Is it a Boy or Girl? Chic Baby Nursery Inspirations for Whatever it Turns Out to Be


We still don’t know the gender.
I know. We’ve waited a lot longer than most people to find out. And for good reasons too.

1) We wanted to be SURE when they tell us that it really turns out to be that gender at the delivery. Heard horror stories about this from folks who found out at 16-18 weeks and then it was wrong, and I just wouldn’t be able to handle the stress of having all girl stuff and it being a boy, and vice versa, after just giving birth and learning how to care for a baby.

2) Because we wanted a little more time before having to dive into all the planning (and purchasing!), name picking and the all-out baby prep that is impending. Good impending – just overwhelming a little too. I can’t even fathom buying bottles and bibs right now. So, an extra month of not doing that has helped me make this pregnancy 100% happy and stress-free.

3) We wanted to do a gender reveal back home in Dallas with our immediate family. To get the dates to line up with our family’s and Michael’s grad school, we’d either have had to find out at 18 weeks or 21 weeks, so we opted for 21. No harm in waiting a tad longer. I love surprises and the suspense leading up to them, so it’s all good. (PS: Baby just kicked as I’m typing this. TeeHee!)

4) And finally the last reason, although I almost don’t count it… Our ultrasound schedule with our Dr. was 8, 12 and 20 weeks. We didn’t get a 16 week ultrasound, we’d have had to pay extra at a local place to find out then. So, this kind of just made reasons 1 through 3 stick.

So… I’m sitting here on the cusp of finding out what the baby is … and decided I’d share the baby room inspirations I have. They’re subject to change per Michael and my’s whims … but right now, this is what we like. I guess because I think it’s a boy, I’ve created two boards for the little one.


If It's a Boy..

Michael is a big hunter, and for some reason I don’t mind playing into that if we have a boy. If you’d showed this board to me five years ago I would’ve gagged, but there’s just something about a chic spin on something so rugged – and something so romantic about creating a little boy’s space to reflect his daddy. The little lumberjack plaid is only cute in very small doses though … perhaps a pillow and one other element in the room.

If It's a Boy

As for the nautical look, well, ask anyone who knows me and they’ll tell you it’s my favorite style. Preppy, nautical. I have more navy blue and white striped pieces in my closet than J. Crew. LOL. While I call it “Option No. 2,” it is probably my favorite nursery inspiration. But it just stinks that it’s one of the most popular nursery styles for boys … I like doing different things.

PS: That little seersucker boy’s blazer was designed by our very own fashion-designer Mrs. Christensen for her children’s clothing line: loveme apparel! I will SO be getting one if it’s a boy.


if its a girl

I am really into that soft, peachy orange right now. And while most of this stuff on the board is a bit more primary orange (which I sort of don’t like), it’s a great illustration of how I basically want gorgeous neutral nursery with whites, creams, taupes, cashmere, cable knit, etc. … with a pop of a pretty orange hue. I love the little foxes I’ve been seeing. I can def. picture my little girl rockin’ a foxy ensemble or cuddling a fox stuffed animal. We’ll see….

No matter the above … our nursery will end up looking less posh than these, mainly b/c these boards are riddled with Restoration Hardware Baby (yes, it exists and it’s fabulous!). We just aren’t going to end up with everything on these boards, LOL. But they’re great jumping off points. And lots of it is from Etsy (thank goodness!).

So, there you have it.

I’ll let you know which gender and which nursery wins out very soon! 😉

9 thoughts on “Is it a Boy or Girl? Chic Baby Nursery Inspirations for Whatever it Turns Out to Be

  1. I am DYING over that first boy nursery. Seriously – makes me want a boy just seeing that!! And the sweet peachy-orange? LOVE! So happy for y’all & can’t wait to hear the outcome of the gender! BUT, if you ask me – my gut tells me it’s a boy!

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