachy” print by LittlePebblePaper via Etsy / Mini pies by SweetLove Bakes in Little Rock too


Cookies by SweetLove Bakes in Little Rock

IMG_7033Peach tea in a Mason jar. Gotta love it.


The top tier of the cake was Grace’s cake smashing cake. That way guests didn’t have to eat off a cake she’d had her hands all over. It was so yummy. Looking forward to my next occasion to order another one.

The Fun.

IMG_4081IMG_4084IMG_4083IMG_4086IMG_4095IMG_4104IMG_5367IMG_5365IMG_5357Grace didn’t want to smash it, nor did she like the taste of icing. Too sweet probably. She daintily pinched off piece of icing and threw them at the floor. Such a little lady!

The Gifts.

IMG_7036 IMG_4131 IMG_4144

I bought her this birthday cupcake ornament to commemorate her 1st birthday. It will hang on our tree until it’s time to pass along all her ornaments to her when she starts creating her own family Christmas tree. She seems to really love it.

IMG_7114 IMG_4116Our best baby friends, and their beautiful mommies.

IMG_7103 IMG_7102 IMG_7019

My little peach princess as she entered the room to find her birthday party all set up!

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