Taking to the Skies

Readers, if you live in the South, you know we are experiencing a ice storm. In a couple days it’ll warm up and life will go back to normal, so until then stay safe and warm. Most people from the South, do not know how to deal with weather that plagues the Northern states on a yearly basis, so be careful this frigid weekend if you are a inexperienced winter ice driver.


The first time I flew on an airplane was to Arizona, visiting my best friend’s (at the time) grandparents. I must have been a responsible fifth grader to fly solo at my young age, or my parents were “testing the circle of trust”. The overwhelming excitement the night before boarding, meant I did not sleep a wink until arriving exhausted in Tuscon the next day, and hence had to take a quick nap reviving my over-animated self. I recall praying as the plane ascended,as I was a mix of nerves, it was my first trip away from the parents, and thoughts of crashing & burning flitted around in my head. Obviously, we made it, and I had a great time!_MG_4183

Since then I’ve flown to several countries and states, some with huge airports, and others so small I actually walked onto the “runway” to board the plane. On one memorably bumpy trip, the captains cockpit-separated by a thin curtain (this is after 9/11), was alit with flashing red lights after only 15 minutes in the air, and the curtain flew open with the co-captain saying that something was wrong and we were returning to the airport. Honestly, I was terrified, but it turned out to be something minor.

For my husband’s birthday I purchased a beginner flight lesson, to help determine if his love of aviation was truly an interest or something to be admired from the ground. My purchase included a “ride along” so of course I was on board to be a passenger! The lesson began with  a flight simulation and then afterwards we took to the skies.

During our flight he tried a 40 degree turn, flew over Lake Ray Hubbard, Love Field, downtown Dallas, and practiced landing and taking off. There was a pilot that sat next to my husband, and at certain times, was required to takeover due to the fact that we were flying in certain “air space” that was trickier to maneuver. The pilot was very patient, a great teacher, and we would definitely request him if we decide to move forward with flight lessons.


Downtown Dallas from the sky

To obtain a pilots license, it is about $13,000, but once you try it once, I guarantee you will one day try and follow through with lessons, and if not, you’ll at least have an appreciation for the pilot who is in charge of your next business trip or vacation flight!

3 thoughts on “Taking to the Skies

  1. What a great gift! Trusting parents you had! My daughter, on her 12th birthday had a 30 minute flight with an instructor at our local aero club; and he let her “fly” over our home, her school and so on. She was ready to join the NAVY and be a TOP GUN pilot after that adventure. I guess I was pretty trusting too, because her little sister and I waited at the airfield while she had her adventure in the air. $13,000 well spent over the coming years obtaining private pilot lessons; but then comes the airplane rental/purchase/lease….$$$$. Well worth it to keep that kind of smile on your faces. (Whole lot less than a new car!!!)

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