My Pregnancy Thus Far: 18 Weeks

I decided today I’d brave the water and share baby bump pix with you and just share what’s been going on with my pregnancy since my last post about it. But don’t judge me. I’m way too lazy to do the cute chalkboard like backdrops for my bump pics. Instead, at the start of each week in this preggo thing, I’ve snapped a pic of me in the bathroom in my pjs, haha. Enjoy! 😉


6 weeks – after the doctor said my three pregnancy tests were accurate, lol


7 weeks


8 weeks


8 weeks – inside shot 😉


9 weeks


10 weeks


11 weeks


At 11 weeks, my stepmom (Grandma “Mimi”) sent me this adorable pregnancy journal! I just love filling it out each month!



12 weeks


12 weeks – inside shot 😉
Baby Irvin was wiggling SO much when we saw it at the 12 week ultrasound. It was an absolutely unforgettable moment in my life.

I forgot to take a picture at 13 weeks.


14 weeks – def. rounding out in the mid-section



After finishing month four, it is shocking to know that’s what my insides look like, lol


15 weeks – in tight-fitting tops, you can see my pooch is bigger, but I don’t think that looks preggo


16 weeks – bare tummy you can tell, but in clothes it’s still not obvious. But def. still getting bigger.


16 weeks – My first NESTING FIT happened. The room that will be the nursery was the guest room and we used its huge closet for linens and old clothes, etc. I emptied it out. Relocated everything (re-organizing many closets in the process) and left Baby Irvin an empty closet for all its items. Thanks to Grandmas Mimi and Gigi, and my friend Courtney, Baby has a few little things already waiting for him/her.


16 weeks – one of the newly re-organized closets! I’m proud.


17 weeks – this is what my Doc calls “food baby” … I woke up that morning feeling HUGE but then the next few days I deflated LOL. But, I’m also def. bigger too. 🙂


17 weeks – at the Razorback game this weekend with my friend who is 21 weeks. Still really nothing sticking out of my clothes beyond a small pooch, which I feel like I’ve always had anyway. But my friend is only 4 weeks ahead and so I think it’s about to get REAL.


PS: this red top and the leggings are MATERNITY items from my maternity shower. I love how tight-fitting they are and no one would ever have guessed they were maternity. My first official wear of maternity clothes, y’all. Don’t need to wear them yet, but wanted to bc of the game colors. I’m still in my normal, looser-fitting items.


This is my baby’s daddy!


oh, and we made our FIRST OFFICIAL purchase for Baby Irvin. We hadn’t bought a thing yet on our own. Of course we went with baby razorback fan stuff. official nike gear at that. lol

That’s really it for now. Just been enjoying not doing anything too baby-prep yet. Helping Michael get through his first semester of getting his MBA and working on staying healthy is sort of my focus right now. Milestones coming up are:

>> Today we got our quad screen results back and they were normal, which is awesome. It tests for likelihood of the baby having a neural tube defect like spina bifida and for things like downs syndrome. So we were very relieved to have such great results.

>> Tomorrow I’ll officially be 18 weeks along. 

>>Oct. 22 we find out the baby’s gender!

Stay tuned for more!


18 weeks

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