Coconut Dark Chocolate Smores

Fall is my favorite season, and when a cold snap hit Dallas last week, I was thrilled. Something about sitting around a crackling fire with friends and a bottle of wine, seemed like it couldn’t be a better fall night. Until we added these.  I happened across these coconut covered marshmallows while grocery shopping and had to resist the urge to fill up my cart with them. I paired them with dark chocolate squares and when toasted, they were every bit as good as I had hoped.  Now I know this isn’t an official recipe, but I just had to share these babies with you:


3 thoughts on “Coconut Dark Chocolate Smores

  1. Oh my gosh. I’ve never actually eaten a s’more but whenever I see American posts I get this yearning to make some. These look amazing, particularly with the toasted coconut marshmallows. Mmm. It’s just coming into springtime here, but this weekend I’m going to somehow build a fire in the backyard and make these. We can’t buy graham crackers in Australia but I’ll substitute whatever I can find. Happy fall to you and yours! x

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