DIY Burlap Wreath

This is our first fall in our new home and with more space I’m finding a lack of holiday decorations to fill it…working to correct this problem, I found burlap on sale and came up with this quick, inexpensive way to transform an old Christmas wreath.

Simply wrap burlap around an old wreath, overlapping each layer so no green shows, and tucking down any branches that stick out.

Slightly bunch up the burlap as you go.

Tuck the end under with some glue to hold it in place. Glue on some fall décor.

To hang with ribbon instead of a wreath hook, drive a small nail through the ends of the ribbon into the top of your door.

Before                                                                               After

5 thoughts on “DIY Burlap Wreath

  1. I like this idea cause the christmas wreath is fuller and fluffier to start off with underneath than the foam or whicker wreaths you buy for crafting. This makes the wreath look plush, fuller and bigger. Smart idea. I actually don’t have a wreath like that laying around, but I might buy one and then do a unique creation for fall and then Christmas each year. One wreath, two holidays!

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