A New Mrs. Joins the Blog — Meet Mrs. Andi Muszejnski

With so many big changes happening in our lives this past year (new jobs, new babies, health issues),  it was no surprise a couple of our beloved Mrs. needed to take a step back and focus more on their families and jobs. It’s sad. But we must say goodbye to Mrs. Duran and Mrs. Fincher, at least for the time being. (It’s just goodbye to them blogging here; they’re still our very best besties!).

Luckily, we have a super awesome NEW MRS. joining the blog — Mrs. Andi Muszejnski — and she’s gonna fill the pages of this site with yummy recipes (her food is SO good, y’all), neat DIY projects, home décor ideas, and mommy-0f-the-year tips and tales. I can’t wait to read Andi’s posts and share them on our Pinterest page and Facebook wall.

Without further ado, I introduce you to Mrs. M (I struggle to pronounce it properly, lol!) ... who just so happens to be my sister-in-law!

Andi and Avery after biking

Mrs. Andi Muszejnski and her 7-year-old son, Avery (my nephew!)


Andi, Avery and her Mr., Brandon

That’s right. Andi is my hubby’s sister, my sister! And baby Grace’s aunt! I love her and I know you will to.

Read her bio now, and look for her first blog post coming next week!


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