Rock the Crock, with this Easy Porkchop Dinner

So Texas weather is always unpredictable, but lately the entire country seems to be affected by the recent polar vortex’s. One day its 60 degrees, the next 13! I only wish warm thoughts and large mugs of cocoa for those that are in the negatives, eeek!

When its cold, I usually try and prepare hearty or home cooked meals for supper. There is usually leftovers, and those can be frozen for a future meal or saved for the next evening. The best kind however, is easy and thrown together in a crockpot before work.

The following is a recipe I have made just a handful of times, but it ALWAYS turns out to be just the thing for a cold weather, cozy implemented…dinner in:)


(1) crockpot

(3) packages of snack size baby carrots chopped

(4-5) medium sized red potatoes washed & cubed

(1) medium onion chopped

(1) Lipton Secrets Onion Dip& Soup Mix

(2) pork chop loin, each cut in half to make 4 total

(2) cans of cream of mushroom soup

(1/2) teaspoon to (1) teaspoon of salt if needed


Directions: Turn Crockpot on low. This easy & delicious meal will cook 6-8 hours. Chop carrots, & toss into crockpot.


Then cubed potatoes.


Layer with your diced onion and Lipton soup mix.


Place your pork chops on top.


And lastly, spread your mushroom soup over pork chops.


Now, allow to cook for 6-8 hours. The pork chops will be tender and easily shredded with a fork if desired. As a side, you could serve salad with a light vinaigrette, and crescent rolls.




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