UPDATE! the painting progression…

So its only been four months since we moved into our new home, even though it feels like a year. Working ourselves a little too hard every weekend… we had/have a goal to get every room painted (we’ll see), crown molding and trim re-painted, and the main rooms (living area and master) decorated…by August of 2014. We’ve had a few mishaps: toilet that had to be replaced due to leaking, then some midnight culprit “using” the old toilet dumpplaced out by the trash, searching for an impossible dryer hose connector, and many more unexpected revelations…. but still trying to stay positive:)

After we painted all closets, I wanted to focus on maximizing the small master by using color grouping (for clothing)

and organization (via baskets) to efficiently utilize wasted space. In my humble opinion, to do this, you must choose a unified storage container that works best for your space….whether that is wicker baskets, plastic target tubs, or ikea pop-up cloth boxes. I chose wicker baskets from Target, closet1and being a bit of a organized neurotic, I sought a “labeling system”, so I could know in a glance, what was stored in each wicker unit. The tags I found at Michael’s Craft store, and while they are for gifts, I thought, why not use them for my project. I discovered other more expensive options ranging in $15-$25, but you won’t be able to beat my $5 price tag!closet2

Checking the newly painted laundry room off the list…..

We added shelving, wicker baskets for: storing light bulbs, dryer sheets, and cat treats, painted the singular tan cabinet white, and “discussed cabinet knob choices”. Suprisingly my husband is VERY particular when it comes to paint colors, hardware, etc…a shock to me at first, but I am now appreciative that he is so involved in our design process. I originally had purchased these beautiful antiqued glass knobs,image

however, we ended up with some basic utilitarian pulls since he said we share in the laundry process (all true). You never know, I might switch them back one of these days and see if he notices! So there is my brief update friends, just so you know….I have been a busy gal!

2 thoughts on “UPDATE! the painting progression…

  1. Haha, yep. Michael is VERY involved in the house stuff too. Drives me crazy usually, but with the nursery i’ve been glad for his enthusiasm or whatever it’s called. He picked out stripes and vertical at that. I just sat back and hoped for the best, and it was great.
    I LOVE how you freshened up the closet space! Simply but noteworthy changes! And the baskets in the closet are awesome. I just bought two myself for our desk in the master bedroom to keep loose clothes we are too lazy to hang up off the chair and bed and floor, etc. haha Excited to come see the house in person SOMETIME SOON LORD WILLING!!!

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