Nesting in Progress: Media Cabinet Remodel

So, mine and my husband’s goal to have everything ready for baby by Feb. 4 (a month before our due date) is so close to being met.

In addition to painting the nursery after finding out the gender, another goal I set in my first post about nesting has been accomplished!

• Remodel the media cabinet in the main living room – COMPLETE! CHECK! YAY!
Here’s how it turned out…



Notice the TV sits outside of the cabinet because the inside is divided into two separate spaces. One side was a bar set up with a glass backdrop and shelves for bottles with light. The other side was a spot for a TV (max size 30″ inch I believe). The previous owner had a big box TV in there and so it was not wide-screen friendly either. And a drawer below the TV shelf.

Wish I had before pictures of the insides, but I didn’t think to take those. 😦


20140103-173127.jpgHighly recommended cabinet company in central Arkansas: Boeckman & Son Cabinets. You can see the shelf dividing the two separate sides in this picture, and the light for what once was the bar side of the cabinet. And the old bar mirror (which we plan to repurpose for a big framed mirror elsewhere in the house) against the french doors in the background.

20140103-173156.jpgYou can see the lines from where shelves and cubbies were removed and the start of a new remote drawer has been added.

20140103-173209.jpgWe requested two media box spots and two remote drawers to run across the bottom of the unit.
This is the start of drawer one!

IMG_4393 Before, there were four doors on the unit. Two for each compartment. We loved the look, but obviously it wouldn’t be possible to keep them like that anymore. So, they hinged the middle and made them fold into each other and collapse to the side when the unit is open.


IMG_4391No more TV and stand out in front of unit. WOOT!

Detailed view of the new drawers and media box openings.

Now,  we’re shoppin’ for a bigger TV to fill the space!


media cabinet

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