Second Trimester Recap…Three Months to Go

Tomorrow marks the start of my third trimester. Crazy.

Time flies when you’re having fun – er, when your pregnancy is so ailment-free and uneventful that you feel totally normal the whole time.

However, I know the next three months are the BIG ones.

The “I’m-finally-going-to-get-huge” months.

I’m terrified, yet intrigued about what’s coming next. Anxious, impatient and excited. But scared is pretty high up there.

Scared of what? Well, the stretching of my belly (and whatever else stretches with it), the delivery (eek!) and, of course, all the unknowns ahead in my life now that I have a real live person to care for — and care for well. I’m terrified that my body will never be the same again. I’m terrified I’ll be a bad mom, or not love being a mom as much as some moms do.

With that said, I’m mostly VERY EXCITED about the many changes this will bring in my life and about meeting my daughter for the first time. I can’t wait to experience that in just 90 days. Another exciting and wonderful thing is that I have several close friends who are preggo right now with me and it’s been fun to go through this journey together, or to watch them embark on it right as I reach the home stretch.

By the way, NO, we don’t have a name picked out yet. I have names I like. Michael does too. And we agree on several — with one heavy favorite. But we kind of think we will just wait until her birth date to dub her officially.

As for a recap on the past three months (14 weeks to 27 weeks), really all that has happened is this:

  • I already did a re-cap for all the way up to 18 weeks.
  • 19 & 20 weeks – Pretty uneventful. No ultra sounds to show for. 😦
  • 21 weeks – We found out the gender at our anatomy scan, which went great! Got a headshot of our girl! Had a Gender Reveal Party in Dallas with our closest family and friends.
  • 22 weeks – Bought a belly band for the first time to wear with my tighter fitting jeans … HATED IT! RETURNED IT!
  • 23 weeks – Finally broke down and purchased maternity jeans. Painted the nursery.
  • 24 weeks – Took the glucose test at the doctor (ew!). Wasn’t as bad as women made it seem, but it made me so tired. This was also the first week people at the office started saying that they could finally see a bump through my clothes. I wasn’t really wearing anything too form-fitting either. Kind of in-between.
  • 25 weeks – Boosted my exercise frequency and revisited some healthier diet habits, as my belly finally reached a point of no more hiding when I wear anything remotely form-fitting. Started looking for a nursing rocking chair or glider. Fell in LOVE with this one…  but not going to spend that much (in light of everything else we need for baby coming up). Mr. & Mrs. Robertson visited us with their 3-month-old baby girl – was fun to watch them with her and see what we’re in for.

photo 1

  • 26 weeks – Went to Austin for Thanksgiving. Michael’s cousin wed her high school and college sweetheart. It was a beautiful and fabulous wedding. Enjoyed showing off my growing bump to relatives who don’t see me regularly, and wearing a non-maternity dress I was saving for a fun occasion! Also, got a daybed out of my in-laws’ attic to use in the nursery. They had one very similar to the one I wanted to buy! Just need a mattress, linens and pillows to accessorize it! Bought Baby Girl’s first Burberry ensemble (Thank you Black Friday!).
  • photo 4

    The Mundens saying their wedding vows!

    photo 3

  • photo 2

    Baby Girl’s first Burberry

  • 27 weeks (going to happen this week) – Finishing decorating for Christmas … office Christmas party … Michael’s first-semester finals for grad school … shopping for xmas presents … ordering the rocker we landed on (I’ll show you later when it’s in the nursery!) … general holiday joy!

Anyway, excited for this next trimester. It brings with it a trip to Steamboat, Colo. for Christmas, baby showers and the finalizing of the nursery. Stay tuned for more and enjoy these second trimester belly pics:

You’ve already seen these. So, I’m starting with…











In one of my maternity outfits from the surprise maternity shower!





Still in my pre-maternity tops, and one pair of my new maternity jeans! I was going for a little preppy equestrian look that day!



It’s getting BIG!

(well, technically 26 weeks and 6 days, but oh well.)

photo 1

photo 2

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