Three Months Later… We Have a Baby, Whole New Life

All the Mrs. have been MIA for a while … big stuff happening. Two of us had babies, in fact. Three months since my last post, and since the birth of my daughter, I’m finally returning to share this part of my life as a Mrs.

For today, until next time, I’m just going to share some photos of my sweet girl from her birth to now. Love her so much and can’t believe how much my whole perspective on life has changed. Nothing else matters. It’s all about her and making her happy.

Grace Caroline 

Born at 6 pounds, 1 oz. at 12:40 p.m.

photo 1

Day of Birth Photo by Kati Mallory Photo + Design


Newborn session with Lyndsey Sullivan Photography


Weeks old!




And my how she’s grown!
She’s nearing 12 pounds.

photo 5

A month old and full of cute faces!

photo 1



Two months old and developing some serious smiles!

photo 4

photo 2

photo 3

First lake trip / boat ride!


With her Gigi & Bunkie at the lake.

photo 5

Quite the little personality, huh?!

Processed with Moldiv

From my last day of maternity leave … enjoying the beautiful early summer weather with a walk and some back porch rocking.

photo 3

Just this past weekend with my little lovely.



Mrs. Duran with her new baby Trent Matthew! She gave birth 10 weeks after I gave birth to Grace! So blessed to go through this stage of life with her!10014710_10101094066823317_8627159566628973845_n

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