Finally, a New Recipe to Keep Cooking: Parmesan Ranch Chicken

I can’t take the credit on this one, but I wanted to share an awesome little recipe with y’all. I have been desperate for new menu items to feed me and the Mr. since our monthly menu was getting, as I blogged before, monotonous.

I’ve tried this.
And this one here.

All of these, and all of the other new recipes I’ve tried lately just plain, well, suck.

So, imagine my surprise last night when I took my first bite of this new – seriously easy – recipe … EUREKA!

I am so excited about it, I decided it deserved a blog post. It’s seriously easy and seriously delicious.


(Doesn’t have a distinct Italian or overpowering ranch flavor.
It  will taste great with rice, potatoes, pasta, mac ‘n’ cheese, etc.)

chicken1Photo & Recipe courtesy:

Screenshot 2014-01-14 13.49.56 Screenshot 2014-01-14 13.50.06


3 thoughts on “Finally, a New Recipe to Keep Cooking: Parmesan Ranch Chicken

  1. Sounds yummy! I like ANYTHING that I can throw in the oven! I often get the JUMBO container of grated parmesan cheese at our favorite warehouse store. Tonight I did a real simple chicken; wrap my thighs in bacon, brush some bottled BBQ sauce on and bake for an hour at 375. (I’d seen some on facebook that involve chili powder and brown sugar and that didn’t hit me!). A side I like to make is chunk up “left over” bake potatoes; toss with grated cheese (I used 4 cheese Mexican from Sargento); a little garlic & onion salt and bake in the oven for 30 mins at same temp as the chicken. (Usually I toss the chicken in the oven first, then it takes me a few minutes to get the potatoes ready to go into same oven.).

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